St. Louis, Missouri, USA

LucaBrasi is a melodic, thinking man's alternative rock band. Mixing balls out, energetic rock with moments of subtlety, LucaBrasi enthusiastically produces quality, crafted music by seasoned musicians, full of confidence and hooks galore.


Mixing Helmet, The Urge, Adair and Ulcer Inc. gets you LucaBrasi. These aren't simply influences, these are the bands that all members have participated in prior to creating LucaBrasi.

Since recording and releasing their self-titled debut album last summer and fall, LucaBrasi have been playing out non-stop to growing crowds in the St. Louis area. Considered a sort of super group, these best friends/brothers/band mates create the brand of rock music that they all want to hear. This is organically grown rock, written and performed with unbridled enthusiasm, energy and vigor. LucaBrasi is poised to climb to the top of the rock scene - locally, regionally and beyond.


LucaBrasi (self-titled full length - released 2007)
Shedding Skin - played on K-SHE 95, St. Louis, MO
People/Places, Remember Missing - played on KPNT, St. Louis, MO
Saint James - played on KDHX, St. Louis, MO
Digging Out, People/Places - played on 100.1 The Buzz, Columbia, MO
People/Places and Shedding Skin - currently available on LucaBrasi's Myspace page:

Set List

Typical set list:

Digging Out
Remember Missing
Wake Up
Saint James
Shedding Skin
Miles Ahead
Make it alright
Never Know
Quiet Minds

We can play a thirty minute set or we can play an hour and fifteen minute set depending on the situation/show, etc.

* cover, by Sublime. This is the only cover in our set at the moment.