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"Manhunt Music Review: May 14, 2000"

Manhunt Music Review: May 14, 2000

Let me start off by saying that Lu Chin Chen's Revenge, the second full length release from this member of the T.R.P. hip hop crew, is built upon a foundation of potent lyricism. Lu is a really talented rhymer and on this album is able to come across as both clever and profound. While the CD is definitely a solid effort on the part of this Gloucester, Massachusetts MC, there is definitely something missing from it, maybe a backbone if you will, to unite the project. Revenge really lacks a thematic, musical, or even stytistic direction, that can guide listeners. And while, there are parts of the CD which are sincerely entertaining and even concepts that borderline genius, it is missing a cohesive element.
One of Lu's problems lays far from his witty and conscious lyrics; the almost elementary sounding beats which really detract from his delivery and make certain tracks unreachable. An addition of more textured beats, 'and even a DJ to the mix would have enhanced this project immensely. Instead, we as listeners are 'forced to dig deeper to find the essence of each song. Take the opening track "Theme Music' for example. While his words do provide a sufficient warning for the lyrical warfare that will ensue on the LP, ("My appetite for destruction isn't as intense as my hungerlForr the ability to maintain lines that make you wonder.") the beat has a droning and monotonous feel to it. The problem of the lyrics and the beats being able to meet each other is also seen on tracks such as the uninspiring 'how we do this," and the Mile sounding 'power."

Aside from the problem with beats, some of Lu's concepts are tight and really imaginative. Take 'life lesson' where his poetic tenacity shines clear: ' People
push ideas to peers not knowing! Options, they synthetic, thoughts, you gotta grow'emfThee soil is your soul, seize what youknowllNaterr is a script that you live experience to play the role.' Equally intelligent, 'Money' where with a piercing commentary on Capitalism, Lu states, ' They say we're living in a free country, then why we need money? I And why are so man American children so hungry?' On the humorous side, comes the paranoid twisted sex tale 'shhhhhhhhhhh,' where Lu finds out the hard way about messing around with an underage female.
Revenge is an offering teeming with hot lyrics and insightful perceptions. But, even as he himself recognizes on the track 'dubl vision,"('l haven't reached my divine peak like Dante') Lu has a lot of potential, but is far from a total package as of yet. With more work and a revamped sound, Lu Chin Chen will be able to attain the heights of Hip Hop mastery that he strives for, but until the, thee sounds of Revenge will not blare far from beneath the underground.
- Manhunt


The Curse 1999
Revenge 2000
Chentertainment 2005
New Cd Coming Soon



Lu Chin Chen comes to you from the North Shore of Massachusetts, with his right hand, Shuteye, Lu Chin Chen is releasing his 4th CD in June 2006.

Lu Chin Chen began his career with the T.R.P. Crew in Gloucester, MA with The Curse (1999), Revenge (2000), Chentertainment, and a fourth CD yet to be named.

Chen and the Wrekidz Crew managed to sell over 10,000 copies and had songs placed in various motion pictures and other projects which have sold thousands more.

Lu Chin Chen’s concepts are“witty and imaginative” and his “hot lyrics” are teemed with “insightful perceptions”. Manhunt Music Review, May 14, 2000.

Look out for Lu Chin Chen to “Break Out” this summer, 2005.