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The best kept secret in music


“Lucia Iman is talented and charming, and her songs reflect a classic jazz approach tempered with an ear for pop arrangements and a nod towards Spanish and classical music… she knows what she’s doing… the complementary melodies are soft and soothing… Iman shows obvious promise. Iman’s voice is imbued with a sensual, earthy touch. Her subtle suggestions of a Spanish accent inject a unique quality to her distinctive brand of pop-influenced jazz vocals. She has good range and tone and her vocals soar above the music.”
“Iman was a warm and disarming performer who cheerfully interacted with her audience and seemed genuinely thrilled to be onstage. Her stage presence and comfort level improved as the set went on, culminating in a rousing cover of Irving Berlin’s “Cheek to Cheek” to end the evening. Lucia Iman’s songs demonstrate a flair for melodies and hooks and she’s an intriguing live act thanks to her natural talent.
She is someone to keep an eye on.”
––Ben Nachman , Music Connection Magazine, Sep. 2004
- Ben Nachman

Performing a ballad with conviction is not a game for unseasoned singers. I have had the opportunity to play behind a number of excellent singers, but there are only three that could really hold an audience spellbound with a well sung ballad. Lucia Iman is one of these.

Lucia Iman is one of my very favorite artists on the Sellaband roster of potential recording artists. And Lucia is the very essence of deception. She is a soft spoken young woman who takes the stage with great humility. But after the first chorus of the first song, you realize that she has lied. She has allowed the audience to think that she is just another cute lounge singer. Her few words of introduction are delivered as if she were in your living room and anxious not to disturb your evening. And when she begins to play, she almost sneaks into your scope of attention. But then the truth comes out.

From the instant Lucia opens her mouth, she reaches right through the listeners ear and takes a firm hold of the heart. Lucia is very capable of many styles and genre, but like Hulk Hogan's headlock , her best hold is the ballad. Lucia has that special ability that few singers have, the ability to make a ballad sound easy. Indeed, when she sings the opening lines of her song, "Mister Green" the flow is so natural that it seems as if anyone could do it. Nothing could be further from the truth. But her ease of delivery lets the song be the star of the show.

But to really appreciate her deceptiveness, you must log on to the live webcast of the Sellaband "London Calling" show. there is nothing in her manner or appearance that would indicate the soulful mastery with which she sings the bluesy "Dreaming." Her vocal licks weren't learned in a gospel church or mimicked from old school blues recordings. they come straight from inside of her and are pure and heartfelt. There is not a hint of counterfeit or pandering, it is just Lucia singing with honest emotion.

As if just singing weren't enough, Lucia is a very talented songwriter. Her melodic sense is strong enough to stand on its own, but her lyrics set her apart from the crowd. She writes wonderful stories that are unspecific enough that each listener can relate in his own way and make the song his own. Her lyrics evoke the sort of imagery that speaks to a wide audience.

The bottom line from the Bottom-end is that of the 4500-plus artists currently striving to reach their 50 thousand dollar recording budget goal on Sellaband, Lucia Iman is a cut above. She is not looking for an identity or grasping at styles. She is a viable artist, ready to make an impactful album of sensitive songs. Lucia will be a good investment for those lucky enough to have believed in her ability to take her career to the next level of accomplishment.

- Pete Strobl


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Feeling a bit camera shy


Lucia is an artist born in Sevilla, Spain and based in Los Angeles, California.
With a background in classical piano from the Academy El Real Musical in Madrid and jazz vocals and composition from Berklee College of music, Lucia brands her own Acoustic/ Downtempo/ World expression of intimate vocals, moving delivery and magical approach to songwriting.
Lucia's style is essentially transforming. Influenced by her love of the sweetness and intricacy of Brazilian music, her own heritage of traditional Spanish music and her deep appreciation and connection to Jazz and Soul.
Lucia has performed in many LA local clubs, has participated in fundraisers and has sang at Carnegie Hall. She's also been in the studio since an early age thanks to her upbringing, and her cultural diversity has allowed her to participate in many unique projects through the years.
You can catch Lucia’s performances locally and internationally, she has released her first album available at and itunes, and is currently working on her debut CD through