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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2007

Los Angeles, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2007
Band Alternative Progressive





A couple of years ago, I reviewed Lucid Fly‘s ‘Status EP‘ describing it as “…impressive alternative rock / prog metal…” and saying that “…I will be eagerly awaiting their forthcoming full length album…“

I’m therefore delighted to be able to say that the album, Building Castles In Air, is due for imminent release following a successful crowdfunding campaign (raising $13k to record the album)… and is even more awesome than the EP!

This is all killer no filler from start to finish, with soaring melodies, intricate guitar work, and atmospheric gothic undertones. Each song offers something different, with a number of influences subtly added to the mix, including grunge, hard rock, prog rock, and prog metal. It means pigeon holing the album is impossible… and yet it all hangs together beautifully with a cohesive sound and vibe.

In places there are moments that sound like something A Perfect Circle or Coheed And Cambria might have recorded, but these guys have created their own unique sound and listening to the album is an incredible experience. The band has been together for 15 years, and during that time they’ve developed and refined their sound, resulting in music that is deep and multi-layered.

During the course of the album, each band member demonstrates just how talented they are, with an amazing range of mood and tone, and the gorgeous vocals of front woman Nikki Layne are simply out of this world.

I’ve had Building Castles In Air on repeat play since I got my hands on my review copy, and I know I’m going to be listening to this for a long time to come yet. If you’re a fan of progressive or alternative rock then you definitely need to check out Building Castles In Air, because Lucid Fly have created an absolute cracker of an album! You can pre-order the album from the link below… so what the hell are you waiting for ?!!

Score: 9 out of 10 - All About the Rock

"Lucid Fly – Stasis"

Lucid Fly, from Los Angeles, are new to me. They’ve released two previous EPs. Currently they’re working on a full-length album for release in the northern spring of this year.

Going by the enjoyment I received from Stasis, a very short EP of three songs spanning only 15 minutes, I’ve heard enough to become a fan. That means I’ll be shopping for their first two EPs and nagging the band for a review copy of the album when it happens. Their style of crossover prog warms me in the same way that good female-fronted progressive metal does.

“Crossover progressive rock” is a fuzzy genre tag. It fits progressive rock colored by influences from other styles that might include pop, jazz and/or folk music. In the case of Lucid Fly, the other genre they blend with prog is alternative rock/metal. They do it with considerable artistry and enough depth and variation to make Stasis a worthy addition to my library.

The shortness of the three songs is characteristic of crossover prog. So is the comforting ease of the compositions, which are catchy and very tuneful. More intense types of prog often feature tracks that run to more than 20 minutes. However, with two of the songs on Stasis going over the five-minute mark, their songs would probably be too long for mainstream radio play. That doesn’t mean Lucid Fly are deliberately trying to be “non-commercial” (a misleading term… every band would like to make money!). On the contrary, it shows that the band is more concerned about giving complete expression to its music than with hitting your local station’s top twenty.

The compositions don’t follow the pop-rock formula of verse-chorus, verse-chorus. There’s nothing wrong with that kind of structure. Many metal bands use it. Prog bands are inclined not to be that rigid in their compositions and orchestration. The result of this on Stasis is a set of songs that weave themselves around varying time signatures and key changes. You’ll notice this particularly in the rhythm and drumming, which are satisfyingly unpredictable within each song.

The prog approach gives Stasis a more complex form and a more resonant, atmospheric feeling than you’d hear in pure alternative rock. By the same token, the integration of alt rock adds rich, resounding, metalesque riffs, sweet guitar solos and healthy doses of bass drum. Don’t be misled by your first listening to the EP. It’s more than pleasing enough to hold you, but the rewards increase with repeated listening. The EP requires that if you want to appreciate all the musical nuances.

The performances are all high-quality. The core of Lucid Fly is Nikki Layne on vocals and Doug Mecca on guitar. For Stasis they were joined by Aaron Ficca on drums. Mecca and Ficca generate multiple layers of overlapping and intertwining sound. Nikki Layne uses her mostly mid-range contralto beautifully to project emotion and sensitivity.

All three singles on this EP are lovely songs. If I were to pick one, it would most likely be What Winter Was Like. It’s so full of mood and expression that it could almost be art rock.

