Lucia Iman

Lucia Iman


Retro-pop, acoustic, dreamy, lounge, ambience, Brazilian, jazz...


Lucia is an artist born in Sevilla, Spain and based in Los Angeles, California.
With a background in classical piano from the Academy El Real Musical in Madrid and jazz vocals and composition from Berklee College of music, Lucia brands her own Acoustic/ Downtempo/ World expression of intimate vocals, moving delivery and magical approach to songwriting.
Lucia's style is essentially transforming. Influenced by her love of the sweetness and intricacy of Brazilian music, her own heritage of traditional Spanish music and her deep appreciation and connection to Jazz and Soul.
Lucia has performed in many LA local clubs, has participated in fundraisers and has sang at Carnegie Hall. She's also been in the studio since an early age thanks to her upbringing, and her cultural diversity has allowed her to participate in many unique projects through the years.
You can catch Lucia’s performances locally and internationally, she has released her first album available at and itunes, and is currently working on her debut CD through


Mr. Green

Written By: Lucia Iman

Never wrote a song ‘bout love before
Never thought such love was possible
So let me attempt to,
take it for what it’s worth
Read between the lines
Help me through my words
If I stumble and fall
No worries at all
I’ll rise above, to you, my love

When you lay your eyes on me
There’s nowhere to hide
That gorgeous green shoots through my skin
Straight into my butterflies

Embrace the fear, it’s just a shadow
Caress and kiss, protect our bubble,
We’re submerged into each other


How we lose ourselves into each other, oh,
We’re like magnets, feels so good
To let go

Let’s go flying, let us glide
Take me with you, by your side,
I wanna be there
‘til the day is through


Time to go

Written By: Lucia Iman

Time to go..
I’ll take a little piece of you with me
On the road…
I’ll immerse myself in
Your smell, and your eyes
And your smile
I’ll make a little package
That I will hide
To behold

I’ll take whatever you give me
I’m a beggar for your love

Time to go…


Written By: Lucia Iman

Is this the rhythm pulsing?
Is this the magic forcing itself onto us?

Is this the manifestation
Of love upon our nations
Of universal unity and synchronization?

Is this the light of loving?
Is this the sigh of knowing
That we’re all safe indeed?

How high the challenge ahead?
The force within is higher always
You don’t need to believe, just see
Open your eyes

BRIDGE: Khubsurti hamaari nazro(n) ke Khaayaalo(n) se bohut door hai (beauty’s so far beyond our wildest imagination)

Your failures and successes
Are not your truest essence
Beauty’s so far beyond
Our wildest imagination


Written By: Lucia Iman

Do you remember when
we’d look beyond each other’s eyes Each second, a clean slate where new adventures would arise

Do you remember?
The film rolled by,
We tried to freeze the time but failed to catch the tide
Let us be immersed in the art of living
It’s who we are

And then, one day,
We grew up tall away from all that we were
Leaving the child behind
So we could reach the skies
But we forgot to fly

Do you remember?

You and me, sitting underneath the apple tree
You and me, sharing endless days throughout the spring

Each day, just breathe Let the feeling fill yourself Wake up, heart of a child, Take your turn to grace You and me, sitting underneath the apple tree You and me, sharing endless days throughout the spring

Do you remember?


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Mr. Green
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