Lucho Quequezana

Lucho Quequezana

 Lima, Provincia de Lima, PER

PERUVIAN MUSIC LIKE IT HAS NEVER BEEN HEARD BEFORE: Lucho Quequezana is the main exponent of the new Peruvian music around the world.
Ambassador of the “Trademark Peru”
Awarded by UNESCO
His music is recognized as one of the best 20 worldwide initiatives in the field of music evolution of a culture.


Peruvian Musician and composer. Became interested in traditional Peruvian music at the age of 11 and has learned to play over 25 instruments (among winds, strings and percussion). He has toured Asia, Europe and the Americas. His project "SONIDOS VIVOS", teaching musicians from all over the world to play Peruvian Music, catapulted him internationally.
His music has been recognized as one of the best 20 worldwide initiatives in the field of music evolution of a culture. His Peruvian project "KUNTUR" seeks to break boundaries and cultural differences within Peru with one concept of "Peruvian Music".

His album KUNTUR - special edition, was the biggest selling album in record stores nationwide for two consecutive years (2011 and 2012), setting an important precedent in the country and staying within the TOP 5 MONTHLY sales ranking competing against national and international artists.

Lucho has been appointed ambassador of the "Trademark Peru" for making distant cultures fall in love with Peruvian Music. He has also been awarded by Unesco, Musique Multi Montreal and Quebec Arts Council (Counseil Des Arts Du Quebec).
Currently, he has undertaking a project of development of Peruvian music with a borderless concept between the coast, highlands and jungle (Peruvian natural regions) working with musicians and students from all over Peru.

His TV Program "Prueba de Sonido" ("Sound Check") makes people get closer to Peruvian music and has become a major propeller of Peruvian music in his own country.
Lucho Quequezana is today one of the most important cultural ambassadors of Peru in the world.


Nocturno: 1994

Kunturwasi: 1998

Kuntur - Lucho Quequezana 2004
Kuntur - Special Edition 2011 - (Golden Disc 2011 - Platinum Disc 2012) - Best Seller in Peru

Lucho Quequezana - Live at Jazz Festival - 2008
Lucho Quequezana - Sonidos Vivos Live - 2008
Lucho Quequezana - Kuntur Project - collection edition - 2013

Sonidos Vivos - (upcoming):

Set List

1. Por qué ayer
2. Singui
3. Landó
4. Kuntur
5. Otorongo
6. Distancias
7. Combi
8. La Máxima
9. Camino al Carnaval
10. Quequezaya
11. Raymi