Lucid, a local Bay Area band, rapidly growing in popularity, features meaningful lyrics, delightful melodies, and poignant rhythmic structures. They are certain to provide an entertaining and enlightening experience to a variety of audiences. Response has been only positive and praise huge!


Lucid Bio:

Lucid is what you get when you take a well-schooled group of touring pros with classic rock influences and mix them with a singer songwriter with his own background as a frontman in various SF Bay Area bands and hit "play." The intention here is to stretch the envelope and move forward as openly and inclusively as is possible. Further, using music and lyrics to shaw that humankind can embrace the past and present together, spread compassion and demonstrate that limits of convention are destined to be destroyed.

Give Lucid one chance and we'll not only get inside your soul but disrupt it beyond the dreaded comfort zone.

By artist...

Asher (lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals):

Many years back I was exposed to music as my father was a jazz tenor and baritone saxophonist. He played woodwinds, some ukulele, and some piano. I grew up hearing my parents sing popular ballads, union, peace and civil rights songs. In early years I played clarinet, drums and acoustic guitar. Composition has always been a passion: classical, jazz and rock. While I have the greatest respect, admiration and appreciation for classical and jazz composers, I do enjoy performing original rock. I’d like to think that over years of composition, it has gradually become more diverse, original and a bit unpredictable.

So what is the music of Lucid? This probably depends on who you ask. Among the band members there are a variety of influences and styles. As for composition my favorites range from Boston to Yes: straight ahead rock to classical and progressive rock. I want the music to be melodic and rhythmically addictive. I want it to sound original so that influences are not so apparent. So what is the music of Lucid? You listen and decide.



Tim (Lead vocals, rythm guitar, percussion, harp)


Truth Lies

Written By: Tim Morse


I could swear that I'm not seeking
But keep finding out extremes
I know that life comes by degrees
And that the truth lies in between

(The truth lies
Somewhere in between)

Though I try so hard to grasp
Imagination so inept
The crowd of Us lets out a gasp
Oh why belabor retrospect?

We alone can make a difference
We alone can bear forgiveness

Fear had intoxicating groove
Some future wisemen too would prove
And they'll evaluate our tools
As ancient wonders here to fore
So let us preach unto the choir
We'll set our labels to atone
We'll burn beyond the funeral pyre
We say together, but we stay so much alone

(we always stay so much alone)

We alone can mend perception
We alone might change direction
We alone...

(The Truth Lies... these days)


Albums (from recent to oldest):

Pen Seive
Not Homeless


Pride & Glory
Another Battle
My Everyday
Not Homeless
The Wolf

Set List

As working pros, we vary our set list to venue and line-up. Our honest preference is playing the entire night, and the audience appears to agree. That said, if we have 40 minutes, we'll play only originals. If we have 3 hours, we'll play half covers/half originals:
(30 originals or more available, include:)
Pride & Glory
Hold Out Your Hand
My Everyday
Not Homeless
My Life
Truth Lies
You Made it Hard
Hard Time in the City
Winds of Change
Another Battle
It Gets to You
No Time Like Now
I Want You Like the Rain
Life in Stages
The Wolf


Brown Eyed Girl
Pinball Wizard
Sweet Emotion
Sharp Dressed Man
Drift Away
Start Me Up
Jumpin' Jack Flash
For What It's Worth
Season of the Witch
Light My Fire