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"Billboard Magazine"

*LUCIEB BLUE TREMBLAY I Want You to Know Who I Really Am
Producers: Lucie Blue Tremblay, Daniel Loyer
Writer: L.B. Tremblay
Publisher: Les Editions Elle T. (SOCAN)
Demi-Sœurs 01 (cassette single)
« Tremblay tells the tale of a child coming out of the closet with heartfelt
empathy on this sweetly orchestrated ballad. Direct without being heavy-
handed, this song holds incredible strength for those wrestlingly with the
issue of disclosing homosexuality, while providing perspective for those
with loved ones making the commiment of sharing the truth of their lives.
Buy this for yourself or someone you love.

- Larry Flick

"Purdue University"

"Lucie Blue provided a magical concert for our campus, and also provided non-threatening education about issues of discrimination. The audience loved her, and many of them had never heard her before. She appeals to a diverse group of people. We had her come on National Coming Out Day, and had a wonderful time."
Karen Hall,
Director Women's Resources

- Karen Hall, Director

"Waterville U U Coffeehouse"

"Two shows - two packed houses - two precious memories! In May of
2000, and again in June of 2003, Lucie Blue Tremblay packed our concert
venue and took everyone there on a trip through a musical 'Tunnel of
Love'! Singing in both english and french, baring her soul and bringing
everyone to their feet with her heartfelt ballads and stories from her
life, Lucie Blue created a place where the audience, the singer and the
concert promoter became one family!"

Jerry Saint Amand, Manager, Waterville U U Coffeehouse
- Jerry Saint Amand

"Green Bay"

“Tremblay chronicled her emotional journey following the unexpected break up with her former lover who left on a ten-day trip and simply never returned. The piece began with a dirge-like solo piano, then changed tempo, becoming more complex and celebratory as Tremblay lyrically charted her resulting depression then recovery from the tragic, traumatic event. The total effect was spellbinding.Spellbinding too was Tremblay’s finale. A story song about the singer’s experiences in New York’s “Union Sq.” in the days immediately after September 11, “Cells of Love” journaled the raw emotion of the aftermath of the terrorist attacks to a simple, seemingly endlessly repeated guitar chord. In the final minute and a half Tremblay transfigured the chord into a full song as the lyrics transcended from the tragedy to the triumph of the human spirit. The audience was left breathless.” - Mike Fitzpatrick

"The Lancaster Times"

“The audience, many of whom were seeing Tremblay for the first time, sat in rapt attention, breaking out with loud clapping and cheers after every song.
Tremblay’s show felt like an evening spent with a close friend. There were laughs, there were tears, and you came away from it feeling richer for having been there…”
- Sara Barss


Lucie Blue Tremblay, Tendresse, I Want You to Know Who I Really Am, Transformations, I'm Ready, Because of You, Cells of Love, "IT'S GOT TO BE ABOUT LOVE", and now "Changes" a music video for breast cancer education.



For over 20 years, Lucie Blue has performed in Canada, the US, Spain, Australia and New Zealand, at various folk venues and festivals as well as women’s music festivals. In 2002 she was awarded the “Jane Schliessman Music Award” for “Outstanding Contributions to Women’s Music”.

Her name has been whispered through the cracks in the music business since her first television appearance in 1984. Since then she has shared the stage with such prominent names as Randy Newman, James Taylor, Jane Siberry, Pete Seeger, Judi Richards, Sarah McLachlan, Cris Williamson and Meg Christian to name a few.

Her whistle became a trademark and her concerts a personal experience. While one frequently finds her concert attendees buying all her music at once, and though her CD sales through the years have surpassed any independents dreams, Lucie Blue remains one of Canada’s best-kept secrets, yet her first release, “Lucie Blue Tremblay” was on the Boston Globe’s Top Ten List in 1986.

She is one of Canada’s beautiful voices and songwriters. Her music goes straight to the heart of men and women alike. Her universal theme is LOVE. Her global message is honor, strength, laughter, thought, peace and love.

The past 4 years Lucie has been touring and taking breast cancer awareness over 87,000 miles. In conjunction with Lavender Visions Productions, she has just completed an educational and one-of-a-kind music video called “Changes”which can be used for early detection. Tremblay has created and produced this unique and effective tool which has the capacity to reach people of all walks of life with music as her vehicle. For more information on this ground breaking empowerment music please visit

AS FOR NOW, Lucie Blue is working on her newest music and preparing for the new CD with the lovely town of Perce as her home and inspiration. She will be touring this fall 2009 and spring of 2010 with the most beautiful songs and funniest stories from her latest inspirations. If you thought you'd heard it all well you are in for a surprise!