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Annual Godstock festival is today at South Rowan YMCA

Lucas Parry
By Susan Shinn

Salisbury Post, NC

Lucas Parry likes to tell people he's from the South — the Deep South.

He's not kidding.

The 26-year-old Christian singer is a native of Australia. Now based in Nashville, Parry will headline today's Godstock annual festival at the South Rowan YMCA.

Parry will take the stage at noon.

Parry was checking out another artist's Web site when he saw the link for Godstock, a local charity which assists families of critically ill children. Godstock recently passed the $1 million mark in donations raised since it was founded in 1994.

Since Parry would be playing in Kernersville on Friday, he contacted Godstock organizers and asked if he could be a part of the festival.

Like most people, Parry has been affected by cancer.

"There's so many people I know who have had cancer," he says. "Families go through a lot in having to deal with it."

He's happy, he says, to come and support Godstock.

Parry started writing his own music when he was 16. On a mission trip to India, he met his future wife, who's from New Jersey.

"We were working on the same project in India," Parry says. "She was my boss, I guess, for a few weeks."

The two married in October 2002, and moved to Nashville a year later. Parry taught school, but in the last two months has gone full-time with his music ministry.

Parry has made two CDs: "Impossible" in 2002 and "Made to Fly" in 2004. During Saturday's 45-minute set, he'll play songs from the newer CD, as well as some brand-new music. He hopes to make another CD in a year.

Parry wrote most of the songs in "Made to Fly" during the first year of his marriage, when he had moved from Australia to the United States.

"Everyone comes through tough times," he says. "Most of the songs were borne out of my journey to America and learning to trust God."

Playing live allows Parry to find out which songs the audiences like best.

"Every song I write I think is pretty good," he says. "Usually, I'm not my best judge."

Parry calls his wife, Jody, his "backbone."

"She likes my songs, too, but if it doesn't work, she'll let me know."

Parry says it takes him anywhere from 15 minutes to several months to write a song.

"If they don't come straight away, I'll sit on it and let the message soak through my mind," he says. "I want to make those three minutes I have the listener's attention meaningful."

Parry takes advantage of the many musicians in Nashville to collaborate with on writing songs.

"We love it," Parry says of Nashville. "We're surrounded by really creative people. There's a lot of country music, but there's a lot of Christian music, too. We're really blessed in terms of phenomenal musicians to play on records."

Parry's wife works in human resources, but he hopes she'll be able to join him soon full-time in his music ministry.

They want to eventually support other mission efforts such as opening orphanages and working in Africa.

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Contact Susan Shinn at 704-797-4289 or - Salisbury Post

"Pastors quotes/recommendations"

Randy Elrod – Worship Pastor of The Peoples Church (Formerly First Baptist Church), Franklin TN

“Lucas Parry is a wonderful man of God. He is a talented songwriter and singer. His giftings remind me of King David. He has a heart for God and understands how to express that heart in an articulate and excellent way. He and his wife Jody are actively involved in the ministry here at The People’s Church in Franklin, TN. I fully commend his ministry to you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me.” Phone: 615-794-2812 E-mail:

Andy Bryan – Minister of North Kansas City First United Methodist Church

“Lucas and his band have a lot to offer - great music, inspiring stories, and genuine Christian friendship conveyed with grace and compassion. They are not your stereotypical, "in-your-face" contemporary Christian pop group. Lucas' life experience gives his music and his message a theological depth that not many young singer/songwriters have”.

Eric Nordhoff - Go Global Entertainment, LLC, Franklin TN

"We need more artists with the heart, passion, sincerity and work ethic that Lucas Parry has. God has blessed Lucas not only vocally but also with a talent for doing music ministry with a sincerity of spirit and heart to reach the nations for His Kingdom. I'm proud to represent this
burgeoning talent to my clients around the world."

By Mike Whary – Youth Pastor of Hillside Christian Fellowship PA

“Fresh, Relevant, Full of Life... This album offers life in difficult times and is a refreshing sound for the ears and soul. This CD will surely appeal to the masses as it has some groovy tunes with a meaningful message. I hope this is the first of many album's we will be hearing from this rising star, Lucas Parry!”

Matt Austin WAY-FM Nashville Regional Manager

"Lucas Parry has a genuine and transparent ministry. His songs and his
message will touch hearts and challenge his hearers to go deeper with
- Press kit

"Don't Fence Me In"

April 2002

Creative Ministry [Magazine] recently caught up with 22-year-old Lucas Parry, an emerging talent whose ultimate dream is to see cultures set free to worship in their own styles.

I was 16 and on a mission trip in Africa. I felt God saying to me, “When you get back home, I want you to start singing lessons.” I started singing at my church, and then I became the worship leader and began singing with Youth Alive. After that I started singing at talent contests in RSL clubs.

