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Lucid's new album Bloodlines mixes the modern heaviness and progressive songwriting of their past record Digging Through with a new focus on melody and simplicity. Subsequently, Bloodlines is a very engaging record and has a few tracks very suited for modern radio. Track 3 "Deadlight" has already received quite a bit of radio play and deservingly so. "Deadlight" is a very special hard rock track-worth buying the whole record for actually. But this ten track LP is no one trick pony.

Bloodlines has a natural flow from song to song and is seeped in tremendous production values. Vocally there is a canvas of sounds in almost every song with strong hooks throughout. Songs like "How Long", "Letting Go", "Ashes to Mary", "Sirens" and "Deadlight" showcase how the band has opened up their songwriting to incorporate a wide array of tones and colors. Singer Chris McCoy's voice might be the most impressive of the instruments this time around but Lucid has always been known for their "freight train" riffs and guitar solos and there is no lack on Bloodlines.

Aside from "Deadlight" the track "Isolate" will most likely become a fan favorite with its multiple hooks, steam roller chorus and masterful dynamics.

The precision, creativity and energy of drummer Mike Clampfer's playing on this album could be a lesson to any drummer wondering what rock drums are supposed to sound like. You could say this album is flawless. If we had an award to give out we would.

Lucid may be the hardest working band in Spokane; they are busy in their studio/office literally everyday. Any successes that they have I assure you they deserve. From beginning to end, from the performances to the packaging; Bloodlines raises the bar for hard rock bands in the region without a doubt.


"FUTURE STARS 7/23/2008"

Few bands in town can follow this band. Roaring with energy and charisma this band seems poised to do great things. Comprised of members from across the country who somehow found their way here. LUCID has been called "The next big thing to come out of Washington" by ROCK 94.5 DJ Tripp Rogers. He aint kidding. LUCID has gone through a number of lineup changes in teh past few years but has recently found the right cast for world domination. LUCID was founded by Guitar player Dylan Harris in 2000. Armed with handfuls of great songs and riffs, a great business sense and burning drive to take on the world tehy began the all too familiar search for their frontman. What they found was the perfect mix of talent, energy and stage presence in vocal giant Chris McCoy. McCoy is gifted with some of the strongest pipes around. His style is refreshing and his melodies and emotional delivery is captivating.

When LUCID added former 8 Fold Path drummer Mike Clampffer to the mixthey knew they had something amazing...a truly unique hard rock sound the the Northwest. Promoters and fans alike have embraced LUCID as one fo the elite band around. They have played with band like ADEMA & SLOTH. Besides there growing succes they are also a very generous band.



Deadlight 2008 April 2008
Deadlight EP 2000+
Digging Through-2005 1000+ sold
LUCID EP-2004 500+



The idea was to make a hard rock/metal band that was tight, progressive, melodic and heavy without sounding like everything else that was on the radio. With a positive message in there lyrics and raw energy live. After cutting their teeth for a couple of years in the Inland Northwest circuit and going through a few cast changes, the band found their sound and became endorsed byover 7 companies touring the northwest/southwet. Their success continued after they recorded their first full length album called Digging Through as they landed gigs with acts like




Papa Roach



White Snake

Trust Company

The exies

Smile Empty Soul


sir mix a lot


Thousand Foot Krutch


to name a few as well as over a dozen endorsements which includes True Line Drum Sticks, Getm Getm Gear, Pintec, Radioactive Energy Drink, Basson, Maxline amungst many others.

Few DIY bands have the work ethic, business savvy and undeniable quality and originality in their music as Lucid does and even fewer can claim they have performed over 300 shows to tens of thousands of people in the process. 2007 looks to be the busiest year to date for Lucid as they have a West Coast tour in the works and are working on new material for their second full-length album. Lucid has been touted “The next big thing to come out of Washington” by Spokane’s most popular radio DJ and 2009 is the year Lucid proves it.