Lucas and the Melodic Miners

Lucas and the Melodic Miners

 New York City, New York, USA

"Music and Politics are too important to leave to the Professionals"--Michelle Shocked--Passionate band of educators/musicians committed to creating soaring melodies and thoughtful, engaging lyrics for folks who love to listen.


Singer-songwriter, guitarist, banjo and harmonica player, kindergarten teacher and South Philadelphia escapee, Lucas has been writing and performing music in New York City for the past 8 years now.  Now especially stoked that the newest CD "Lead Me Back" is now available! Lucas' first band recording with the talented Melodic Miners (includes Pauline David on violin, Sarah Caswell on vocals, and Mike Chiaramonte on guitar) was produced, mixed and mastered at Axis Sound with the terrific Steve Rossiter at the helm. The Miners will be out playing and promoting big time in 2014!
"I could sit and listen to Lucas Rotman for hours. He is a vivid storyteller, a beautiful guitarist with a voice that grabs you and stays with you in your sleep. He writes and plays about the big stuff. He is deeply sincere. You leave his show enlightened and entranced, and with a sadness that you have on the last page of your favorite novel."
Ruth Gerson
(Performing artist, songwriter, vocal teacher)
Ruth Gerson Performs On Craig Ferguson


Where The Day Goes

Written By: Lucas Rotman

On Bainbridge Street
that's where we'd meet
Beneath the Shattered windows
In the august heat
Like Odysseus and his mighty crew
Through the sidestreets
and alleyways we flew

All the coins we'd take
From Franklin's grave
Jump the old brick wall
Hop the metal fence
We'd buy hotdogs
and a champ cherry shake
What good are nickels
to a dead man anyway?
Where the day goes,
Where the sidewalk ends
When the nightfalls
on these dead end streets and
Where our thoughts go
And our dreams begin
that's when I'll know
That we'll meet again

When the cops were gone
We'd turn the hydrants on
Won't be back till dark
We'll soak all the cars
Running barefoot
dancing through the flood
were we just skin and bones
flesh and blood?
Here's to Fumanchu
To Lucky too
to Yak and Killer
And Old Marmaduke
To our fearless leader Nate
What was Little Tony's Fate?
Was this all just a dream
Meant to fade?


Written By: Lucas Rotman

Holes in my pockets I ain't got a cent
Holes in my wallet must be where my money went
Holes in my pocket must be where my money went
I Got a whole lot of nothing since my baby left

I got holes in my sneakers where my toes peek through
Holes in my sneakers from sneaking up on you
Holes in my sneakers where my toes peek through
I got a whole lot of walking left for me to do

I've got holes in my blanket holes in my spread
Holes in my pillow and a hole in my bed
Holes in my pillows holes in my spread
I got a whole lot of wholes in my life since the day you left

Holes in my pockets holes in my shoes
Hole in my heart girl from missing you
I got a whole lot of holes and I've got a whole lot of blues

Concrete Ship

Written By: Lucas Rotman

Out along the sandy slip
Shout my words between loose lips
And laugh about the typhoon’s grip
As we launch our ship
So baby let’s take a trip
Oh yeah, let’s take a trip

And as we remain at sea
Just you, the waves, the sky and me
Enjoy what it means to be free
Nothing stands between our dreams
Just the sheer weight of reality
A heavy weight indeed, oh yeah
Sometimes love is like a concrete boat
We set it in the water just to watch it float
Climb on board, boys, that’s all she wrote
Just another attraction off the Jersey coast
Oh yeah, historical footnote
Man that’s all she wrote

You can wait for the new day to begin
When our good ship comes in
Through all we’ve learned to the wind
Fit common sense fits on the head of a pin
To the depths we’ll spin
Notify my next of kin, Oh yeah…

What I Leave Behind

Written By: Melodic Miners

On the freeway driving south
Bitter taste still in my mouth
Open bottle right beside me
calloused hands upon the wheel
Trying hard not to feel
the emptiness inside me
I only drink to stop the pain
This throbbing in my brain
The need I have to hold you
Now the house has been foreclosed
Held your fingers till they went cold
All the things I never told you

Smell of diesel, burning fumes
Harsh glow of a yellow moon
Rising above the exit sign
Another battered barroom night
The endless flow of these white lines
And all that I must leave behind me
The doctor's face showed it was bad
Took all the strength I had
See you slipping from my grasp
But there was work and bills to pay
Creditors to keep at bay
and dreams of a life we'd never have

In my mind I see you there
Purple iris in your hair
Eyes that shine right through me
Your laughter casts a spell
But what remains only time will tell
the only one who ever knew...