Lucho Quequezana

Lucho Quequezana


Lucho Quequezana´s music combine a mix of Andean Peruvian sounds with contemporary World- sounds that have been taken by his own experience of learning and sharing with other musicians around the world. His music speaks to people from all races and all nations.


LUCHO QUEQUEZANA has been dedicated to Andean music from the collection, rescue, diffusion, composition, and exploration. His handling and dominance of Andean instruments has allowed an investigation into the versatility of these millennial instruments, highlighting their sonorous potential and adaptation within the context of globalization that permeates through the cultures around the world. By working to fuse the rhythms and sounds guided by Peruvian instruments, he has been able to create a musical journey that is fed by today´s sounds of the planet. This work of investigation into the musical roots of his culture, as well as his versatility as an instrumentalist (mastering more than 25 instruments) has awaken the interest of some of the most important festivals around the world. Laureted by Unesco 2006, WCO Korea 2004, considered the best perfomance in the history of Unesco-Aschberg Residence.
Lucho Quequezana is considered one of the 20 best fusion proposal in the world.

He has been awarded not only as a film maker as well, but also as a music composer for different genres for films, plays and television.


*Nocturno - Kunturwasi and Lucho Quequezana
*Por qué ayer - Kunturwasi and Lucho Quequezana
*Kuntur - Lucho Quequezana
*Sonidos Vivos - Lucho Quequezana

Set List

1.Por qué ayer?
8.Encuentros (*)
9. Renacer
11. Distancias
12.La máxima
13.Camino al Carnaval