Rating: 8.5/10 - Christopher Backeberg - Sonic Cathedral


I always love it when a band I’m into recommends another band to listen to. So as a huge fan of Indian prog rockers Symphony Novel I was intrigued when Rachit Sachdeva told me I had to check out the new EP from LA based alternative / prog rockers Lucid Fly. These guys have been together since 2001, and in the time since then have released two previous EPs (2005’s Adapting To Gravity, and 2009’s The Escape Stage) and made quite a name for themselves on the local rock scene.

Opening track, ‘Waiting‘, is a powerful, and beautifully haunting song that demonstrates what a talented bunch this band is. The song is catchy as hell, with moments of intricate and delicate guitar work, and others of hard hitting pulverising rock music. In places it sounds a little like something Coheed and Cambria might have recorded but, with their impressive musicianship and the wonderful vocals of front woman Nikki Layne, Lucid Fly have created their own unique sound.

Second track, ‘What Winter Was Like‘, is a little more gothic in nature, but retains the same overall sound and vibe as the first track, and again perfectly combines an underlying hard rock edge with a softer almost ethereal soundscape of warm melody. Final track, ‘In This Ocean‘, is a little more grungy sounding and finishes off the EP nicely with it’s aggressive guitar work and soaring vocals.

With Stasis Lucid Fly have created an EP of impressive alternative rock / prog metal, and I will be eagerly awaiting their forthcoming full length album. Stasis is currently available on iTunes, Spotify, and from the band’s own website (link below) – do yourself a favour and buy a copy !

Score: 9 out of 10 - Rich Dodgin - All About The Rock

"Lucid Fly @ Good Hurt 5/18/12- Live Show Review"

"A little post-industrial and a little rock & roll, they have a good combination of powerhouse vocals and sultry textures without going full goth rock...Lucid Fly have a strong foundation, professional and well packaged, it's only a matter of time before this group find their way to local festival circuit and radio airplay. Layne's haunting voice shouldn't go unnoticed." - Jessica Aves - Music Connection Magazine

"Show Review! Lucid Fly at the Good Hurt (was bad ass)"

Alright, I’ll come out and say it, and please don’t hate me, but when it comes to hard rock, my bar for female vocalists is set pretty fucking high. It’s a rare lady who can bring the sort of angst I crave to progressive rock and other hard genres, and that’s why last night’s Good Hurt show with Lucid Fly, featuring Nikki Layne on the steel, was light years beyond a pleasant surprise.
Simply put, Lucid Fly is the real deal. Their music, combined with their extreme professionalism and drive, is going to take them places that most bands only dream of.
Not only does Lucid Fly write great songs, but they nail them live and bring an energy to the stage that, frankly, a lot of small club bands don’t. Throughout the show I found myself unfairly comparing them to favorite bands of mine – Taproot, Deftones, A Perfect Circle – because Lucid Fly begs comparison with these epic rockers. Their riffs are monstrous, the rhythm section drives like a train, and Nikki has the chops to go the distance. By the end of the night I was convinced that the only thing that stands between Lucid Fly and a big stage at Mayhem or any other festival, is a smart booking agent. These guys are a real production away from blowing your mind.
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The band started the night with several heavy progressive tracks before settling into a few “acoustic” songs, with a guest percussionist on the cajon. It was a great set, and the transition from heavy to acoustic and back again was a killer touch that added much needed depth to any show that’s going to win over new fans. I hate to beat a dead horse, but I kept thinking that this set on any festival stage is going to have people leaving as sweat-drenched, lifetime fans. It had depth, dynamic and clearly demonstrated Lucid Fly’s pro level musicianship.
Long story short, get out and see a Lucid Fly show while you can still stand 5 feet from the stage. I guarantee the opportunity won’t last long. - Joey Flores/Earbits Radio

"Lucid Fly Press Release - 1/19/05"

Lucid Fly - Press Release 1/19/05
For more information contact:
Lucid Fly
P.O. Box 149772
Orlando, FL 32814-9772

After a Long Awaited CD Release - Lucid Fly Finds That Your World is a Stage, the Audience is Waiting…

January 19, 2005 (Orlando, FL ) – On Saturday, January 22nd, 2005 at 10:00pm, the female fronted hard rock band Lucid Fly, is releasing their brand new CD “Adapting To Gravity “at The Social, Orlando’s landmark music club in downtown Orlando, FL.

