lucia pulido

lucia pulido

 New York City, New York, USA

This is music based on traditional Colombian songs and rhythms perceived through the experience of living in New York City


LUCIA PULIDO is a Colombian singer with one of the richest voices on the international Latin American musical scene today. She has an experimental style marked by a distinct vocal sophistication, and has participated in various projects, ranging from traditional Colombian music to jazz and world music. Raul d’Gama on Latin Jazz Network says “Pulido inhabits the music with body and soul. She alone commands what it will do to the senses - all six of them, which are at once her prisoner until the song becomes the epiphany.”
With her ensemble she pays homage to Colombian music. Traditional genres such as cumbia, bullerengue, currulaos as well as joropos are the point of departure for musical creativity. Lucía's vocal sophistication is enhanced in genres such as herding songs (cantos de vaquería), funeral laments (alabaos) and harvest chants (cantos de zafra) which give the singer the liberty to explore her voice fully.

She is currently working on several projects with musicians in New York City and in different countries in Latin America and Europe. Some of these include her New York based LUCIA PULIDO ENSEMBLE (QUARTET and TRIO), performing experimental arrangements of Colombian traditional music as well as newly composed songs written for her; the classic repertoire of Latin American songs of broken love ("despecho") performed with musicians based in New York; an experimental project based on Latin American traditional songs with Argentinean guitarist Fernando Tarrés; and a project called "América Contemporánea – um Outro Centro" with Brazilian pianist Benjamim Taubkin and several musicians from different countries in Latin America. Her active career includes performances in Europe, Canada, United States, Asia, and Latin America.

In New York she has been invited to sing and record with different jazz musicians such as Ed Simon, Dave Binney, and Erik Friedlander, and in Vienna, Austria, with experimental and electronic musicians such as Christian Fennesz, Burkhard Stangl, and Martin Siewert. In the United States, Lucia has promoted her music in private theaters, universities, and in well known venues of the New York City area (Joe's Pub, Lincoln Center Out Doors, Queens Theatre in the Park, the Stone, Knitting Factory, Roulette) and has been part of the Carnegie Hall Neighborhood concert series organized in the city. In 2000 she received a grant for New York City resident artists from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Foundation LMCC, and in the summers of 2007 and 2008 she was an Artist in Residence in Krems, Austria.

Lucía's musical compass after her arrival in New York in 1994 has been focused on an experimental approach to traditional Colombian rhythms and songs. In 1995 she recorded her first solo CD "Lucía" with the Colombian recording company Sonolux, distributed in the USA by Sony; in 2000, together with the Japanese percussionist Satoshi Takeishi, she recorded a CD for the German label Intuition (Religious and Pagan songs from Colombia); in 2004 she recorded "Dolor de Ausencia", a selection of classic Latin American songs of heart-broken love released by the label FM in Colombia; in 2005, together with Argentinean guitarist Fernando Tarrés, she recorded Songbook I and II for BAU Records; in the Fall 2008 her work "Waning Moon – Luna Menguante", based on traditional Colombian music, was released by the label Adventure Music. Songbook III with Fernando Tarrés was released by BAU records in Argentina in 2011, and her latest recording "Journeying - Por Esos Caminos" with Ojo de Musica label was released on 2012.

Before her move to New York City, in Colombia, she was part of the duo "Iván y Lucía" for more than ten years with the singer and songwriter Iván Benavides (Sidestepper, Carlos Vives), with whom she recorded three L.P.'s between 1986-1991, touring in Europe and Latin America.

"Ms. Pulido holds on to the rawness of the original melodies while giving them a sophisticated new context." Jon Pareles, The New York



• 2011/2012. LUCIA PULIDO ‘Por esos caminos – Journeying’ – Ojo de Musica / Lucía Pulido (Spain – Colombia)

• 2011. LUCIA PULIDO, FERNANDO TARRES ‘Songbook III, Myths’ (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - BAU Records

• 2008. LUCIA PULIDO ‘Waning Moon – Luna Menguante’ – Adventure Music (USA)

‘Songbook II’ - (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - BAU Records

• 2006. AMERICA CONTEMPORANEA – UM OUTRO CENTRO - (Sao Paulo, Brazil) – Núcleo Contemporáneo (Brazil), Adventure Music (USA)

‘Songbook I’ - (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - BAU Records

• 2004. LUCIA PULIDO – ‘Dolor de Ausencia’ - FM Discos (Colombia)

• 2000. LUCIA PULIDO & SATOSHI TAKEISHI ‘Lucía Pulido -(Religious and Pagan Songs from Colombia)’ - Intuition Records (Germany)

• 1997. LUCIA PULIDO’s FIESTA DE TAMBORES – ‘La Pluma’ Independent recording - (New York, USA)

• 1995. LUCIA PULIDO – ‘Lucía’ - Sonolux (Colombia) / Sony Music (USA)

• 1992. IVAN Y LUCIA - ‘Arcanos’ (Colombia)

• 1989. IVAN Y LUCIA – ‘Entre el Sueño y la Realidad’ (Colombia)

• 1986. IVAN Y LUCIA – ‘Iván y Lucía’ (Colombia)

Set List

The set list depends on the venue and duration of the performance. 10 songs are for about one hour concert.

1. Zafra (harvest chants)
2. El Rey del Rio
3. Canto de Velorio (funeral song)
4. Las Cuatro Palomas
5. Arrorro
6. Cantos de Vaqueria (herding songs)
7. Tonada de Luna Llena
8. Mi Mamá me ha dicho
9. Maria que iba en el mar
10. Déjala Llorar