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"Block Cru is presented in the pre-season carnival in Rio"

"With its mix of rock, pop, bossa, drumming, marching, regional rhythms and experimentalism, Block Cru became a reference in the Rio carnival.

On Thursday (2), the group starts the season Feb. Prom Cover Cru - festival that brings guests every week and promises to stir audiences with versions of hits national and international festival in Cover Flow.

During the show, Radiohead, Nirvana, Kiss, Dry and Wet, Mutantes, Tom Waits and more artists earn their readings." - Billboard Brazil

""Block Cru" crosses the bridge and parades for the first time in Niteroi"

"The "Block Cru", famous Carioca block, which mixes rock with carnival drumming, cross the bridge and parades in Niterói, on Saturday, Feb. 25

The "Block Cru", famous Carioca block, which mixes rock with carnival drumming, cross the bridge and parades in Niterói, on Saturday, Feb. 25. The concentration will be in Piazza Leoni Ramos (opposite Cantareira), in Santo Domingo, at 15h. The block will parade, from 16h, the skirt of Good Voyage, returning to the Square Leoni Ramos.

Commanded by actress, singer and songwriter Barattz Lu, Block Cru promises to shake revelers Niterói, where parades for the first time with his Rock'Enredo "Pira is Natural", a tribute to the spree and the imaginary pirate.

A mixture of rock, pop, bossa, drumming, marching, regional rhythms and experimentalism did Raw Block reference in the new season of Carnivale. Professional sound, visually provocative, irreverent attitude and joy in the audience and on stage are some strengths of the group that loves the riots and carnival beats-cans, but not the hand of large riffs, bass and vocals rock'n'roll.

Note that the battery pack is made up of professional percussionists Beija-Flor, Imperio Serrano and Unidos da Tijuca and students of the School of Rock & Batuk, plus a cohesive rock band.

Block Cru's it. Bold, puts a spike in the hands of Keith Richards, sends a rattle to David Bowie and playing opossum upwards of Freddie Mercury with low mixing deaf guitar music with tambourine in hand-picked. The spree has new versions carnival for Radiohead, Nirvana, Kiss, Dry and Wet, Mutants, Tim Maia, Tom Waits, Lobao, Florence + The Machine, Red Baron and more. The repertoire of rock & Batuk, hits like "I Want to Break Free," "Can not Take my Eyes off of You", "Should I Stay or Should I Go", "Sweet Child O'Mine" and "Rock ' n'roll all Night ".

Block Cru, which completes three years in this carnival, conceived and born in the Mother House alternative, space shows in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, is the block creates the Cru Cabaret, musical created by Barattz Lu, 28, considered the creative engine of the Cru" - O Fluminense

"Block Cru knocks 'Berlin Wall' between samba and rock"

"Amid hundreds of blocks that contributed to the revitalization of the street carnival in Rio, the Cru stands by modifying the melody of rock classics with other rhythms. The group was conceived by singer and actress Lu Baratz, who has the support of experienced musicians to create and perform the unusual harmony of musical genres as diverse.
Since 2009, the pack brings the opportunity to hear, in full carnival hits from artists such as Guns N 'Roses, Nirvana, Ramones, Rolling Stones, Rage Against the Machine, Kiss, Dry and Wet, Lobao and Mutants. The versions gain the support of the crowd, which responds in chorus singing the choruses and jumping as if in a rock concert.
(From December 2011 to February 2012, The G1 followed in the preparation of the major road blocks in Rio Dos groups most traditional to the most recent, hear musicians and revelers that rewrite the history of carnival in the city. Result you can check in the video above.)

The symbol was inspired by the Pirates Raw. The singer says the group sees as a crew which has the stage like a ship. The performances usually begin with the salutation of Lu shouting: "Men Overboard".
The unique sound is made from the junction between instruments characteristic of a battery of a samba school and distortion guitar rocker. The mixture pleases a varied audience composed largely of rock and sympathizers who finally found a block for fun at the carnival. After winning followers, the group began to perform throughout the year. Besides the shows, the Cru maintains a percussion workshop.
Three years crowding the vicinity of the Mother House, in Botafogo, South Zone of Rio in this carnival, the first presentation will take place at the Center. The ship will dock at the Raw XV Square. Despite the change, Lu said that will keep the recipe that is gaining more and more space in the programming of revelers in Rio." - G1