This four-piece group has been creating a strong presence, throughout the Southeast and Midwest regions, with their unique style and energetic live performances. They have reached the Top 10 (all time) in the Hard Rock category on, as well as,achieved awards such as Track of the Day and Track of the Week multiple times. Their song “Splinter” was also selected for the national Discmakers IMWS Compilation CD.

The band will be performing the album in its entirety in front of what Lucid Fly hopes is a packed house. "We cannot wait to play…this has been a long awaited release," said vocalist Nikki Layne about the band's upcoming CD Release Party at The Social.“

Adapting To Gravity” is a seven-song debut CD, produced by Adam Barber (Sevendust) and George Spatta (Skrape). In 2005, Lucid Fly plans on playing locally and regionally in support of the release.

Check the bands website: for tour date announcements.

Lucid Fly is: Nikki Layne (vocals), Doug Mecca (guitar), Jamie Russell (bass) and Josh Hoag (drums).

For more information, please go to the band's website: or email: - Hour 11 Entertainment

"Adapting to Gravity"

Formed in January 1998 in the Orlando, Florida area by original members Nikki Layne (Vocals) and Doug Mecca (Guitars) comes the creation of a hard rock band called "Lucid Fly." Jamie Russell (Bass Guitars) joined the band in 2003 and finally Josh Hong on drums came along in 2004 to complete the band and start making their music. Before their album, Lucid Fly went and released over 2000 copies of a demo they recorded to promote the release of their 7 track album entitled "Adapting To Gravity", which was released late January of 2005. With this release, Lucid Fly plan on showing their fans, that even if they are a female fronted band, they can outlast any other hard rocking band, maybe including one Evanescence's Amy Lee. They are currently an independent band and getting signed to a well known label would make everything about them become even more realistic than it already is.
When you listen to this album, we start off with a hard rocking track called "No Sleep." This track is filled with great guitar riffs and great melody and a great job on the lyrics by the one and only Nikki Layne. The track starts off with an echo voice "Praying For No Sleep" (of Layne) then the hard rocking riffs kick in to start off the album in a great way. If you thought Evanescence's Amy Lee was the bomb, listen to Layne's voice and you will be very amazed, as was I. This song is very catchy to the ears and would be without a doubt my personal favourite track on the whole album. The solo on "Collide" is just outstanding. This track reminds me of a Melissa Etheridge song as both sound a like in this track, even though its Layne on vocals, but take a listen and you will know what I mean. Each of the tracks on this album start off with a heavy intro and blend into soft verses with the heavy riffs which make it an amazing album. A lot of people might think that this band is a rip off from Evanescence, but let me tell you, you are all wrong.... dead wrong. Each track has it's originality to it and you can tell that this band has a lot of talent and aren't afraid to express it.

In all, this album sounds a lot better than Evanescence's "Fallen". Don't get me wrong, I like to listen to them, but after hearing this band, my mind has just exploded. Great job on the band's part and especially with the lyrics of Layne, without her, this band would be nowhere. One day, I hope a record label signs them as they will be truely amazed. I can't wait to see what Lucid Fly has in store for us in their near future...

Check out their official site at

Rating: 4/5
- brOken-Musical

"Lucid Fly : Adapting To Gravity"

I’m quite dubious when it comes to listening to anything described as ‘rock’, because that’s how open-minded I am. I know that, technically, metal comes under the rock banner, but a lot of the time rock music, for what it is, is too bland, too angstily punchy and too predictable. It would take a lot for a band to move me from this attitude, partly because I’m happy festering in it and partly because I am even more particular about what is required when it comes to bands who aren’t metal. However, Lucid Fly plopped humbly into my life a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been hard-pressed to find much else which is better to listen to. This album may only be seven tracks, but it is firmly a case of less being more, I can think of many bands who would put out albums with more songs than this just to make up the numbers, and Adapting To Gravity is surely a very unpretentious and successful addition to the world of female-fronted rock.

