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Lucas Santtana

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil | INDIE

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil | INDIE
Band Alternative Latin


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"Continental Rifts (Lucas Santtana 'Sem Nostalgia')"

Although Rios’ Lucas Santtana has always shown a deep feel for samba and bossa nova, his recordings have always messed with the formulas, coloring the music with funk or dub. On his latest and best album Sem Nostalgia he’s at it again, limiting himself to only voice and guitar sounds, but manipulating the concert to produce a rich sound.

“Super Violão Mashup” opens the album with an instrumentental barrage of samples from prominent Brazilian guitars- Dorival Caymmi, Tom Ze, Jorge Ben among then- with surprisingly funky results. On “Cira Regina e Nana” guest musician Curumin manipulates the body of an acoustic guitar to make beats. But the record works because Santtana’s songwriting isn’t over-whelmed by such techniques; the gentle melodies are gorgeous, with delicate singing that teases out sweet harmonies, and the bizarre sonic effects only heighten the tunes. A number are sung in English, a first for Santtana, but regardless, he’s masterfully extending and revitalizing beloved Braziian traditions. - Downbeat Magazine, USA (2009)

"Brazilian Innovations (Lucas Santtana '3 Sessions in a Greenhouse')"

Lucas Santtana has been one of the most promising figures in Brazilian music for nearly a decade, and he pushes the envelope hard on his third album, 3 Sessions in a Greenhouse (***), favoring groove and ambience over song-writing. It's not that he doesn't know his way around a sweet melody, but his long term interest in funk and reggae elasticizes his compositions, where loping basslines, dubby horn chants and atmospheric keyboards resonate in a warm, leisurely glow. Tom Ze joins in for a cover of his 'Ogodo Ano 2000' and Santtana gives a tender if distant reading to "Into Shade" - Downbeat Magazine, USA (March 2007)

"Recombining Brazil's Cultural Mix: A Postmodern (Lucas Santtana 'Eletro Bem Dodo')"

Mr Santtana, a young musician from Bahia, whose first album bristles with funk, afoxe rhythms and smart pop-songwriting, is a musician supremely conscious of his cultural coordinates. In 'E Muito Mais' ('And Much More'), he tries to describe himself to a woman before getting into a relationship with her, and offers a list of cultural signifiers he feels close to: dub reggae, the Afro-Brazilian religion of Candomble, bodyboarding, the Cavalera brothers (that would be Max and Igor, of the Brazilian metal band Sepultura). In another track, he lays the chant and beat from James Brown's "Funky Good Time" over a very similar Yoruba religious rhythm, making a musical point that requires no explanation.

This is an artist who know's he's postmodern, and who sees his reflection in a country where postmodernism is an act of historical consciousness, rather than merely of solipsism. Fiercely literate about the popular music not only of Brazil but also of North America. Mr Santtana smashes Net-surfing lingo up against images of the urban poor, trying to conjure a natural synthesis of ancient and futuristic. This will to recombine has become a kind of shared language among new pop musicians in Brazil: it's a legacy of Chico Science's Mangue-beat movement in the early 90s, as well as Tropicalia songwriters of the 60s like Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso. - New York Times, July 2000



'Sem Nostalgia' (2011) - Mais Um Discos (2009 Brasil, YB Music)

'3 Sessions in a Greenhouse' (2006) - Free download via website

'Parada de Lucas' (2003) - Diginois Records (Brasil)

'Eletro Ben Dodo' (2000) - Natasha Records/BMG (Brasil)

Video links:

Cira regina e nana:

Nighttime in the backyard

Who can say which way

Super Violão Mashup

Hold me in



Having toured with tropicalistas Gil and Caetano and recorded with mavericks Chico Science and Arto Lindsay, Santtana is on course to create a musical legacy as groundbreaking and impressive as his mentors.

Santtana’s previous albums saw him re-imagine, to great acclaim, baile-funk and dub: on latest ‘Sem Nostalgia’ he uses only voice and acoustic guitar – the quintessential Brazilian sounds - to create a haunting, disorientating, captivating masterpiece.

Just like his mentors, his live show pushes Brazilian music in unexpected and welcome new directions and performing 60 shows across Brasil in 2010 his brave new sound is in serious demand.

Lucas Santtana - acoustic guitar & monome
Regis Damasceno - acoustic guitar
Bruno Buarque - MPC & samplers