Neo-Groove Power-Pop ROCK! Lube is a rock band with radio friendly hooks, great vocals, powerful backbeat and a fun stage show. You can visit our myspace page to hear us, see us, read our bio and view our calendar. It's all right there!


Think about the word “lube” and the images that pop into your mind. The band LUBE is all of these things, a well oiled machine, a slick raw substance and of course a sexy groove. Lube’s new and quirky, yet recognizable pop rock style is the perfect social lubricant for any situation. Lube started as the twisted idea of former Universal recording artist and Bus Stop front man Evan Olson who shared his ideas with Dorian Grey guitarist Chris Holmes. Holmes and Olson set out to build the ultimate band, one that has original music that will make you get you out seat and move, cover material that keeps the show grooving well past last call and an image that burns the memory of Lube directly into every minute of the next day’s hangover. Lube found the next piece of the puzzle in Suckerpunch bassist Brad Cardille and Better Off Bound drummer Rob Wojnar. With this powerful rhythmic foundation Lube set out to build a repertoire that would magnify the intensity of their live show. Olson, a prolific song writer and all out musical genius, brought his catalog of radio friendly pop rock tunes to color the canvas that is Lube. The band also picked songs from a long list of popular hit songs mostly from the 1990’s thru today. The resulting show is packed full of energetic music that leaves nothing more to be desired.
You can visit our myspace page to hear us, see us, read our bio and view our calendar. It's all right there!


Shoe Box Blues

Written By: Evan Olson

I thought I knew it all
I really thought I knew it all
who said, who said, "it's not the way I thought?"

I was born in a shoebox living in a shoe
by the time I was five I was moved outside
to the backyard right beside the garbage can
sitting by the oak tree I used to climb
with an alley cat who lived down the street
right across from the junkyard
in between the bank and the courthouse
guarded by a mean old dog
who would run down the alley way
chasing us back to the oak tree
up in the backyard over by the house
with the closet and the shoebox where I was born

I was fifteen going on twenty-five
sucking on a colt 45 in the backseat
of a Trans am with the tape deck busted
dag gone radio playing everything but the good songs
in the Summer time on a Saturday
we would take the highway down to the lake
for a swim and a cooler and bucket ice
in the sunshine sipping on the moonshine
sure beats living in a shoe box.

Now I'm living on the back roads
out near the boon docks
running from the same old dog
with the alley cat drooling from the mouth
cuz he's old and there's no more oak tree no trash can
no broke tape deck in a red Trans Am going down to the lake
that's all dried up
and I'm sitting on a fence
but I got no cooler and I got no ice
just thinking about how much I miss my shoe box


Lube EP-2006
samples can be heard on purevolume (/lube) and myspace (/lubeband)

Set List

Our shows are mostly 3 hour cover shows with originals mixed in. For cover tunes we focus on the songs from the 90's-early 2000's that you know but might have forgoten. Our focus as band is to get our original music into the hands (ears) of new people and we view cover shows as a way to expose Lube to the masses.

Song List
Songs are added and removed at the bands discretion.

Better Than Ezra
Lit Up
Cake/Gloria Gainer
I Will Survive
The Cult
Love Removal Machine
The Clash
Rock the Casbah
David Bowie
Rebel Rebel
Santa Monica
Franz Ferdinand
Take Me Out
Gin Blossoms
Hey Jealousy
Feel Good Inc.
Wish You Were Here
Bitter Tears
Make Your Peace
New Sensation
Jimi Hendrix
Led Zeppelin
Dyer Maker
Lenny Kravits
Fly Away
My Own Wosrt Enemy

Lynyrd Skynyrd
Sweet Home Alabama
Marvin Gaye
Let’s Get It On
The New Radicals
Get What You Give