A gathering of musicians that strive to transmit sonic manipulations unlike any another to stimulate the mind and its aural sensations.


Lucid emerged onto the Annapolis music scene on April 20, 2007 with an extra-ordinary showcase of musical intstrumentation. With the fusion of a vast influence of rock, reggae, jazz, blues and funk, Lucid's performances consist of entirely original musical compositions.

All members were born in the Annapolis area in Maryland where there is a rich melting pot of various local artists, musician, and entertainers. With Baltimore & DC just 30 minutes away, we all have been able to experience a variety of concerts and performances at early ages. Now in our mid-20's, each member has been playing music since their early teens. We all have diverse musical interests and is readily conveyed in our music. We all have the belief that you must seek out "good music". You cannot expect it to be delivered to you by MTV, Top 40 Radio, or American Idol. Still in our first year of public performance, we have received tremendous positive feedback from every audience and thousands of plays on our myspace page. (

We feel that in being an instrumental band of musicians, our music is able to truly speak for itself for what it is. When it comes down to our musical compositions, our songs are structured around jazz chords, with funk & rock rhythms, melodic phrasing and completed with highly improvisational guitar leads. Some of our direct influences are Soulive, Greyboy Allstars, Galactic, Moe., Garaj Mahal, Umphrey's McGee, Pat Martino, Carlos Santana, Steve Vai, and Jimi Hendrix.

We are currently considering expanding our lineup and have been rehearsing with several other instruments including keyboard, saxophone, and percussion.

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We have performed at venues such as:

The 8x10
Recher Theatre
Joe Squared
The Whiskey 1803
Pesce Grande

We have performed with bands such as:
Perpetual Groove
The Bridge
All Mighty Senators
Big In Japan
The Cheaters
DJ Williams Projekt


(Recorded in 2007 by Brian Shannon at Inside The Outsound Studio)
1. Bott's Botany - 5:26
2. Time And A Half - 5:27
3. New Original - 5:42
4. You Forgot The Axe - 6:44
5. Unknown - 3:59
6. Umf! - 5:59
7. Third Argument - 7:15
8. Holy Guacamole - 4:53

Set List

We typical perform 45 min. sets. We usually will play one set as an opener and 2 sets when we headline shows.

Our performances typically consist of all of our original music. We will usually have free-form jams or lead guitar duels to make our shows a little more unpredictable.

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