"Bloco Cru derruba 'muro de Berlim' entre samba e rock"

"Em meio a centenas de blocos que colaboraram para a revitalização do carnaval de rua no Rio, o Cru se sobressai por modificar a melodia de clássicos do rock com outros ritmos. O grupo foi idealizado pela cantora e atriz Lu Baratz, que conta com o apoio de experientes instrumentistas para criar e executar a inusitada harmonia de gêneros musicais tão distintos.
Desde 2009, o bloco traz a oportunidade de ouvir, em pleno carnaval, hits de artistas como: Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, Ramones, Rolling Stones, Rage Against the Machine, Kiss, Secos e Molhados, Lobão e Mutantes. As versões ganham o apoio da multidão, que responde em coro cantando os refrões e pulando como se estivesse em um show de rock.
(De dezembro de 2011 a fevereiro de 2012, O G1 acompanhou parte da preparação dos principais blocos de rua do Rio. Dos grupos mais tradicionais aos mais recentes, ouvimos músicos e foliões que reescrevem a história do carnaval na cidade. O resultado você pode conferir no vídeo acima.)

O símbolo do Cru foi inspirado nos piratas. A cantora afirma que vê o grupo como uma tripulação, que tem o palco como um navio. As apresentações costumam começar com a saudação de Lu gritando: “Homens ao mar”.
A sonoridade singular é feita a partir da junção entre instrumentos característicos de uma bateria de escola de samba e a distorção da guitarra roqueira. A mistura agrada um público variado, formado em grande parte por roqueiros e simpatizantes que finalmente encontraram um bloco para se divertir no carnaval. Após conquistar seguidores, o grupo passou a se apresentar durante o ano inteiro. Além dos shows, o Cru mantém uma oficina de percussão.
Foram três anos lotando as proximidades da Casa da Matriz, em Botafogo, na Zona Sul do Rio. Nesse carnaval, a apresentação ocorrerá pela primeira vez no Centro. O navio do Cru vai aportar na Praça XV. Apesar da mudança, Lu adianta que vai manter a receita que vem conquistando cada vez mais espaço na programação dos foliões cariocas." - G1


Most of the audio of Lu Baratz & Bloco Cru are on youtube.
The band is preparing to release our first independent recorded live album "Lu Baratz & Bloco Cru - Carna Rock vol.1"



LU BARATZ & BLOCO CRU is a band expressing authentic Brazilian popular music with spices of multi cultural world music. This melting pot of sonority was born from the womb of Rio’s street carnival. Since its creation in 2009 by the front- woman LU BARATZ, it has been shaking hearts and bodies wherever it passes by. Some of the band musicians were born in the original samba universe and others were cradled by international sounds of rock ‘n’roll. This is the flavor of BLOCO CRU: the mixing of traditional samba school’s rhythms – Mangueira, Beija-Flor e Império Serrano Schools’ musicians – with the electric sounds of rock and pop.
If there existed one typical Brazilian orchestra, its face would be one of a samba school. And BLOCO CRU’s orchestration presents the elements of Brazilian original sounds. Arrangements enhance the rhythmical cultural diversity of samba, maracatu, maculelê, funk, baião, Indian myths, kuduro, using the instrumental components of a samba school – surdo, tamborim, repique, chocalho, cuíca, caixa – articulated to the characteristic sound distortions of guitar, bass, drums and powerful vocals of rock.
BLOCO CRU turns rock and pop into carnival through the fusion with and inclusion of Brazilian musical roots. On the set-list are the most outstanding gems of international and Brazilian music, some of the songs that made history along time, expressing the musical collective unconscious of human kind, such as CAN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF OF YOU, SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO, SWEET CHILD O’MINE, ROCK’N’ROLL ALL NIGHT, MUTANTES, SECOS E MOLHADOS, BEATLES E STONES, among others!
The sound of BLOCO CRU brings swing and sensuality to the pleasure of dancing. The public is involved by an atmosphere of sonorous animation – a mix of Rio’s Carnival Parade and an epic rock’n’roll show: extravagant rhythms, flying imagination, high scenic performance. A musical show nutritious enough to feed a year around Carnival.