Lucas Hudgins

Lucas Hudgins

 Austin, Texas, USA

Texas roots meets snakeskin boots. A stone-cold, tear in your beer, honky-tonk troupe. Crying pedal steel guitar, powerful lyrics, swing, and dance hall shuffles. "Hudgins' voice is the main draw, deep and trembling and so smooth as to effortlessly invoke icons like Conway Twitty and Charlie Pride".


Lucas Hudgins and the First Cousins

“I don’t like to call it classic country because that makes it sound like its gone, but it ain’t gone. We just need to give all the people who still love this music a voice in what country music REALLY is".
-L. Hudgins

Lucas Hudgins was born and raised in Austin, Texas with two brothers in a family of deep East Texas bloodlines. Growing up in a house full of music, Lucas was introduced to country greats like Bob Wills, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and George Jones at a young age, and developed a deep affection for the sound. His mother’s soulful voice and guitar playing could often be heard in the early mornings as she worked through the trials of single motherhood, as well as the tough economical times that ensued. Through his experiences with his family’s East Texas lifestyle, Lucas grew up idolizing cowboys and the ability to tell stories of his life through music. In 1997, just after high school, Lucas’ cowboy dream came true when he was sent for his first real “country living” experience running his uncle Ramie Griffin Jr’s Texas Longhorn Ranch in Beaumont, Texas. Hudgins spent a year looking after the ranch, and this would be the only time he ever left South Austin to this day. Soon after returning, Hudgins began dabbling with guitar, writing, and singing bluegrass and country music, and his talents were recognized by friends and musicians around Central Texas.
Lucas Hudgins began his professional journey pursuing a degree in Creating Writing and working towards a career in Radio–TV-film. Lucas didn’t find his love for performing and songwriting until he was nearly 25, though the signs were all there. Successful local musicians involved in Austin “roots” music (Weary Boys, Warren Hood, and SAJB) began to urge the novice Hudgins sit in on their performances at local Austin hotspots. Hudgins wooed the crowds belting out well-known and powerful covers of crooners like George Jones, Merle Haggard, and Lefty Frizell. This introduction to the Austin music scene eventually led him to join Reaux’s Heroes- a scrappy little country-hillbilly-rock band playing in and around town. It was here that Lucas was introduced to original First Cousins guitar slinger, Ben Massey, as well as being reunited with longtime friend and local drummer, Matt Puryear. Reaux’s Heroes would dismantle in 2004 to become Lucas Hudgins and the First Cousins, which quickly reached a successful public high note, playing popular Austin venues such as The Continental Club, The Broken Spoke, and The Hole in the Wall. In 2005, the band was invited to perform at The Texas Black Tie and Boots Presidential Inaugural Ball in Washington D.C. with fellow Austin greats The Derailers, Asleep at the Wheel, The Gourds, Lyle Lovett, and many others. That same year, Hudgins also released his debut album, Honky Tonk Illusion (Blood Chili Records 2005,). Hudgins wrote the entire album after a hard breakup with a long-term girlfriend, and it was well received by critics and fans alike. The recognition gained through HTI’s success led to the addition of Oregon export Chris Miller (Dave Alvin, Hollisters, Wayne Hancock, Dale Watson) on guitar, and Dave Wesselowski (Ted Roddy, Barfield, Teri Joyce) on bass. Chris Miller and Lucas Hudgins quickly became a new, dynamic Austin songwriting team, and quickly set their sights on recruiting David Leroy Biller (Dale Watson, Wayne Hancock, Horton Brothers). Biller, who had years of recognition as one of the greatest guitar players around, was threatening to learn the pedal steel quitar, which soon became a reality. Through their live appearances in dance halls, dives, and honky-tonks in and around Austin, the new look troupe continues to turn heads and is said to be one of the most exciting additions to country music’s “True-Country” movement. The 2008 recording, The World Left is Mine (Texas Jamboree Records) produced by Dave Biller, showcased Miller and Hudgins’ common love for crafting fundamental country songs through timeless themes of nightlife, heartache, addiction, and regret. Once again, Hudgins’ album quickly impressed critics and lovers of roots country music around the world receiving airplay in Texas as well as in Europe, Australia, Norway and across the globe . Lucas Hudgins and TFC is stone-cold, tear in your beer honky-tonk, drenched in emotional and musical authenticity, and above all else a love for simplicity. This timeless approach to their music can be heard at all of their live shows with what might be the bands’ catch phrase: “sounds like country music”.
-“Hudgins voice is the main draw, deep and trembling so smooth as to effortlessly evoke icons like Charlie Pride and Conway Twitty”
-DOUG FREEMAN (Texas Platters, Austin Chronicle Nov. 28, 2008)

Currently, Dave Biller and Lucas Hudgins have begun to write and arrange the new crop of songs for their next recording. The Cousins plan to get into t


1. (2005) Honky Tonk Illusion (bloodchili)

title Track "Honky Tonk Illusion" on streaming radio (
local radioplay (koop, kut), as well as Australia, France, UK, Belgium, Norway Radio.

2. (2009) The World left is mine (Texas Jamboree)

Record Streaming on,,
Title track "The World left is mine"local radio (kvet, "the roadhouse") Koop, Kut.
Australia, France, UK, Belgium, Norway Radio and more...

Set List

over 30 Originals from Honky Tonk Illusion(2005), The World left is mine(2008), and newer material written for upcoming releases.

Merle Haggard
Today I Started Loving You
That’s the way Love Goes *
Sing me back home
Big City
Silver Wings
The Bottle let me down
Swingin Doors
The old man from the mountain
All my friends are gonna be strangers
White line fever
Back to the Barrooms
If I could only fly

Johnny Cash:
Ring of Fire
Folsom Prison Blues
Long Black Veil
Get Rhythm
I still miss someone
Train of love

Willie Nelson:
Undo the right
Hello Walls
if you could touch her at all

Charlie Pride:
Just between you and me
Image of me
I’d rather love you
I know one

Waylon Jennings:
This Time
Freedom to stay
Just to Satisfy you
Waymore's blues
She’s Looking Good
Only Daddy that’ll walk the line
That’s alright Mamma (Elvis)
Mental Revenge (Tillis)
Big Love (Stuart)

George Jones:
The Race is on