Luceys Maze

Luceys Maze


Original Pop/Rock that has a soft but edgy sound.


Luceys Maze formed organically while Michelle was working on her solo CD. There was such a good rapport between the musicians who agreed to help with the recording it made sense for the project to become a group effort.


Good Tonight

Written By: Michelle Lucey

I'm going home now to a fire and the warm heart I desire nothing more than a kiss hello. I've been so long on a wire now there's nothing I desire everything is here and now.
CH Maybe you are restless, maybe you have lost love, maybe you'll confess less but baby you can hold on. When you come to me oh happiness, happiness is mine. How can I feel anything but good tonight? So now you're going home to so many things you own. They'll never say your prizes weren't well earned. Finding solace in the world is a challenge for a girl. Too many things too easy some hard earned.
Then he says his wanderlust get harder all the time. How can I express what here's to find?
If everything you love comes only from above If the only things you love come only from above, everything is as it should be.


Written By: Michelle Lucey

The sun came down and touched the cold man on the ground Here lies a fallen star I wonder where you are Now will you rise to your God given birth right There's a little shame in all of us for being so afraid How we would like to see through your eyes How we would like to be in your new life. So we picked up and moved on Wrote another song but the kick of your guitar is gone You are as true as the sun spreading out your light over everyone. Don't you look back on us or stay here Love is a noble thing.


Written By: Michelle Lucey

Summer left her with longing This is what you gave her This is what you made her You've given it up for some lonely sound You've given it up for some strange world but I'll be back tomorrow This is what you gave her This is what you made her This is how she knew.
Some have left their ideas They've given em up for some lonely sound express imagination for you But somehow I knew this is what you gave me too This is what you told her This is what you made her This is what you gave her This is how she knew.


Debut LP in process to be released summer 2007

Set List

Set is usually about 10 originals, no covers. 45-60 minutes.