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Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States
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"Sing Your Science"

The idea is simple and admirable: Create a recording with songs that stimulate children’s interest in animals, insects and the natural world.

To be honest, I was skeptical when I first gave this new Lucas Miller CD a spin. I have heard so many similar attempts fall short either because the music was weak when the content was acceptable or the concepts were not accurate and strong enough when the music was acceptable.

So when I come across a recording that is solid in both areas, I jump for joy. As a parent and teacher, I know that the connections made by introducing and reinforcing science concepts through music can be appealing—especially when accompanied by supportive music and good songwriting. Miller, who has a degree in zoology, states his mission: "I try to help kids realize how much we depend on the natural world. Once they are interested, they’ll be more willing to take care of the world around them."

The CD starts with "Living in Symbiosis." Sung from the point of view of a sea anemone, it tells the story of his symbiotic relationship with the clownfish. In the last verse, Miller makes the connection between humans and the earth we live on and the respect and care that are vital.

Next is the very clever "Chimichanga Song," a fantasy visit to a Tex-Mex food stand where Miller finds himself in line with a kangaroo, a frog and a snake. He uses this tale to explain insectivores, carnivores and herbivores as the customers place their orders and explain exactly what they want in their chimichanga. Again, it is important to point out that even though this is clever in its lyrical approach, it is the relationship with the singable and catchy music that makes Miller’s songs memorable.

Kids and parents alike will also enjoy "All About the Hive!" with its funky, spoken verse and its groovy-sounding chorus. If you listen carefully, you will hear important, detailed science content, though the overall message is easy to understand and repeated in the chorus: "It’s all about the hive/We wanna stay alive/So we take care of the hive."

I am also willing to bet the farm that kids will enjoy "Out on the Prairie." Scientifically speaking, it is about the ecological importance of … buffalo dung, bird droppings and earthworm poop. Now before you stop reading and turn the page, please realize that Miller is not just stooping to get kids’ attention, he is seriously trying to teach them about something important. He is smart enough to know how to hook them first. Yes, there’s lots of references to "poo-poo" and "doo-doo," but hey, it’s science.

Other highlights include "Deer in My Cadillac," a bouncy, country-western flavored song set in Yellowstone National Park, which helps to explain why the deer population has grown. The highlight is a spoken-word section in the middle that tells the story about the relationship between the elk, wolves and the Aspen forest as it addresses the importance of the balance of nature.

"Metamorphosis," with its reggae-island feel is sung from the tadpole’s point of view as he transforms into a frog. Here Miller seamlessly creates a simple story about a not-so-simple, but amazing, act of nature.

The CD ends with "Mutually," a perfect bookend fit to the first song, "Symbiosis." The song explains the role of the Egyptian plover bird that flies down and eats the pesky, wormy parasites off of the Nile crocodile’s tongue while reminding us "We’re in this mutually/I help him and he helps me."

I am more impressed each time I hear this CD and plan on using quite a few songs with my students at school. Find out more about this "singing zoologist" at his Web site,, where you can hear samples of all the songs and read through lyrics before you decide to buy the recording. You won’t be disappointed.

- Chicago Parent

"The World's A Jungle for Singing Zoologist"

AUSTIN, Texas (Wireless Flash) – Any songwriter can write about love but only Lucas Miller is writing about metamorphosis and symbiosis.
Miller is a singing zoologist based in Austin, Texas, who writes tunes about the animal kingdom instead of everyday human topics.

The tunesmith has written three full albums of “zongs” including his latest, I Was A Supa-Dupa Pupa.

That’s amazing, considering how hard it is to write ditties detailing the relationship between a clownfish and a sea anemone.

Miller admits he sometimes has to run his lyrics by animal experts in order to make sure they’re scientifically accurate.

Still, other times, the songs spill out, especially when he’s writing about snakes because, as he puts it, “Lots of words rhyme with anaconda.”

So far, Miller’s biggest fans are kids and he says a few have told him they aced their tests because of his tunes. But sadly, even though he’s singing about animals, they haven’t responded to his music.

As he puts it, “I did a concert recently near some foxes and they were nonplussed.”