I’m very keen to see people rise up and be all they’re called to be. Hence, some of the songs on Impossible [Lucas’s debut album] are about believing that God is the God of the impossible and that he has a destiny for each of us.
I’m also very passionate about overseas mission and making God’s last command my first priority. I’ve been on four mission trips now, two to Africa and two to India. I just love sharing the Gospel with unreached people.

I’ve just traveled to America and did a small tour there, and then I spent 10 days in Nashville, which is the home of both country and Christian music. I feel that God is opening up doors for me there to start writing songs with other musicians.

I BECAME A Christian when I was 16 and since then God has taught me a lot about dreaming and dreaming the impossible. I’ve met so many Christians who had dreams but let them die for lots of different reasons. I wrote the title track of the CD to encourage people to receive the dreams and the passions that God gave them when they were freshly saved.

It’s very much based in pop music. People have said it’s testimony-driven, but the main message through all of my songs is about missions and that idea of going out into the world.

That is the testimony of my life. When I was 16. I met Jesus and he totally changed my life and restored everything that had been stolen by sin… He gave me unspeakable joy.

Everything and anything. I love Steven Curtis Chapman, Delirious? And the Paul Colman Trio, but I also love the sounds of hip-hop, techno, R&B and I especially love pop music.

Definitely being able to tour in America, that was fantastic. Also last Christmas I sang at “In Our City,” which is our local Christmas carol event. That was great because I saw a lot of people from school that never knew that I sang, and who hadn’t seen me since I became a Christian. I got to share my testimony with them, so that was great.

It’s definitely one of my ministries. It’s a tool that God has given me. It’s just my expression to encourage and to build the Body of Christ.

Really blessed, encouraged, uplifted and released from condemnation. I want them to feel free to dream again and to believe that they can be everything that God has destined them to be.

It’s just something that I love to do. There are disappointments and setbacks but I love it when people come up to me after the show and say “thank you.” One “thank you “ keeps me going through a thousand disappointments.

I’d say dream big and go for it, but there are practical things to consider. Number one is to work on you spiritual life, be a worshipper, love God and love people. Number two, which is equally important, is to hone your craft.
There’s a little proverb in Ecclesiastes 10:10 that says, “If the axe is blunt, and on doesn’t sharpen the edge, then he must use more strength; but skill brings success.”
I think that if you sharpen your axe, whatever you’re good at, if you just swing it lightly you’re going to have success. So I’d say go for it, be the best you can be, put the work in and doors will open.

Very much so. One day I was out walking and praying about the suburb where I live, and God spoke to me about music having the ability to transcend cultural barriers. It’s true, it’s the only thing that can. A preacher may never get into the houses around here but music can. I just think that it’s such a powerful medium that I’d like to use to bring honor and glory to God.

My immediate plan is to be in Nashville next year, songwriting and really honing my craft. Then I want to travel out into the mission field. My ultimate dream is to see cultures released in their own style of worship. African people worshipping in African ways and Indian people worshipping in their own cultural style. The bible says, “Every child of a nation will be worshipping around His throne.” I don’t think that we’ll be singing the one song; I think we’ll be singing the songs of the nations.
- Creative Ministry Magazine


4/5 Stars -

Lucas Parry
Made to Fly

Album length: 10 tracks: 38 minutes, 37 seconds
Street Date: 2004

What would happen if you combined the writing talents of Todd Agnew and the musicianship of Third Day for a one-of-a-kind collaborative effort? You would end up with the latest release from Australian-bred artist Lucas Parry. Currently residing in the state of New Jersey, his sophomore effort Made to Fly is nothing short of a unique journey into the true passion and soul of an artist who is after God's own heart. He carries his own tune and breaks away from the norm of the typical style of modern worship as elements of contemporary, pop, rock, and even funk all play a vital role on this project.

Each song is filled with uplifting lyrics and oustanding arrangements that flow together smoothly. Songs like "Such a Love" and "Thousand Words" contain excellent electric guitar riffs blended together with an arena rock sound that is reminiscent of bands like Fono and PFR. Another musical entry worthy of acknowledgement is the pop/rock feel of "Revive Me," which not only contains a melodic violin intro, but invokes a man's plea for God to send forth a revival surging through his soul. The mood of the album gets toned down for the passionate and humble "Take Me Home" with lyrics crying out to God by saying "Would You forgive me for my failings? I'm just a man who doesn't know just what to say, take me home."

Adult contemporary elements provide the melody for the thought-provoking "Beautiful" and the piano driven "Photograph," a song that has Lucas Parry expressing his feelings of a past love that he hopes to eventually see again someday in Heaven. Amongst all the passionate worship and emotion shown throughout the core of Made to Fly, Lucas also knows how to have fun with his music as shown in the upbeat, funk vibe of "Just Like Him," which has the artist making his declaration of faith in the One True God.

