Lucas Alexander

Lucas Alexander


Groundbreaking new style of music with a mixture of different elements. Symphonic rock - avant-garde - metal - classical - pop - electronic. A very melodic, powerful, inspirational and energetic blend. Carried by Lucas Alexander´s grand voice. Ideal for a grand liveshow (like a stage play).


Lucas Alexander:

Multifaceted performer. Singer, musician, songwriter, actor. A powerful singer with a wide vocal range, and very unlike most singers in the music industry today. Performing, recording music, writing songs, acting.

Lucas Alexander is working on his solo album. This is an exciting new style of music with a unique vocalist who sings his own songs, and is working with a lot of great and skilled musicians.

Lucas Alexander has been singing all kinds of musical styles from rock, metal, pop and ballads, to blues, electronic, avant-garde and opera. He´s
been the lead singer in several bands, such as “The Cannibals”, “Firefly Rocket” and “The Angelic Devils”, as well as in many of his own solo projects.
Now working mostly as a solo artist, recording his solo album and performing all over with his symphonic rock band.

Lucas Alexander has worked or collaborated with many different artists, especially Nina Hagen. He has his first record release singing duets with Hagen on her 2003 album “Nina Hagen Big Band Explosion
featuring Lucas Alexander and The Leipzig Big Band”. Alexander and Hagen also recorded a 20 song duet album, which has not been released.

Lucas Alexander has also done projects with artists such as Bob Geldof, Joan Collins, Apocalyptica, Boney M, Isabel Christensen, Lene Lovich, China Keitetsi and Danish artists like Annisette & Savage Rose, Hanne
Boel, Bodil Udsen, Anne Marie Helger, Benny Holst, Moussa Diallo, Djina Mai-Mai, Bifrost, Lost Kids and many others.

A classically trained method and Shakespearian actor, he has done plays in both England, Denmark and Sweden, and has been acting since the age of 4.

Lucas Alexander is also a humanitarian activist and has worked for different charity organizations. He has written and produced a charity project song called “Fighting against world misery” with artists from all
over the world, singing in their own language.


- "Big Band Explosion" Nina Hagen & Leipzig Big Band featuring Lucas Alexander (2003)
- Check My Space & website for Lucas´ solo project.

Set List

2: Satanic Worshippers
3: Come Into My World
4: Wild World Trippin´
5: Life
6: Queen Of Hearts & King Of Love
7: The Mountain
8: Terror Crimes
9: From Beyond
10: Goddess Of Life
11: By The Light Tonight
12: This Nightmare
13: Angel Witch
14: My Phantom Shadow
15: Confrontations
16: Borderline
17: Fighting Against World Misery
18: I Want To Take You Higher
19: Next Time
20: Ain´t Going Down This Time