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“Lucia Iman is talented and charming, and her songs reflect a classic jazz approach tempered with an ear for pop arrangements and a nod towards classical music. Iman’s voice is imbued with a sensual, earthy touch. She is a disarming performer and intriguing live act thanks to her natural talent. Imán shows obvious promise… she is someone to keep an eye on.”
~Ben Nachman, Music Connection Magazine, Los Angeles.
Lucia Iman was named one of the top 100 unsigned acts of 2007 and 2009 by Music Connection Magazine - Music Connection Magazine

Lucia Iman seems to embody what Sellaband was made
for – giving talented and deserving artists the opportunity
to record their album. From the first time I heard her voice
and her song writing I passionately believed that she was
both talented and deserving and as a lover of music I
looked forward to owning a professionally recorded album
of her songs.

Lucia’s journey to $50,000 was steady and she has obvious talent
and the foundation for a great album.

As with all artists than have great ability and potential,
you always have concerns that the album may not
adequately showcase their talent, but
Lucia has delivered an achingly beautiful album.

Malcolm Burn (producer) has done an incredible job of
sensitively capturing her songs and alongside Lucia has
kind of created an almost luxurious atmosphere of musical

Lucia has delivered stunning vocal performances
throughout, the songs have real depth that will demand
listening to over and over again.
‘Eyes To Sea’ is a
breathtaking song and ‘One, Two, Three’, which has
shades of Regina Spektor, sees Lucia at her finest. ‘Ground
Zero’ is probably the catchiest song on the album and has
real radio play potential. These songs are my personal
favourites but I will stop wittering on now and let you
make up your own mind. I think Lucia Iman has created
one of the best albums to come out of Sellaband and I
think every single one of her fans can feel extremely
proud of helping this album to be created. I hope, like me,
you enjoy it."~ Daniel Ward-Murphy
- 50 K Magazine

"Lucia Iman is an incredibly talented singer-songwriter. She is a wonderful live performer with that rare ability to silence a room the moment she begins weaving her vocal melodies into her beautiful piano playing. I am really looking forward to her Sellaband album, I am sure it will be a classic." - Maitreya, hip-hop artist (New Zealand)

"Music Connection, one of the most respected musician’s trade magazines in the music industry, included Lucia Iman among their picks for the top 100 unsigned artists of 2007 and 2009. I can think of 903 fans who would agree…as they funded her $50,000 Sellaband project to produce her recently released album, 'Tame the Night'..."

- Wolfman designs

"With a full sound, layered instrumentation, and gorgeous vocals, the fact that Lucia Iman's songs are so memorable feels like icing on the cake. With a wonderful chamber pop sound reminiscent of Fiona Apple, Nicole Atkins and Rufus Wainwright, her clear, velvety voice is the clearly at the forefront of the songs, giving prominence to her gorgeously winding melodies. Highlight songs include the dreamily romantic 'Eyes to Sea' and the mostly piano & vocal 'Mr. Green'. Produced by Grammy award-winner Malcolm Burn and funded entirely by 903 members of her fan base, I can't wait to hear what she does next." - CD Baby Editor - Peter Swenson

“Lucia's Tame the night is an authentic vivid experience from the translucent visions
to transformation into a state of pleasure, or even happiness.”
~Natta Haotzima, Dancer, Poet, Artist. Mexico.

“Listening to Lucia is like being in a sweet dream that you wish would never end. Her musical sensibility reaches well beyond her years, and every nuance is a delicate balance of fierce technical ability and the innocence of natural talent. Gorgeousness, a brilliant star 'Taming the Night'!
~Maya Ayam, Independent Artist, CdBaby Staff. Portland.

"Me transporta y me lleva a la profundidad. Cierro los ojos y me veo en un bosque frondoso y encantado... Y me siento a salvo."( It transports me taking me to the depths. I close my eyes and see myself in a lush and haunted forest...and there, I feel safe)
~Susana Guardiola, Director of “Voices from Mozambique, Africa is Future, Future is Woman". Barcelona, Spain. -

“Tame The Night [is] the sophomore, impressively D.I.Y. album from Lucia Iman… [where] the story is as interesting as the music… An oddly captivating album.” (Direct Current Music). - Direct Current

“Lucia can really hold an audience spellbound with a well sung ballad. From the instant Lucia opens her mouth, she reaches right through the listeners ear and takes a firm hold of the heart. Lucia Iman is a cut above. She is not looking for an identity or grasping at styles. She is a viable artist, ready to make an impactful album of sensitive songs.”
~Pete Strobl, The Bottom End, Los Angeles.

