L.T. Harboe

L.T. Harboe


Rock / powerpop with an edge. A unique voice, and some cathcy songs with thoughtful lyrics. damn good musicians.


L.T. Harboe Band is, as the name suggests, centered on the singer/composer: Lars Harboe. It is a fairly new band in its contemporary line-up, but all the musicians have years of experience as performers in countless groups and orchestras.
The music is a mix of Rock, Powerpop and singer/songwriter, and together with the lyrics and the catchy melodies it creates a very personal and original expression, ranging from the quiet and intimate to the loud and powerful.
The lyrics are the foundation of the songs. Harmonies, arrangement, tempo and style all depends on the mood and the feeling of the words. The stories has their main origin in Lars’ own experiences, but with subjects like happy childhood memories, sorrow, love, abuse, addiction, inferiority, quarrels and sunshine, each text manage to create a well known scene, that the listener can identify with.

The band consists of 4’th year students of the prestigious Rhythmic Music Conservatory (www.rmc.dk) of Denmark, and though they share a love for rock, they all play different kinds of music, but have found a common ground in this band.

Lars Harboe (Vocals, Guitar) has a quite unique voice. It doesn’t really resemble any other, and is easy to identify. He has a deep voice by nature, but it ranges 3½ octaves. That gives him (literally) many notes to play on, and he uses them all, adding even more colors to the variety of expressions offered by the lyrics. He likes to play and experiment with his voice, and is not afraid to use it as an instrument.
He has 12 years of experience as a performer on stage with different bands playing both covers and originals. The music has mainly been: rock, soul and pop, but also blues, jazz, funk and metal.

Anders Hjort (Keys, voc) can play anything, but has recently played a lot of jazz, hosting one of the many jam-scenes in Copenhagen for a year. Anders has also been played both covers and originals, and often has his laptop with him, using samples and beats as an extra spice to the music.

Lars Halvorsen (Bass, voc) looks like a tall, bald, hardcore MF, but is really nice. He is Norwegian, and a very gifted musician, with a record of being the lead guitarist in a rock band back in Norway, and functioning as the drummer in a heavy-metal trio. His main instrument is the bass, and he plays it with strength, power, agility and lightness. He is also playing in a very successful drum/bass outfit called “FUKT” (www.fukt.dk).

Mikkel Villignshoej (Drums) is also tall and bald (army-cut). He can play fast… and loud… but he knows when to do it and when not to do it. He likes rock, and can play a steady 4/4-beat that’s just there. He also likes hard rock, and it is truly a joy watching him play. Another thing he likes is rock/jazz fusion, and he has recently started a band playing this genre.

We enjoy playing together, and there is a nice chemistry between us so far.
We are also very busy people playing in many different bands and groups, but our priorities will always be with the original music.
Lars Harboe is off cause playing the main role in the band, and it truly is his passion for the music that provides the drive and the energy.



Written By: Lars Harboe


In a state of halfway awake & halfway sleeping
Suddenly I’m filled with this overwhelming feeling
Freeze where I lie as I feel a chill roll down my spine
Touched by a glimpse of insight

’s been times when I was down & out
so filled with bitterness & doubt
I felt so insufficient, insecure of what to say or do_____

My days just seemed like endless fights
And lonely hours ruled the nights
I was loosing faith as my foundation almost cracked and broke in two_____

You were always there
You will help me through
You will hold the light
You and only you

So many times when I’ve done wrong
I felt too weak to carry on
And though I said I felt regret I didn’t know how to get through_____

You were always there
You will help me through
You will hold the light
You and only you

In my darkest hour of self-reproach you’ll be
just a little light that shines on me

And I know salvation can be found
And I know witch values really count
But to sustain them I must restrain myself and do what’s right and true_____

You were always there
You will help me through
You will hold the light
You and only you

You are my anchor
Through the wild winds howling
you will hear me cry
& when my flame is burning out
you’ll guide me safe into the light_____

You were always there
You will help me through
You will hold the light
You and only you


On lars-harboe.mymusic.dk it is possible to stream/download the following songs:
U Were Always There
Back On The Track
Picking Strawberrys With Mom
Goodbye Butterfly
On My Way
B With U

Set List

Typically we play 2 x 45 min of only originals, written by Lars Harboe