The fact that the entire album is self-produced is a surprising factor in the overall professionalism and sound quality found throughout. Though it clocks in at just under 40 minutes, an album like Made to Fly is reason to believe that the modern worship movement has barely even scratched the surface. Lucas Parry is the ideal artist for fans of musicians like Chris Tomlin, Todd Agnew, and just about any other worship artist making a strong impact in the CCM environment.

- Review date: 9/24/05, written by Paul Portell


Lucas Parry
Made To Fly

I was taken by surprise when I first played Made to Fly as my preconceived notions of another bland worship leader were smashed. Aside from the fervent opening track “Revive Me,” I was further impressed with all aspects of the project including the arrangements, lyrics and overall quality of the recording. I had not thought of it until after reviewing Jeff Deyo’s Surrender, but Parry’s pop-rock style is somewhat similar to that of Deyo.

Parry hails from Australia where he had already begun a music career. Made to Fly is his second independent release. From his latest release, it’s easy to discern that Parry can function as both a songwriter and performer. Since leaving his home land Parry has married and relocated to the Nashville area to pursue his musical calling. You can find samples on both his official web site and his myspace web site. I highly recommend listening to “Revive Me,” “Take Me Home” and “Photograph” to get a good feeling for who Lucas Parry is as an artist.

- Ken W.
Lucas Parry – Made to Fly

By Kevan Breitinger for


The Bottom Line
Pros Energetic, passionate songs of worship & life
Well produced, well written, well performed
Cons Still looking for one

• Style: Pop-rock
• 10 original songs
• Released: February 18, 2005

I’d be curious, really curious, to know how much Lucas Parry listened to Jeff Deyo’s “Saturate.” Lucas Parry captures much of the same sense of passionate worship driven by crunchy guitar hooks, added a youthful exuberance and behold: “Made to Fly.” This energetic exuberant CD is straight-up fun, offered up with excellence.

What Parry adds so deliciously is a youthful edge that lifts these songs above the pack. Most of these tunes are guitar-driven but he adds wonderful small touches that enrich each song significantly. Check out the rich strings of “Revive Me” and the wailing chorus under the upbeat “Thousand Words.” It’s not officially a “worship” album, but Parry’s passion for his Savior drips over each track; sometimes I like that better, worship that just flows organically from life. I don’t think this is anything that Parry can turn off, and his zeal will jump-start yours. The lovely “Photograph” is a simple love song and “Take Me Home” sings hauntingly of a deeply regretted argument. Like I said, real life. Ya gotta love it.

All of these songs are radio ready and I’d love to see Parry get the airplay he deserves. Standout tracks: the important title track, digging into the truth of the ever-mysterious calling we all have. Listen to it repeatedly, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into. The gorgeous “Beautiful” drips with heartfelt worship and I hope it filters down into our churches. “Overwhelmed” wrings the worship from your heart and can almost be physically felt. “Photograph”, as I said, breathtakingly lovely. And not to be overlooked, the eloquent message of salvation included on the back panel. This guy is for real. Drop what you’re doing and go get this CD. Now.

(Released February 2005)

Made to Fly is a pop-rock record highlighting Parry’s dynamic vocal range and cutting edge production values. Though the record would not be considered a “worship” album, Parry writes with the heart of one madly in love with His Savior.

I was impressed with the quality of this recording. Made to Fly is an independent album that has achieved the gloss and shine of most major-market CCM records. The songs are big and intricate and seem well suited for radio play.
Let’s take a look at the standout tunes on the track. “Revive Me” is an aggressive rock song that manages to invoke some nice R&B undertones without becoming confusing. “Made to Fly” is a great song full of meaning and implicit power. In fact, the title track is indeed the most inventive song on the record. Lucas seems perfectly at home with this more ambient, orchestral approach. “Take Me Home” is an epic tune, thanks to a nicely crafted electric guitar introduction.

“Amazed” and “Beautiful” are worship songs in every sense. Though crafted in a noticeable pop vein, they are crafted and delivered in worship.

Made to Fly is a record that bears evidence of great effort. The songs are mixed well, the graphics are top-notch and I especially appreciated the elegantly simple salvation message from Lucas on the CD’s back panel.

This review was conducted by Todd Wright

Find out more about Lucas at

=======CD Review====

Lucas Parry
Lucas Parry Web Site-
"Made To Fly"
Release Date-Out Now
by C.W. Ross

It's always a real blessing when I get a chance to hear and help spread the word about good artist and their music. Lucas Parry and his CD, "Made To Fly" fits in to that category.

