Lucie Zara

Lucie Zara



Lucie Zara weaves a riotous narrative with nothing but her crystal clear vocals and guitar in hand; you’ll find your toes tapping involuntarily if you’re not already dancing.??The Devon born chanteuse has an enchanting voice and the ability to write lyrics that take you by the hand and lead you; whether it’s with her bittersweet ballads or raucous tales of late night adventures and love affairs.
Let yourself be swept up in Lucie Zara’s captivating mix of folk/ jazz/not quite sure what it is, you won’t regret it.



Written By: Lucie Zara

She had broken many a heart before,
they lay in pieces on her bedroom floor,
dull and un noticed until one day she had her her feet as she was kicking them under the curtain..

so her mother wouldn't see
no her mother mustn't see
she mustn't let her mother see oh no no no ....

Set List

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