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Lucid Dementia

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Metal Gothic


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"August 19th, 2003 Elysium Show Review"

"I was always entertained by Lucid Dementia, the sheer novelty of puppets was enough to do it for me. .the band sounds much better and the changes have really done a lot to improve their appeal for me. I'm real curious to see what else is going to happen with Lucid Dementia and how else their music is going to evolve. -Darren Davila"
- Rank & Revue Magazine

"Aielli Unleashed, October 24, 2007"

The sluggo ball is happening Friday the 26th at emo’s at 10pm starting with hypnotica, then sa creeper, sally norvell, paul wallfisch, and ending up with lucid dementia. Singer sheldon reynolds and the rest of lucid dementia came in to our studios for a live performance getting ready for the big party on Friday night. I don’t know quite what I was expecting, but quite frankly, I was blown away!!! this band is great! They’re goth, punk, and tight as hell. I couldn’t stop pounding my feet and bobbing my head. I defy you not to get off! They perform five songs with the excellent engineering skills of cliff hargrove and seph price. - John Aielli

"Sluggo! Ball at Emo’s Oct. 26 2007"

Sally Norvell (ex-Gator Family) is coming down from NYC to do her cabaret act, plus Ty Gavin’s band SA Creeper will perform, but perhaps the biggest draw for this costume ball will be Lucid Dementia. Mark your calendars and say a prayer for a crucial cat.
by Michael Corcoran - Austin American Statesman

"Absolute Zero: April 5th 2008"

“Their Dark Electro Goth meets Hardrock elements are rather enjoyable. I could very well see this band on Metropolis, Projekt or Middle Pillar as this is the very vibe they give with a mix of Male and Female vocals both very effected and the Fuzzy guitars electro Drums and synth sound. "Trickery" is a fun journey…”
-Absolute Zero Media Webzine
- Absolute Zero Media Webzine

"ReGen Magazine: June 12, 2008"

ReGen Magazine: “Austin, Texas based electro/gothic performance band, Lucid Dementia have released their strongest work to date, Trickery. Incorporating an incredibly distinctive and almost childlike element in their music, Lucid Dementia's work has a sort of sing-along feel, but with a very dark edge.” –Trubie Turner
- ReGen Magazine

"The Austin Chronicle: May 16, 2008"

Lucid Dementia
Trickery (Buried Productions)

Comforting to know that Sheldon Reynolds' veteran industrigoth freak out remains committed to peeling the tatty fishnets off of bad, black reality and administering a sonic cat-o'-nine-tails to the post-millennial American blood-farce. Trickery, cranked up to 11, nearly nails the locals' live weaponized-puppetry theatrics and throbs with enough rusty iron hooks to sate even Uncle Frank's Cenobite fetish. Opener "Pie" sets a frantic pace, with Lord Byron Payne's paint-stripper guitar coiling around the thrusting, tribal percussives of Azil X, but it's Reynolds' trademark creep-shriek that scuttles inside your head and deposits its hatchery of nightmare-peeps egglets there. Uptempo shout-along "WTF" captures the zeitgeist and then paddles it pink and raw, while "Deadly Sally" nicks a page from Tim Burton. Pessimistic misfits to their core, Austin's Lucid Dementia derail the "Lies" that have resulted in "Billions for the War" with spiky sweet, perpetually pissy graveside panache. Dig in.
- The Austin Chronicle

"Chain DLK Webzine: June 03, 2008"

Next time I go to SxSW I'll be looking for the name Lucid Dementia, an Austin-based industrial-rock band inspired by KMFDM, NIN, Skinny Puppy, Marylin Manson, Gwar and the like, with a political agenda and an often spoken about live show that allegedly looks like the Muppet Show meets Iron Maiden's "Eddie" meets the Saw mask kind of thing (it involves a 6-foot tall singing puppet and is pretty theatrical and hard to describe, which is why I want to go check them out if they play in their native "weird" city).
As you might imagine from the above impressive list of influences, we're dealing with lots of guitars, samples, treated vocals, sequences and machine sounding drums (although they are supposed to have a drummer). The band is female-fronted but at times I could swear I was hearing a choir of children, which makes it oh so creepier I guess.
The musical complexity (flutes, asian instrument samples, harp etc) of their composition is ambitious and worthy of notice, the delivery might not as sonically dynamic and powerful as they maybe would like it to be, but nevertheless the intentions and ideas are there, but that might very well be a limitation of the genre.
Overall a well thought out album that speaks to their skills and dedication.
Review by: Marc Urselli-Schaerer
- Chain DLK