But describing it as such seems awkward. There’s something grander about this, something bigger and more mature. The sound that Lucid Fly create is progressive and different. Though they may adhere to the token verse and chorus structure of the more mainstream media, just how they manage to fill the verses and with what they construct the choruses really is a wonder. The music here is light, shining rock with heavy undertones, and the best thing is that it is what a lot of rock music is not – unirritating. Lucid Fly have done respectably well here, not only because of the experimental nature in which the songs are written, but the way in which they’re played – the musicianship - is fantastic. As if that weren’t enough, the vocals are astounding, and in a genre where it’s getting harder and harder to find any decent vocalists, when you find one it’s more than a bonus, it’s a relief.

There’s really something special about the kind of music that Lucid Fly produce, and with only one album under their belts, things look very promising indeed. Nikki Layne’s vocals really are spectacular, she has a very clean yet sharp tone to her voice, can hold notes strongly and perfectly and throughout the album never misses a mark. The album opens with No Sleep, a quiet, slow song with a beautifully reflective chorus, directly contrasted with Splinter, which opens with some heavier, buffeting chords and retains the same strong-paced rhythm all the way through with Nikki’s vocals pleasurably softening the blow. Though this may be rock, sometimes the numbers almost veer into metal with the strength of the guitar that is used. But not only is the guitar strong, it’s also quite inventive, the band using this inventiveness to its fullest ability in numbers like Collide and Para11el.

What’s even stranger about the album, is that for a debut, there aren’t too many things that really require changing, though there are a few ideas that Lucid Fly might want to employ to make themselves an even classier act. The most unusual thing in this regard is that even though Nikki’s vocals are prominent and impressive a lot of time, they’re a little overused – there are very few breaks in the songs, very few times when she’s able to take much of a rest and some of the numbers do suffer as a result of this since they don’t have the room the breathe. Lucid Fly have the right to enjoy the luxury of more instrumental passages, to create songs of greater length and even to be a little indulgent with their song-writing and playing, since sometimes the songs do feel a bit short and that the band could have exploited their musical resources more. Not only this, but Derrick‘s drumming sometimes lacks a little flair, a little extravagance, and there are various moments where the odd egocentric fill certainly wouldn’t go amiss since it would actually fit well with the music.

Nevertheless, these are minor criticisms and it’s hard to find too much fault with Adapting To Gravity, mostly because it’s a fantastic shot at a first album. The sound production is also quite crisp and clean, and it’s refreshing to hear a band put so much into their first full work. But what’s strangest about this is the fact that the entire septet of songs sounds so smooth, unrushed and unforced. There’s something wonderfully natural about the music and its execution which makes Adapting To Gravity something to really take notice of. If the band can get a little more progressive and a little less afraid to experiment, we’ll be seeing some impressive material from them in the near future. There’s really very little to hold these people back. 8/10
- Sam Grant @ Sonic Cathedral

"East Coast Romper Review"

To be honest it takes a strong woman to win me over either by singing presence or her personality. In the world of rock they have come and gone and I'm thinking the boys are going to own it once again in this business. That was until I came across Nikki Layne, the front woman for Florida based LUCID FLY.The three songs on the disc drive with raw emotion, dark edgy arrangements and vocals that purely send off a rough exterior with some mesmerizing melodic tones that range from high to low in mere minutes. BLIND is my favorite, its rough, its soaring with intricate guitar solos and like I said powerful, flexible vocals. COLLIDE has more endearing qualities with its light emotion through the verses and then makes you flustered with a solid rock chorus. CENTER OF YOUR SPACE ends the disc. This song combines both elements of the prior songs into one. LUCID FLY reigns with a rock edgy feel and a female vocalist that gives girls the power back in rock n roll.

by: Stephanie Stevens - Stephanie Stevens

"Zippo Hot Tour 2005 Semi Finalists"


Better Than Ezra, Dope & Underoath Praise The Importance Of The Zippo Hot Tour

Showcases Set To Begin In September In Ten Cities Across The Country

New York/Bradford, PA – August 10, 2005 – When the 2005 edition of The Zippo Hot Tour began earlier this summer over 290 unsigned bands made the first cut to have a shot at securing a slot to perform at one of the ten regional showcases this September.

The online votes are in and 8 lucky bands in each of the ten cities have made the cut to the semi-finals! With the online voting up a staggering 500% this year at, the 80 bands selected to move on to the next round are the cream of the crop.

