Our sound is totally original and unique but we still have a great 70s feel with amazing vocal harmonies, catchy melodies and the haunting sound of the electric violin.


Lucid formed originally as a duo Ollie and Blue in 2007, but Blue had such a long history of performing with her twin sister Sunny, she was an obvious addition. With their individual passion for songwriting and individual singing talents, the harmonies came naturally, and so were born their debut album “Jigsaw Dreams”. They say you never know what’s around the corner, and never a truer saying, especially when it turns out to be Nik Potts who by chance was double booked with the band one fateful night, a compromise was made and he joined them. Their sound then became even more impressive, so Nik was invited to join them. Hence the fourth member of Lucid. After returning from one of their many tours they were met with an email from MCS one of Europe’s leading music publishers, who having heard Lucid’s debut album “Jigsaw Dreams” promptly offered the band a three year publishing deal. “Yes please” they all replied, and as they were in the process of finishing their second album all fitted into place nicely. Lucid have played all over, with many tours to the West Country, and much of Europe.


lucid have two albums out.
'Jigsaw Dreams' and 'No Reflection'