Chicago, Illinois, USA
BandHip HopEDM

I am a young rapper from Chicago. One of the things that make me stand out as a artist is my swag, delivery, and personality. I have star qualities I'm not afraid to perform in front of a audience. I carry myself with class, and have a great sense of humor!


LSTREETZ a.k.a Laqueise was born on Mar ch 4, 1988 in upstate New York. As a kid,she was surrounded by music her father was in the army band and she had cousins in and out of the music business. Being the youngest out of 4 kids Lstreetz took to music at a very young age. Her sisters always had the latest albums, and was always playing music around the house 24/7.

At the age of four Lstreetz began to learn major rap songs,and was learning them as if she was 12, but rapping wasn't one of her interest as of yet until she moved to Chicago. Lstreetz says "I was always into poetry and singing so that is all I had did, and I didn't get into rapping until I was 11. I had fell in love with rapping when I attended a Chicago Public School because they would always have battles and ciphers before school started."

School, and her surroundings was not the only reason she decided to rap. Lstreetz influences were Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z, nas, lil kim, cassidy, and many more. As of right now Lstreetz has started to create a buzz around Chicago and many other states. She has performed at different venues, and is now working with many other Chicago artist as well. Lstreetz is definitely a unique individual her lyrical abilities,metaphors, and punch lines has caused many people and fans to name her as one of the greatest female MC's to ever touch the microphone.


The two major singles that are being pushed right now and that are on the radio is "On A Hunnit" and "Mothership."

The only LP that has been released is Lstreetz "NIGHTMARE ON LSTREET" mixtape.

Set List

The only thing that I require in order to perform is a good sound system. As far as compensation that is negotiable!