“It took us seven years to sign to a major label, but then only seven weeks to have the number one song at alternative radio. Sometimes, it is about the right person seeing you in the right environment. The Zippo Hot Tour is a great opportunity for any young band to show their talents to the right people,” Said Tom Drummond of Better Than Ezra.

Zippo Hot Tour – Page 2 of 3

Music fans in the ten regional cities will finally have the opportunity to help push their favorite band in front of the executives at Capitol Records. Showcases have been scheduled for September in Austin, TX; Charlotte, NC; Cincinnati, OH; Denver, CO; Memphis, TN; Orlando, FL; Philadelphia, PA; Phoenix, AZ; Pittsburgh, PA; and Raleigh, NC. There will be four shows in each market featuring two semi-finalist bands each weekend as well as a regional headliner. For a full listing of when and where everyone is playing, log onto:

It’s never an easy process for new bands to get their foot in the door with A&R scouts as Tim McTague of Underoath knows all too well: "My advice would be to have a local bake sale and possibly throw your demos at people on bicycles and any other abstract form of getting your music in people’s hands...or get involved in the Zippo Hot Tour." Underoath can be seen on the cover of the current issue of Alternative Press this month.

Besides competing for a shot at showcasing their talent to Capitol Records, the winning band will receive almost $100,000 in prizes from the impressive lineup of partners, and be added to an 11-city tour with a major national headlining band in their very own decked out tour bus in November.

“The Zippo Hot Tour is an amazing opportunity. Where else can a young band find the opportunity to be discovered and have a shot at so much killer gear? If you aren’t behind this sort of thing, you must be an idiot,” commented lead singer Edsel Dope of the band Dope who currently have the #1 Billboard Heatseekers album this week.

Emerging from the showcases, the winning band from each city will be posted at beginning in October and the winner from the finals round of online voting will be flown to Hollywood, California to showcase for A&R executives at Capitol Records at the conclusion of the contest.

Some of the other great prizes the Grand Prize winning band will receive include a five-piece TAMA Drum set with 24-inch BD kit with hardware and a full line accessories package, feature placement on the PureVolume homepage, one thousand conventional audio-only CDs from DiscFarm, 50 customized Zippo lighters with band logos and more.
Zippo Hot Tour – Page 3 of 3

The following list is the 80 bands that are still in the running to win the 2005 Zippo Hot Tour
80 Semi-Finalists By City & Showcase Locations
AUSTIN, TX (Red Eyed Fly & The Back Room)
Powderburn, Truepenny, Squares Are Best, Fractious, Darling Sinister, WaxDart, Full Stride, dirty WoRMz

CHARLOTTE, NC (Visulite Theatre & The Room)
Shadowflag, Perfect-Lie, Contagious Blues Band, Hybrid, The Needles, Continuous Jones, FRET, THE NEW BLACKS

CINCINNATI, OH (Jefferson Hall & The Mad Frog)
SEVERED, In-Rage, Arrival, Defunct Red, Session 9, The Times, Strip The Image, Sohio

DENVER, CO (Cricket On The Hill, Benders Tavern, Soiled Dove)
Beyond the Torchlight, Mudcrawl, Rightfully Accused, Beyond the Sun, one from none, Crusher Bound Cadillac, SKAPEGOAT, Kronow

MEMPHIS, TN (Hard Rock Café & New Daisy Theatre)
East of Innocence, FURTHER DOWN, Vysion, Vulpine, Nucore, Yes No Maybe, Trace, the holiday

Audiology, Fathom, Lucid Fly, Last Winter, Black as Day, Power Movement Project, Pulse Nein, Better Than Average

PHILADELPHIA, PA (Grape Street Philadelphia & Whiskey Dix Saloon)
Case of the Mondays, The Siblings, Rebel Saints, Jealousy Curve, Satori, Brave the Day, GRINDER, Tripping Point

PHOENIX, AZ (The Clubhouse Music Venue)
ColdFusion, Sinner Lane, North 19, Soul On Strings, Evolocity, Twinfalls, Circle Effect, PJ Grinch

PITTSBBURH, PA (31st St. Pub, Bar Louie & Rex Theatre)
Motorpsychos, Mojo Filter, Kaj, Blue Skies Mourning, Level SD, The Science Fiction, Idols, StompEngine, Adam Evil - PFA Entertainment Media & Marketing

"Lucid Fly "Adapting to Gravity""

Too many female-fronted rock bands get accused of being soft compared to "real"
rock ... odd, since most male heavy metallists screech along at a much higher
pitch than say, Lucid Fly's Nikki Layne. Her commanding vocals ride the same
manic edge of the guitar and never give an inch. Her emotional range does not
depend on screaming louder/higher when what she's saying is of more importance.

