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Luc Duc's music isn't like most Hip Hop artists. He brings a melodic flow that even the hardest tracks can't keep up with. He understands music, and music understands him!


The Bio of Luc Duc-Your Highness’

Let’s face it, we’re all a little skeptical of purchasing a Hip Hop album these days. One reason is because we spend $10.00 or more on an album just to find out that the one single worth listening to you could’ve heard on the radio.
Now if you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate the fact that Luc Duc’s Smoke Affair Album is one that you don’t have to be skeptical of, but don’t just take my word for it, at the end of a long day put in the Smoke Affair album and let Luc Duc take you on the ultimate high. Just be cautious though, because the Smoke Affair is one habit that’s hard to break.

With tracks from top producers such as Scott Storch, Cool N Dre, and Jim Johnson on this album, it won’t be the beats alone that will captivate you and put your mind at ease. It’ll be this artist’s melodic way of expressing his lyrics that will take your vibes to the next level. Luc Duc is very passionate about his music, in which you can hear in his quality commercial sound, but don’t be mislead there’s nothing commercial about his lyrical content. His vocals are humble to the microphone but his versatile flow attacks musical tracks viciously, one by one.

Although the album is titled “Smoke Affair” this album isn’t just about smoking, it’s about an artist that has truly learned what being high is all about. “Me being high is about me being happy with the hand I’m dealt and still winning the game, I named this album Smoke Affair because when people get together and smoke, that’s the one time you never hear arguments, that’s the one time you see happy faces ” he says.

Luc Duc first reached stardom with The Iconz with their hit single “Get F*cked Up” in 2001, he performed at venues such as Soul Train, Rap City, and at the BET Spring Bling, along with a host of other shows. But the group soon parted and he was the only member of the Iconz that their record label produced a solo album for which was titled, “ In My Own World”. After the album Luc Duc received offers from record labels but nothing came of them. He faced complete independence without a label but he still pursued his musical career. It was fate that led him to Society, a Kindred Miami artist who believed in Luc Duc and directed him to a deal with Hard White Entertainment. Even after that deal minor setbacks would keep his album on hold but Luc Duc kept his music on the streets determined that his album would reach his fans one day. Now, after 3 mixtapes all titled “Smoke Affair” Vol 1, Vol 2, and Smoke Affair R.N.R, Luc Duc proudly presents to you the street demanded album “Smoke Affair”.

The Smoke Affair album will be available at Digital Retailers everywhere October 24,2006. This album is much more than an album, it’s the Smoke Affair. Light it, Burn it and Pass it on. Now earlier Luc Duc explained to us what being high was about to him, but when asked “Luc Duc, Your Highness, what exactly gets you high?” he laughs and replies “ this album!


Get F*cked Up w/ THE ICONZ
In My Own World (First solo album)
3 Smoke Affair Mixtapes(Vol 1,2 and R.N.R. version)
PG-21 streaming on radio (prod. by Scott Storch)

Set List

Get F*cked Up w/ THE ICONZ
PG-21 streaming on radio (prod. by Scott Storch)

Luc Duc does different show sets according to the audience and also the Venue. He's performed for crowds of 100 people, up to crowds of 50,000 people.

A show set can last anywhere from 10 minutes up to 45 minutes.