Luar Na Lubre

Luar Na Lubre

 A Coruña, Galicia, ESP

In SOLSTICIO, the hurdy gurdy (or wheel fiddle) again becomes part of Luar na Lubre's sound universe and is used together with electric guitars and programming. Creating melodies that take us from Romanticism to dance, recreating poetic elements, legends and metaphores that the band have used to express their way of understanding music and life. As well as acknowledging they are twenty first century citizens, in Solsticio (Solstice) the group travel old roads framed with the greatness of Galicia


LUAR NA LUBRE is right now one of the most important folk bands in Galicia with an extensive record behind it.

Its fame has broken down all barriers since the famous British musician of Irish origin, Mike Oldfield, took an interest in its music.

From then on, a series of awards, positive reviews, performances on the best stages and two golden disc, according to this far-reaching history you may now go on to know.


Next CD "MAR MAIOR" in june 2012.