This CD is a short one with only seven songs. But you know, quality surpasses
quantity every time. "No Sleep" is a great opener to a full-bodied compilation
of rock hard guitars and uncompromising vocals. I was drawn in by the smooth
opening of "11th Hour" and thought this would be the band's obligatory ballad.
They fooled me with glimmering guitar notes and a smooth bass and drum accompaniment
right up to the 54th second of the song, when they broke it wide open. Ballads
be damned.

If I was forced to compare Lucid Fly to another band, I'd say Incubus had better
be looking over their shoulders. I can feel similarities in the music and in
the delivery of the lyrics, but I think Nikki's voice is better than Brandon

To sum it up: Well-written lyrics, hard-edged guitar and bass, crisp drums to
hold it all together and great vocals. What more do you want? Oh, and they had
the class to name themselves after a female astronaut. I'm sold.

Find Lucid Fly at where you'll hear some samples, see where
the band is touring and pick up some hot property from their store link.

- Beverly Durfee-The Daily Sentinel

"The Escape Stage Review - 8/10"

Review by Andrew Hawnt – 8/10

This five track EP from Lucid Fly took me by surprise. There is little originality about what they do, but what they do is so damn good that it is impossible not to enjoy it. Bringing to mind a dirtier Evanescance playing songs that sound like Lacuna Coil mixed with bits of Tool and Alice in Chains. Lucid Fly are a serious proposition indeed. The vocals of Nikki Layne are the key here. Her powerful delivery is sensational, and it fits perfectly with the intelligently composed music. It is heavy yet sublime, melodic but raw, and really quite beautiful.

Of the five tracks on offer here, “Dirge” and “Back and Forth” really grabbed my attention, but the whole thing is great, and quite frankly I wish this had been an album length. I want to hear more from this band, and after hearing this, you probably will too. Find them on Myspace and check out a band you should be hearing a good deal of in the future. Very, very promising.
- Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine - UK

"Album Review: The Escape Stage EP (2009)"

Review by: Jon Wilde

The oddly named Lucid Fly is a female-fronted band playing modern rock in the vein of Nightwish and Within Temptation. They boast fewer symphonic dalliances but a thick smear of prog that would do the 70's proud.

The band was formed in Orlando, Florida and released a debut EP entitled "Adapting to Gravity" in 2005. Now relocated to Los Angeles, the band consists of Nikki Layne on vocals, Doug Mecca on guitar, Go Nakabayashi on bass and Aaron Ficca on drums.

The Escape Stage, their second EP, is only a hair's breadth away from breathtaking. If this is the result of settling on the other side of America, it was the best move since Colonel Sanders started putting breadcrumbs on chicken carcasses.

Nikki has a sweet emotion-tipped voice with a mellow vibe and plenty of oomph brooding beneath the surface. The band's musicianship is understated but skilled. The key and tempo changes are massively impressive but never get in the way of the music. The sound is unerringly progressive, but it's always melodious and inspiring.

The term anthemic gets bandied around a lot, but this is music which deserves the title more than most. The individual songs are not quick-fix hits of catchy chorus magic, they are infinitely deeper than that. If ever a band needed to get their a*ses into the studio and record a full-length record, these are they.

Check out... All of it. 5/5 rating.