"Noizz Magazine: May 27, 2008"

“The sound of Lucid Dementia is like a cocktail shaker of Industrial sounds, Dark Electro and Rock In addition play with an infantile part and another macabre one that contribute to the theatricality of the style that characterizes to the band. –Noizz

- Noizz Magazine

"Inanna Naked: August 2008"

Inanna Naked: “The eclectic and unpredictable richness of the music and the different voices that create a kind of mentally unbalanced chorus (a mixture of female and male vocals that can be terrifying, aggressive, mad, infantile, provoking...)”
Inanna Naked Webzine - Inanna Naked

" Webzine: June 10th 2008"

Industrial Industrial
Label/Kontakt: Buried Productions Label / Contact: Buried Productions
13 Songs (65:39) 13 Songs (65:39)
Webseite: Website:

Cover of Lucid Dementia - Trickery LUCID DEMENTIA aus Austin, Texas bewegen sich irgendwo im Bermudadreieck MANSON, KMFDM und NINE INCH NAILS, da wo man noch auf den coolen Industrialsound der 90er steht. LUCID DEMENTIA from Austin, Texas move somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle MANSON, KMFDM and NINE INCH NAILS, where you have to cool the Industrial sound of the 90s.
Elektrobeats und echte Drums, wuchtige Gitarrenriffs, Gothic Rock, tanzbare Rhythmen und eingängige Refrains kennzeichnen die Musik der bunt zusammengewürfelten, sechsköpfigen Truppe. Electric beats and real drums, massive guitar riffs, Gothic rock, dance rhythms and catchy choruses characterize the music of the colorful zusammengewürfelten, six force.

Als alter KMFDM-Fan ist mir der Sound der Band, die zu ihren Vorbildern steht, sehr sympathisch. As an old fan KMFDM is my sound of the band, adding to their models, very likeable. Klingt noch ehrlich nach Underground, nicht überproduziert oder zu modern aber auch nicht retro. Sounds more honest to Underground, or überproduziert not too modern but not retro. Zudem wäre es reichlich öde, einfach nur ein paar Helden zu zitieren. In addition, it would be plenty of barren, just a few heroes to cite. Stattdessen bemühen sich LUCID DEMENTIA um ein erstaunlich vielseitiges Stilspektrum. Instead, seek LUCID DEMENTIA is a surprisingly versatile style spectrum.

Neben gitarrenorientierten, schmissigen Hits wie "Pie" hört man elektro-poppige Tracks wie "Ignorance" oder "Fall Apart", DEPECHE MODE-artige Erhabenheit wie bei "We" oder eben nicht-ganz-so-ultra-heavy-beat-Clubtracks wie "Part". In addition gitarrenorientierten, schmissigen hits like "Pie" one hears electro-trendy tracks like "Ignorance" and "Fall Apart", DEPECHE MODE-like grandeur as in "We" or not-quite-so-ultra-heavy-beat club tracks "Part".
Auch instrumental setzt man dabei auf Vielseitigkeit, zu hören in Songs wie "Break", die schon einen leicht alternativen Touch haben. Also instrumental sets you on versatility, to hear in songs like "Break", which has a slight touch alternative. Violine, Theremin, Flöte und Harfe bilden den Gegenpol zum elektronischen Arsenal der Band. Violin, theremin, flute and harp are the antithesis to the electronic arsenal of the band.

Allerdings schaffen es nicht alle Songs so aufzufallen, wie die genannten Beispiele, und strapazieren dadurch auch den Spannungsbogen des Albums. However, not all songs so aufzufallen, as the examples, and also strain the voltage arc of the album. Auf der einen Seite gibt es einige gut anzuhörende Nummern mit coolen Rhythmen und Melodien, auf der anderen Seite aber eher Songs mit Füllcharakter und wenig Markantem. On the one hand, there are some good anzuhörende numbers with the cool rhythms and melodies, on the other hand, but rather songs with Füllcharakter and little Markantem.
"Trickery" ist bereits das dritte Album der Band, und lokal konnten sie schon einige Aufmerksamkeit erregen. "Trickery" is already the third album by the band, and locally they could have some attention. Um den Kreis der Interessenten zu erweitern, sollten LUCID DEMENTIA noch ein bißchen mehr Feuer in die Kompositionen legen, den eigenen Sound ausbauen aber auch die Experimentierfreude beibehalten. To the circle of interested parties to expand LUCID DEMENTIA should take a little bit more fire in the compositions set their own sound but also expand the experiment maintained.
- (Germany)


