Lucid Ground

Lucid Ground


"There is a powerful intensity inherent in Lucid Ground's music that grabs a hold of you immediately, keep a close eye on these gents." - Mac and Slater Show-


Lucid Ground is an all original rock band from Chicago. With their signature sound and energetic live shows, Lucid Ground has developed a large following/fan base that continues to grow with every performance. A combination of fuzz-toned melodies, driving hooks, and complex rhythms emit a sonic dose of energy that can only be described as unique. With the release of their full length debut 'Last to Know', Lucid Ground has begun to expand beyond their established Chicago fan base out to a nation wide audience. While branding their own mark in the ever going world of rock music, their vision will be sure to arouse the listener's sense of curiosity.

Lucid Ground was selected as one of four semi-finalists from an initial 2000+ bands in the 2006 Lollapalooza Last Band Standing contest, and have recently been featured on Chicago's very own Q101's Music Mailroom as well as Their track "Origami" recieved an accumulative five star rating and was featured on Sir George Martin's popular website as the "Hard Rock Track of the week", winning awards in the following categories: Best Melody, Best Male Vocals, Best Guitars, and Best Rhythm Section. Lucid Ground has also had the privilege of being one of the top ranking bands in the Emergenza international music competition. While they are currently writing new material for their upcoming sophomore release, Lucid Ground continues to gain a larger foothold at the forefront of the Chicago music scene.


Debut Release: 'Last to Know' LP

Track Listing: 1.) Empty Table
2.) Dissolve
3.) Disagree
4.) Plastic Devil
5.) No Reason Why
6.) One Track Mind
7.) 1000 Piece Puzzle
8.) Indecision
9.) Origami
10.) Recover

Set List

Current sets usually consist of 10-15 of the following songs with the rare but possible cover inbetween.

LP Tracks:

Empty Table
Plastic Devil
No Reason Why
One Track Mind
1000 Piece Puzzle

New/non LP songs:

Breaking Point
Learn to Speak
Dirty Girl
What You Need
Don't Leave
Neptune Lady
What I've Seen
Gone Away
I Don't Mind
...And It Will
Between The Lines
Lost You
Take Away