Lucas Parry

Lucas Parry


Australian (Nashville based) artist who, through his unique blend of modern pop/rock, spreads the message of a faith-based life. Together with a passion for missions and social justice Lucas brings an energetic performance to every stage.


So many times in this life, you feel like you're standing on the edge of a cliff but God keeps asking you to take that leap of faith and step into the great unknown.

Much of the music found on Lucas Parry's second album, Made to Fly, was born out of a year-long process filled with ups and downs, trials and joys. But the result is a group of songs that run the gamut of a faith-based life - offering praise and worship to a Creator (Amazed) and a simultaneous commitment and challenge to share the Gospel no matter what (Beautiful).

Lucas, who grew up in Australia, took an enormous step of faith in 2002 when he moved to New Jersey to marry his American sweetheart and pursue his music ministry. The testing of his faith came when his Green Card didn't and kept him from working to support his new bride.

It was the hardest time I've ever been through, says Lucas. In Australia, I was a school teacher and I ran two successful businesses, including my music career. But here in the States, I had nothing. I truly had to rely on God, new friends, my wife, and my new family. It was the middle of winter, so there was nowhere I could really go, the closest I've ever come to being depressed. But God was teaching me a lot of important things.

One of those lessons: to wait on God's timing. Lucas strongly felt led to take a year off from ministry to focus on his marriage, though he admits the temptation was there to attempt to continue the momentum he'd built as a songwriter and worship leader in Australia.

During that year, though, God built such a wonderful foundation of communication in our marriage, says Lucas. And He really taught me to seek His plan for my life and not my own. I got to the point of honestly laying before God my own hopes and dreams and aspirations and desperately seeking only His will.

The first track on the new album reflects his passion for God and only God. Revive Me offers a hungry cry for renewed commitment, refusing to allow distractions to take the place of the one-on-one relationship with the Eternal Father. It's a passion Lucas wants to communicate and encourage towards those who listen.

"Jesus said the core of everything we do should be to love God and to love people, that's how we as Christians are called to live. If we could be radical, do ordinary things in extraordinary ways, think of the lives that could be changed."

The desire to change lives has been in Lucas since the day he took his first mission trip at age 18 and saw the impact of sharing the Gospel with people who had never heard. As a result, he has taken his music to multiple countries, including Australia, the United States, Africa, India and Singapore.

Lucas has served with Youth Alive, an Australian ministry that hosts large-scale evangelistic events for young people. His song, 'Beautiful', was recorded on Youth Alive's 'Elevate' album, and 'Cure', a song he co-wrote, was recorded on the 'One' album, both albums meeting international success. He is an award-winning songwriter, most recently named winner of the 2003 New Artist Talent Search Showcase in Delaware and has performed in numerous music fests, churches and worship conferences.

Continuing to walk in the calling and gifting God has placed upon his life, Lucas recently relocated from New Jersey to Nashville, Tenn. His newest album, 'Made to Fly', is now finished and he looks forward to taking God's message to all on his upcoming tour.


Revive Me

Written By: Lucas Parry - Copyright 2004 Springdale Publishing (ASCAP)

Was so long ago that I was on my knees
Cant remember the last time, just You and me
Let life consume me with business
and left alone the most important thing

Thought I had the strength to make it all alone
If id find the time along my busy road
I’d take a moment, step aside and talk to You
But somehow those moments were too few
I’m on my knees, I‘m desperate for You

I’m giving all I have because
You are the only one I
wanna give You everything, all of me
give me ears to hear Your voice and
a heart that wants to listen
oh God Here I am come revive me

Empty dreams came crashing down on top of me
Thought I knew the path but really couldn’t see
What was real has now become a faded dream
Now I’m faced with my reality

Looking back I knew that You were always there
But You let me go so I would see despair
And the emptiness of living for myself
But You knew id come running back to You

Never again will I turn my back
Get consumed by myself and forget where my strength come

Psalm 80:18, Psalm 85:6

Made To Fly

Written By: Written by: Lucas L. Parry - Copyright 2004 Springdale Publishing (ASCAP)

I’m on the edge again
feel the breeze upon my face
I look down afraid to fall
but I feel the call to fly

Out on a limb it seems
at least it feels that way
I’ve second-guessed fifteen times today did I
really hear the call to fly?

Launch into the great unknown
let the wind take me away
where stars dance and mountains fade
now I know I was made to fly

I feel like holding on but
there’s a stirring inside
I near the edge then faith grows its wings
I think I was made to fly

I take a breath and gaze
at the beauty ahead
I’ve come so far
all I need is to step
and I’ll be free to fly

Isaiah 40:31

Take Me Home

Written By: Written by: Written by: Lucas L. Parry & Michael Houlihan- Copyright 2004 Springdale Publishing (ASC

It’s pushing midnight
another page I throw away
my heart is aching
I cant find the words to say

Why did I ever
go walking out that door?
I didn’t mean the things I said

I don’t even know how to say I’m sorry
or even if you’re caring anymore
I just want our fighting to be over
a surrender to this war
would you forgive me for my failings
I’m just a man who doesn’t know just what to say
take me home

As these tears fall
my heart covers this page
I’m feeling lonely
this pain wont go away

I’m writing this letter
now I know just what to say


2004 Lucas Parry - Made to Fly
2002 Lucas Parry - Impossible

2006 Down Under 2006 (compilation album)
2002 Down Under 2002 (compilation album)
2001 Global Youth Culture - From Far & Beyond
2001 Youth Alive - Elevate (wrote 'Beautiful')
1999 Global Youth Culture - Take it to the World
1998 Youth Alive - One (co-wrote 'cure')

Set List

From standard praise and worship to solo and a full concert set, many options are available.

Songs from Lucas Parry's latest solo release, "Made To Fly," include:

1:: Revive Me
2:: Made To Fly
3:: Take Me Home
4:: Amazed
5:: Beautiful
6:: Just Like Him
7:: Thousand Words
8:: Such A Love
9:: Photograph
10:: Overwelmed

Also, many new songs including:

Lessons of Life
October Eyes
You Cant Make It On Your Own
You Smiled
Ride Out The Storm