- Wireless Flash Media

"School Library Journal CD review"

Lucas Miller of Austin, Texas presents his third compilation of 11 clever and humorous animal songs in a variety of musical styles: rock, calypso, country, Latin, and rap. The themes of this recording are "mutualism"–when two organisms benefit each other, such as honeybees pollinating flowers–and "mutualistic symbiosis"–when two organisms live together beneficially, such as anemones and clownfish. The songs include "Living in Symbiosis," "The Chimichanga Song" (insectivores, carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores), "All About the Hive" (beehive), "I'm Lookin' Fine!" (bees pollinating flowers), "Can You See the Connection?" (fruit bats scattering seeds), "Out on the Prairie" (the importance of animal excrement in revitalizing soil), "A Deer in My Cadillac" (the importance of wolves in maintaining deer populations), "Metamorphosis" (specifically tadpole to frog), "Stinkle, Stinkle Little Skunky" (to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"), "Go Wild–Read" (at the "loco" library), and "Mutually" (plovers that clean crocodiles' teeth). On a couple of the calypso-style songs, Miller affects an "Islands" accent. He's joined here by another Austin children's recording artist, Joe McDermott, who performs percussion and backing vocals. All instrumental and vocal performances are excellent. An outstanding album. - School Library Journal

"Austin Parent:Wise CD review"

Now this is the way to learn about zoology! Lucas Miller's third CD follows in the footsteps of his previous releases by educating kids about animal life through catchy songs with hilarious lyrics.
Miller, who has a degree in zoology, teamed up up with veteran Austin children's entertainer Joe McDermott for I Was a Supa-Dupa Pupa! (McDermott co-produced the CD and provides musical accompaniment and back-up vocals on some songs). The result is a tightly produced album that will appeal to kids ages 6 and older--younger kids may enjoy it too, but the lyrics are best suited to the older crowd.
Miller is at his goofy best on tunes like "The Chimichanga Song" (about a frog eating an insect-filled, deep-fried burrito) but his vocal talent and writing actually stand out best on the mandolin-rich "Can You See the Connection" (about the connection between a bat, a fruit tree and kids listening to the the CD). Parents will enjoy "A Deer in My Cadillac"--that is, if they live anywhere in town infested by the white-tailed garden grazers! The best part of the song isn't its humor about deer-as-modern-day-city-rats, but its solid education about why deer have proliferated. It's an important lesson delivered in an accessible and fun manner.
Besides McDermott, Miller also receives back-up vocal assistance from Austin children's entertainers Sara Hickman and Laura Freeman, as well as McDermott's wife and back-up singer Louise. Really, the album is a testament to the amazing abilities of our local kids' entertainers--Miller even tips his hat to McDermott on "The Chimichanga Song" and "Stinkle Stinkle Little Skunky."
I Was a Supa-dupa Pupa is a must-have in any kids' CD collection. Kids will enjoy the music and parents will be amazed how much it teaches them with seemingly little effort.                                                    
~Kim Pleticha
- Austin Parent:Wise


2010: a new CD and DVD are on the way!

2009: "Animals Rock With Lucas Miller, Vol. 1" (DVD) Starred review and 2009 Editor's Choice from Booklist!

2007: Dr. DNA & the Anaconda Invastion, BioRhythms Publishing (Hardcover children's book)

2005: "Gotta Take Care of the Hive!" (audioCD): winner of Parents' Choice "Silver" award and NAPPA "Honors."

2002: There's a Chicken On My Head! (audioCD): winner of Parents' Choice "Silver" award. The track "(A Snake's Not) Slimy" was a top 20 finalist in the 2005 Unisong International Songwriting Contest.

2002: Fifi the Ferocious (children's book), Providence Press

2000: The Anaconda La Bamba! (audioCD): winner of Parents' Choice "Recommended" award



Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, advises their zoology students to take a variety of science, math and physics classes in order to “pursue a range of different career opportunities later.” When Lucas Miller graduated with a B.A. in zoology from Miami University in 1991, he took the advice to heart.

Soon after graduation, Miller served as an educator aboard an 80-foot sailboat that took students on field trips focusing on marine ecology. He moved to Austin, Texas, in 1992 and was soon traveling the country and bringing his wacky humor to schools, libraries and family events throughout the nation.

Since then, Lucas has performed for well over one million children and earned a reputation as one of the most engaging performers for school assemblies. Lucas has donated a portion of his CD and book sales to help a group called HEART purchase satellite tracking devices for Kemp’s ridley sea turtles. FORTUNE Small Business magazine will be running a feature on Lucas and his support of wildlife research & conservation in their March 2008 issue.

His songwriting has been honored in the Great American Song Contest (2006 First place for "Living in Symbiosis" and 2005 Special Achievement in Songwriting for "Metamorphosis"), the Mountain Stage Newsong Contest (2006, honorable mention for "Metamorphosis") and the Unisong International Songwriting Contest (top 20 finalist for "Slimy.")

Lucas has also authored two children's books, "Fifi the Ferocious" and "Dr. DNA & the Anaconda Invasion."

The root of all his work is teaching zoology with humor, imagination and accuracy. His aim is to help families realize the wonder and importance of nature.

For a full calendar of Lucas' performances, please visit and click on "Calendar."