2013: "When The World Leaves You Behind"
Self Released and Distributed by "Buried Productions"
Self Released and Distributed by "Buried Productions"
"The List"
Released and distributed by "Buried Productions".
"Song For Newborn"
Released and distributed by label: "Buried Productions".
Released and distributed by label: "Buried Productions".



Lucid Dementia is a horror based hybrid mix of Metal, Electronic and Industrial music fronted by a female/male vocals combo.
"I don’t know quite what I was expecting, but quite frankly, I was blown away!!! This band is great! They’re Goth, punk, and tight as hell. I couldn’t stop pounding my feet and bobbing my head. I defy you not to get off!"
-John Aielli, KUT radio 90.5FM

Lucid Dementia has released their 4th full length album, “When The World Leaves You Behind”. A national assault of shows and promotions is planned, including local CD release parties and events. Follow up music videos are also in the works.
Lucid Dementia was first conceived in 1996 by founding band member Sheldon Reynolds, influenced by bands such as Thrill Kill Kult, Skinny Puppy and Marilyn Manson. He wanted to create fantastical, dark, electronic music, as well as a band that could perform it. By 1997 he released their first album “Twisted” whose title track was snapped up by the record label COP International and put on their all female industrial compilation “Deus Ex Machina”. This gave the band instant international attention and acclaim, which also led to the inclusion of 2 of their songs on the CBS television show “NCIS”.
Lucid Dementia is also the name of the puppet that leads the band, nicknamed “Luci” for short and is the lead singer of the band, giving the lead vocals its distinct puppetty, silly, but creepy sound. “Speaking clearly about demented subject matter” is also the idea behind the name, as told lyrically in each song, with some a little more “Dementia” than “Lucid” and visa versa. For the first few years Luci performed the entire show with the band, but now only opens the show, as a new insane character was created, as performed by Sheldon, which is similar to Luci in voice, but much more human in appearance.
Each strange performance is as unpredictable as it is disturbing and may involve blood, gore, body parts, or something as simple as a grotesque body movement fitting for the music. Lucid Dementia performances charge and excite the most placid of crowds and has performed for mainstream festivals such as the Pecan Street Festival, or for children at the San Antonio Haunted House: “Nightmare at Grayson” (They can perform at a G rating if needed) and have opened for nationally touring bands such as Clan of Xymox, Thrill Kill Kult and Switchblade Symphony. Lucid Dementia has won multiple awards within their genre, including winning twice the Best Goth/Industrial Band in the SXSW Austin Chronicle Music Poll.
Although in the past Lucid Dementia songs were based on the alien Luci’s contempt for mankind, the new album “When The World Leaves You Behind” is based on ghosts stories with upcoming music videos and performances (or rather “séances”) that will reflect this. This new conception of the band is sure to horrify and entertain audiences lucky enough to witness it.

The 2010-11 Austin Music Awards Lucid Dementia placed 2nd as Austins Best Industrial Goth Band
as the
The 2004-05 and 2006-07Austin Music Awards:
Voted Best Industrial/Goth Band
Voted 4th Best Metal Band
Voted 3rd Best Punk Band
Sheldon Reynolds Voted 2nd Best Record Producer for his work
on "The List"
The Song "Controlled from the album "The List" has been nominated for Best Industrial Song in the 2006 "Just Plain Folks" Music Awards:
The 2004-05 Austin Music Awards:
Voted Best Industrial/Goth Band
Voted 4th Best Metal Band
Voted 3rd Best Punk Band
Sheldon Reynolds Voted 2nd Best Record Producer

The Songs "Twisted" and "Cannibal" have been used on the CBS Nationally Broadcast television show: "NCIS"

7 Songs included in the Indie Horror Movie "Sweatshop" released in 2011.

Books: "Music To Die For" by Mick Mercer. An international guide to the worlds best Underground Goth music.