Lt Meat

Lt Meat

 Cardiff, Wales, GBR

Lt Meat composes and performs music. Any genre that interests him will get the 'Meat' makeover. Lt Meat's music mostly falls into guitar based singer/songwriter country ballads and surf rock instrumentals. Lt Meat performs as a one-man band singing his troubadour ballads with both drums and guitar.


Lt Meat began crafting lofi electro/punk songs using his playstation, guitar and a 4 track tape recorder when he was fourteen. This blossoming obsession with writing and recording interesting music spawned three cassette albums before he was sixteen.

The playstation eventually became a laptop and Lt Meat began to more adventurous electro/punk/surf/garage rock creations. In 2000 he started playing these new songs live with his guitar and laptop, pleasantly surprising unsuspecting crowds in and around South Wales. For the last ten years has confused and entranced live music lovers with his varied live sets and on stage banter. During this time he has played live on BBC Radio 1 and had several songs played on global and UK radio stations.

Lt Meat places his emphasis on entertainment at his live shows. He sees the audience as the most important part of the live experience. The crowd is never left uninitiated into his world and between song banter to keep the crowd entertained and amused can be as important as the careful performance of the songs themselves.

Lt Meat currently performs live as a wandering troubadour one-man band with a stripped down drum kit and guitar. He mostly plays his singer/songwriter country rock songs telling surreal tales of lost loves and obsessions all filtered through his unique and sometimes sardonic view of the world. He also throws some old classic cover versions in for good measure.

When not playing live Lt Meat composes and records a lot of music, either purely programmed on computer or by composing as a singer/songwriter on his guitar and piano. Some of his music remains instrumental with soaring string melodies and complex rhythms, some songs get lonesome troubadour lyrics and may make it into the one-man band live set. Lt Meat is currently working on a country rock album of studio recordings of most of the songs in his current live set. It will be available (hopefully in summer 2011) at along with all of Lt Meat's older releases.


Bargain Bin Mother Fucker! - Steak Records (2007)
Beautiful Love Songs By Neil Diamond - Steak Records (2008)
Available at

Set List

The set can vary depending on the type of crowd expected at the show. The back catalogue is quite extensive and can be suited to most types of rock/country performance and either played loud and fast or quieter and more melodic for a softer performance. There are some covers such as The Black Lips "Bad Kids" and Neil Diamond "Sweet Caroline" to mention a few.

Most sets last between 25-45 minutes but this can be varied depending on the type of performance and requirements of promoters.