- Rock Realms Magazine - UK

"“The Escape Stage” (EP)"

Review by: Mike Cavanaugh

Every once in a blue moon an EP comes across my desk that leaves me hungering for more. The five songs on Lucid Fly’s new EP are rock solid, powerful with a Godsmackish garage sound, and well written. I’m as nervous as a virgin on prom night hoping if I get in line early I’ii get tickets to their next gig, holding a sign reading Lucid Fly no less. Female vocalist Nikki Layne belts out expressive lyrics with a powerfully feminine punch. Standing strong behind Layne, but in no way hiding in the shadows, are three guys whose raw energy collaboration and musicianship provides a hearty meat on the bone foundation for these five songs. I am a little disappointed this is only an EP but now that it’s got my attention, the question is does the live show have the same balls and energy?
Rating 3 ¨ö (would be higher if not for the EP)
- All Access Magazine

"CD Review of Lucid Fly Demo"

Starting a garage band is something that many people do, but few truly excel at. Lucid Fly is a rock band that does just that. They are a shining jewel, fighting for recognition in an enormous musical pool dominated by male lead singers.

Lucid Fly formed in Orlando, FL in early 1999. Their current demo is presently riding near perfect ratings on A catchy and distinctive name, along with a dynamic female lead singer helps set this group apart from the pack.

“Blind” draws you in with a quiet introduction, gaining volume as it adds a few simple guitar notes. An occasional bass drum thump hints at the explosion of music that awaits. When the full force of the music impacts, the collaboration of instruments is set to the perfect head bobbing pace, with an addictive drumbeat that seduces you. If it hasn’t hooked you yet, then the deal is sealed in the next thirty seconds when you hear lead singer Nikki Layne’s flawless, and yes, lucid voice. Superb vocals, infectious percussion, and an electrifying guitar solo make this song so balanced that it’s nearly impossible to determine what aspect you like best. “Blind” is four minutes of solid enjoyment and my personal favorite of the three songs on this demo.

The other two tracks are as equally strong. “Center Of Your Space” has an unforgettable bass line and flaunts Layne’s ability to glide into different intonations effortlessly. “Collide” shifts the pace down a notch, bringing out a melodic acoustic guitar for each verse, but then smoothly transitioning to a powerful emotion driven chorus. You’ll not only appreciate the sheer vocal beauty, but also the amazing interaction among the group and how they are each fundamental to creating the overall breathtaking results.

Lucid Fly is currently recording a new demo expected to be available late spring 2004. If the next demo is anything like this one, this group is sure to see a change soon in their unsigned status.

- Jenny Stepp,


  • Building Castles In Air (LP) - 2016
  • Stasis (EP) - 2015
  • The Escape Stage (EP) - 2009
  • Adapting To Gravity (EP) - 2005



Pulling their name from a newspaper headline that read: “Lucid Flies Into the Record Book,” about astronaut Shannon Lucid, melodic prog rockers Lucid Fly founders Nikki Layne (vocalist) and Doug Mecca (guitarist) were obviously onto something very unique from the start.

Starting their musical journey in Orlando, FL, they steadily built a strong and loyal following throughout the Southeast and Midwest through constant touring; the band cut its teeth performing throughout the region on a regular basis and working their way up to larger clubs along the way. In 2005 they released their debut EP, ‘Adapting to Gravity,’ which was met with overwhelming praise from fans throughout the region.

Leaving the Sunshine State for The Golden State in 2007, the duo landed in Los Angeles, the city that has spawned millionaire rock stars and has broken the souls of so many others.  Within two months they met seasoned drummer Aaron Ficca and they were off and running.  Lucid Fly v2.0 began hitting local venues such as the legendary Key Club and Roxy as well as the iconic Viper Room and releasing ‘The Escape Stage’ in 2009.

Then the band started experimenting with new material and began developing a new way of writing together, while doing a short stretch of stripped down performances to refine their new ideas.  They were beginning to use technology to manipulate live ideas and then bring them back into the rehearsal room, developing their more current sound which started to show a little on their EP ‘Stasis’, which contained songs brilliantly mixed by Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus, and Twelve Foot Ninja) and Adam Barber (Sevendust, Alter Bridge).

A new full length album, Building Castles In Air, which the band self-produced and recorded in several studios throughout Southern California and Oregon (including their own home studio in Los Angeles) was already in progress. They once again turned to ARIA nominated Savell to mix and master. None of the ten tracks on the album had been performed live before recording began, and the band looks forward to introducing the world to the songs when the album debuts in the Fall of 2016, with tour dates soon to follow.

The mission continues…

Band Members