This ten track, 38+ minute's long CD is filled with Pop music with many different edges to it ranging from Rock and Dance to Modern Worship.

The song's each have their own personalities created with little nuances, effects and interesting arrangements. The end result is a full and robust sound.

The vocals are steady, clear and change to fit the mood of each particular song.

The song lyrics also take their turn in the spotlight. They cover many subjects including: salvation, renewed faith, amazement of God's grace & love, worship and dealing
with the loss of a loved one.

This is a really strong quality effort and I would encourage you to give this CD a good listen. -,,, www.worshipnotes.or

"Fan Reviews"

Great music and lyrics. Meaningful songs that encourage and challenge the listener.
Reviewer: Nevin

I keep having to buy the CD. Everyone I let listen to it takes my copy. If you do not have this CD go buy it right now. Stop reading my review and go get it. I am not kidding go now. I will wait until you come back.
Reviewer: ClayHorn

I am not sure if it is the music or the words or is it both together that let you feel what Lucas has in his heart. From the first song to the last you can see Jesus. The music is powerful and makes you want to listen to it again and again.
Reviewer: Whodeeni

Fresh, Relevant, Full of Life... This album offers life in difficult times and is a refreshing sound for the ears and soul. This CD will surely appeal to the masses as it has some groovy tunes with a meaningful message. I hope this is the first of many album's we will be hearing from this rising star, Lucas Parry!
Reviewer: M.Whary

Just received the CD the other day and it's been playing on my computer constantly! All tracks are very cool. I love track 1,3,5,6,8&10 but my favorite is track 9. big fan here!
Reviewer: Loren - Made To Fly


2004 Lucas Parry - Made to Fly
2002 Lucas Parry - Impossible

2006 Down Under 2006 (compilation album)
2002 Down Under 2002 (compilation album)
2001 Global Youth Culture - From Far & Beyond
2001 Youth Alive - Elevate (wrote 'Beautiful')
1999 Global Youth Culture - Take it to the World
1998 Youth Alive - One (co-wrote 'cure')



So many times in this life, you feel like you're standing on the edge of a cliff but God keeps asking you to take that leap of faith and step into the great unknown.

Much of the music found on Lucas Parry's second album, Made to Fly, was born out of a year-long process filled with ups and downs, trials and joys. But the result is a group of songs that run the gamut of a faith-based life - offering praise and worship to a Creator (Amazed) and a simultaneous commitment and challenge to share the Gospel no matter what (Beautiful).

Lucas, who grew up in Australia, took an enormous step of faith in 2002 when he moved to New Jersey to marry his American sweetheart and pursue his music ministry. The testing of his faith came when his Green Card didn't and kept him from working to support his new bride.

It was the hardest time I've ever been through, says Lucas. In Australia, I was a school teacher and I ran two successful businesses, including my music career. But here in the States, I had nothing. I truly had to rely on God, new friends, my wife, and my new family. It was the middle of winter, so there was nowhere I could really go, the closest I've ever come to being depressed. But God was teaching me a lot of important things.

One of those lessons: to wait on God's timing. Lucas strongly felt led to take a year off from ministry to focus on his marriage, though he admits the temptation was there to attempt to continue the momentum he'd built as a songwriter and worship leader in Australia.

During that year, though, God built such a wonderful foundation of communication in our marriage, says Lucas. And He really taught me to seek His plan for my life and not my own. I got to the point of honestly laying before God my own hopes and dreams and aspirations and desperately seeking only His will.

The first track on the new album reflects his passion for God and only God. Revive Me offers a hungry cry for renewed commitment, refusing to allow distractions to take the place of the one-on-one relationship with the Eternal Father. It's a passion Lucas wants to communicate and encourage towards those who listen.

"Jesus said the core of everything we do should be to love God and to love people, that's how we as Christians are called to live. If we could be radical, do ordinary things in extraordinary ways, think of the lives that could be changed."

The desire to change lives has been in Lucas since the day he took his first mission trip at age 18 and saw the impact of sharing the Gospel with people who had never heard. As a result, he has taken his music to multiple countries, including Australia, the United States, Africa, India and Singapore.

Lucas has served with Youth Alive, an Australian ministry that hosts large-scale evangelistic events for young people. His song, 'Beautiful', was recorded on Youth Alive's 'Elevate' album, and 'Cure', a song he co-wrote, was recorded on the 'One' album, both albums meeting international success. He is an award-winning songwriter, most recently named winner of the 2003 New Artist Talent Search Showcase in Delaware and has performed in numerous music fests, churches and worship conferences.

Continuing to walk in the calling and gifting God has placed upon his life, Lucas recently relocated from New Jersey to Nashville, Tenn. His newest album, 'Made to Fly', is now finished and he looks forward to taking God's message to all on his upcoming tour.