Lucas Miller

Lucas Miller

 Austin, Texas, USA

Author and award-winning recording artist Lucas Miller blends accurate science with family-friendly humor, stunning video, rockin' songs and some funky dance moves! Lucas holds a B.A. in zoology and his ability to teach while entertaining is positively unsurpassed.


Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, advises their zoology students to take a variety of science, math and physics classes in order to “pursue a range of different career opportunities later.” When Lucas Miller graduated with a B.A. in zoology from Miami University in 1991, he took the advice to heart.

Soon after graduation, Miller served as an educator aboard an 80-foot sailboat that took students on field trips focusing on marine ecology. He moved to Austin, Texas, in 1992 and was soon traveling the country and bringing his wacky humor to schools, libraries and family events throughout the nation.

Since then, Lucas has performed for well over one million children and earned a reputation as one of the most engaging performers for school assemblies. Lucas has donated a portion of his CD and book sales to help a group called HEART purchase satellite tracking devices for Kemp’s ridley sea turtles. FORTUNE Small Business magazine will be running a feature on Lucas and his support of wildlife research & conservation in their March 2008 issue.

His songwriting has been honored in the Great American Song Contest (2006 First place for "Living in Symbiosis" and 2005 Special Achievement in Songwriting for "Metamorphosis"), the Mountain Stage Newsong Contest (2006, honorable mention for "Metamorphosis") and the Unisong International Songwriting Contest (top 20 finalist for "Slimy.")

Lucas has also authored two children's books, "Fifi the Ferocious" and "Dr. DNA & the Anaconda Invasion."

The root of all his work is teaching zoology with humor, imagination and accuracy. His aim is to help families realize the wonder and importance of nature.

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Metamorphosis (Tadpole Into a Frog)

Written By: Lucas Miller

Metamorphosis, Meta- meta- Metamorphosis
I’m gonna be more than this, just wait and see
Metamorphosis, Meta- metamorphosis
I’m gonna transform from this tadpole into a frog

(Gather round the pond, my little tadpoles and I’ll sing you a song of metamorphosis . . .)

Once upon a wetland
I was stuck inside an egg and
There wasn’t very much to see
So I wiggled ‘til I broke free
I kind of lookie like a fishy
With my tail goin’ swishy
I’ve got gills on my neck
I’ve got no legs yet
But just you wait and you will see a


(The days go by and sure enough, things begin to change . . . )
Hey, everybody look at me
More like a frog I’m beginning to be
I’m kicking with my little back legs back there
I’m growing lungs for breathing air
Does my tail look smaller to you?
I am a transformer it’s true
Soon my front legs are gonna sprout
And my eyes will start bugging out
I always believe and in sweet time I know I will achieve a


(Now my tail’s getting shorter and shorter and shorter and my tongue’s getting longer and longer and longer . . . )
Coming soon to a lily pad near you
A little green froggie so brand new
I’ll be hoppin’ on the riverside
Huntin’ for a dragonfly
Gonna catch it with my long & sticky tongue
And take a deep breath with brand new lungs
And sing a song in the sun
For this new life that I’ve begun
So just you wait and I guarantee


Goin' Down to Mexico (The Monarch Butterfly Song)

Written By: Lucas Miller

Before it gets cold
And it starts to snow
I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go down to Mexico
Well, I'm gonna fly, fly, fly / Fly, fly, fly
I'm gonna fly, fly, fly down to Mexico

When I was a caterpillar, just a little-bitty caterpillar
Just a-chewing on a milkweed stem
You know I couldn't fly back then
But I began a metamorphosis
First I wrapped myself inside my chrysalis
I grew and I changed inside
Then I turned into a Monarch butterfly


I turned into a butterfly
Late this summertime
I spent these nice, warm days
Way up in the north United States
Just a-sticking out my long, long tongue
Tasting flowers in the sun
But winter is on the way
It's gonna get too cold to play


So when you see this butterfly
You see this butterfly flutter by
Blow a little kiss and wave
Wish me luck along the way
Because I've got so far to go
All the way to the mountains of Mexico
Winter's aren’t so cold down there
I'll be back when spring is in the air!


Well, I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go, yes, I'm gonna go
I'm gonna go, go, go, go down to Mexico!

Living In Symbiosis

Written By: Lucas Miller

Living in symbiosis-two species living together
Symbiosis-and they can both do better
Symbiosis if they help each other
Symbiosis, symbiosis

Livin’ on the bottom of the ocean, I am a sea anemone
My many arms are waving to and fro in the sea
Now you better not try to touch me, even though I'm pretty like a flower
Those tentacles will sting you; make you say "Aye, Chihuahua!!"
But there's one fish that I let swim right through them
The clownfish, no, I would never sting him
‘cos we're just like best friends

Living in symbiosis-two species living together
Symbiosis-and we both do better
Symbiosis because we help each other
Symbiosis, symbiosis

Butterfly fish are anemone enemy number one
But the clownfish is a friend of me and he’s gonna send them off on the run
So I let him hang out with me, he doesn’t have a thing to worry ‘bout
'cos if the bigger fish try to catch him, I’ll just sting them on the snout!
I give him a safe hiding place, he chases all my enemies away
We keep each other safe


I didn’t say cinnamon toast sticks
I didn’t say stinky-toe-sis
I’m talking ‘bout mutualistic, mutualistic symbiosis

You are far more intelligent than an anemone like me
But there's a lesson I can teach you that we need so desperately
You’re living here with Mother Earth like the clownfish lives with me
Respect her and protect her, she gives you everything you need
And if we each can do our own small part
We can share this world with all beneath the stars

We’ll be living in symbiosis-two species living together
Symbiosis-and we can all do better
Symbiosis if we help each other
Symbiosis, symbiosis


2010: a new CD and DVD are on the way!

2009: "Animals Rock With Lucas Miller, Vol. 1" (DVD) Starred review and 2009 Editor's Choice from Booklist!

2007: Dr. DNA & the Anaconda Invastion, BioRhythms Publishing (Hardcover children's book)

2005: "Gotta Take Care of the Hive!" (audioCD): winner of Parents' Choice "Silver" award and NAPPA "Honors."

2002: There's a Chicken On My Head! (audioCD): winner of Parents' Choice "Silver" award. The track "(A Snake's Not) Slimy" was a top 20 finalist in the 2005 Unisong International Songwriting Contest.

2002: Fifi the Ferocious (children's book), Providence Press

2000: The Anaconda La Bamba! (audioCD): winner of Parents' Choice "Recommended" award

Set List

For a public performance, Lucas might perform:

The Anaconda la Bamba
Livin' In a Wetland
Send Them Back Home to Brazil (the fire ant song)
Goin' Down to Mexico (Monarch butterfly song)
Metamorphosis (tadpole to a frog)
Fifi the Ferocious (a puppet play about animal defenses)
Stinkle, Stinkle, Little Skunky
The Cow on the Bus