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This band has not uploaded any videos



"IMG Music Promotions Review"

“Although some of Lthrboots’ material/subject matter is questionable, there is no denying this artist’s talent, ability, and persuasiveness for drawing in the listener with haunting melodies, a unique/strong performance, and unusual lyrical content. Well-produced videos on website.” - IMG Music Promotions

"REGEN Magazine"

REGEN Magazine "No Restraints" review
"No Restraints"
Sabre Entertainment

Posted: Friday, July 21, 2006 (on )
By: Nate Rand

"The true sadist will take great joy in ignoring the masochist's cries for satisfaction. Consider this approach with this album.

Lthrboots displays at least a passable ear for melody and song structure. Tracks like "Fallen Angel," "Into the Light," and "Take me Home" showcase a good sense of arrangement and some gorgeous melodies and hooks, ...."


- REGEN Magazine (Nate Rand)

"Fan Feedback (Australia)"

This is a must-listen. Your tracks are HUGE.....performed dynamically incredible with power and grace. Your tracks should top the charts in many genres. It's without a doubt a worldly hit to be. Instrumentally, arrangement, production - it's so refreshingly original and HOT - These tracks have something special - beyond most hits. It's absolutely...masterpiece. It screams to be on the radio, and as well it should be. - Fang Yin (Australia)

"Fan Feedback (Indiana - USA)"

The production is HOT! The performance is blazing. Very open and spacious arrangement and mix...Performance is strong and tighter than a lot of what I hear on the radio as it sits right now. I love your tunes, and it's going on my favorites. - Lea (Indiana - USA)

"Fan Feedback (New Hampshire - USA)"

Great tracks! Awesome production, great arrangements! I can't write 50 words about this because it's easier to condemn than praise. - Heidi (New Hampshire - USA)

"Fan Feedback (Sweden)"

First impressions: Wow! Roller coaster of the tracks. I'm surprised you are even on . You should be out there! One hell of a first impression. You've plundered long and deep here. Nothing samey and not repetitive at all. This is seriously catchy stuff. What more can I say, those tracks are just really good. Gets me in a good mood!
Very good.....playlist time! - Lil (Sweden)


"Domination" - Scheduled to be released in 2008
"No Restraints" (2004)
"Blackout" (2003)

All CDs are available on the Lthrboots website at .
For FREE downloads of Lthrboots music, go to and click on the FREE music downloads link.



Lthrboots (Jerry G. Jones) delivers EBM-Industrial-Darkwave style music. Lthrboots is often compared to NIN, Depeche Mode, Front Line Assembly, Suicide Commando, Combichrist and Nitzer Ebb.

Lthrboots' biggest influences are: Trent Reznor (NIN), Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, and Suicide Commando.

Lthrboots is signed to Sabre Entertainment/Sabre Entertainment Records in Los Angeles, CA

For booking and events contact: Jonathan Todd