- The Bottom End

”Tame The Night - Lucia Imán’s second album - draws from the best of her debut, but producer Malcolm Burn (Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, Brian Eno) has pushed her both creatively and vocally, and the end result is all the better for it.
Each song is different. Each melody is unpredictable. And the outcome is an album that – as a whole – is whimsical, even magical. Air, Jarvis Cocker, and Radiohead’s Nigel Godrich produced Charlotte Gainsbourg’s album 5:55. This is how I imagine they originally envisaged things turning out.
Tame The Night sounds like Nick Drake is alive, female, of Spanish descent and has allowed film director Wes Anderson to produce his latest album. Indeed, should one of the world’s most inventive directors turns his hand to a romantic comedy, I imagine that Lucia will be his first point of call for the soundtrack.”
~Nick Small, London, UK. - Nick Small, London, UK

"Imagine watching a lake full of dragonflies with the sun shining through their wings and the greenery around..."
- CyLu, Sellaband investor in Lucia Iman's album, (France)

"Every time I play anyone Lucia's music they immediately fall in love with it, no matter what type of music they like. Her voice is so unique and special; she is destined for the stars. And the moment you meet her and see her perform in person, you are struck with the feeling that she is meant for anything the world can offer, there are no limits. Her music lights up my world and many others - I can express enough what a talent and true international songstress Lucia is! She is my favorite artist of all time."
- Alena Hennessy, USA


* Lucia Iman (2008)
* Tame the night (2010)



Lucia Iman is a singer-songwriter and pianist from Sevilla, Spain currently living between Los Angeles and Madrid. Her music has been described as pop-noir with a cinematic twist. Collaborating with Grammy-winning producer Malcolm Burn (Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Jeff Buckley), Lucia’s second album Tame the Night was released worldwide in June 2010.

Drawing comparisons to Feist, Fiona Apple and Goldfrapp, Lucia’s distinctive take on pop music has sparked interest in music circles at home and abroad, earning her a place in the top 100 unsigned artists of 2007 and 2009 by Music Connection Magazine.

Tame the Night was completely funded by the support of 903 of Lucia’s fans through the crowd-funding concept Sellaband, where she raised $50,000 to finance the album in November of 2008.

“Tame The Night [is] the sophomore, impressively D.I.Y. album from Lucia Iman… [where] the story is as interesting as the music… An oddly captivating album.” (Direct Current Music).

With stunning vocal performances at the forefront, the album journeys through 1940’s harbors in Eyes to Sea (complete with Nick Drake-like strings), the quirky in One, Two, Three, and darker tones in the title track Tame the Night. A stellar group of musicians contributed to the project: drummer Ethan Eubanks (Ivy, Norah Jones), trumpetist Dan Brantigan (Kaki King), violinist/arranger Kailin Yong and guitarist Mark Axiak.

“I wanted to make an introspective album that established my own sound. A sound that is intimate and visually evocative, yet accessible to the listeners,” Lucia explains.

Taking this music to the live stage, Lucia has teamed up with jazz drummer Lorca Hart (Freddie Hubbard, Bennie Maupin) and experimental bassist Joey Maramba (Rickie Lee Jones), forging a sound that emphasizes the atmosphere of the album and brings the songs to a new dynamic level.

“Lucia is a disarming performer and intriguing live act thanks to her natural talent… she is someone to keep an eye on.” (Music Connection Magazine).

Following her grass-roots approach, Lucia has organized tours performing across the US West Coast and Europe, independently bringing her music to major cities worldwide.

Her music’s cinematic nature has also lent itself to film, being featured in TV shows such as Showtime’s The L Word, and in documentaries including A Day in the Dirt and Sold in America (Montreal Human Rights Film Festival), for which she wrote the theme song.

Trained in classical piano as a young girl in Madrid’s Real Music Conservatory in Spain, Lucia moved with her family to Los Angeles at sixteen years of age. She studied voice at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts before returning to Los Angeles to focus on her musical career.