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Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, France | INDIE

Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, France | INDIE
Solo Alternative Singer/Songwriter




"Matthias Sturm - LUNA PARK - Gothic Beauty Magazine # 41"

Be prepared to be transported back to the early surreal poetic cyberpunk landscape of 1970’s David Bowie with Matthias Sturm’s LUNA PARK, a place where profound lyrics wind in and out of melodies spun like sugar across the vacuum of space. This uniquely refreshing spin on progressive rock invites you to ’’step into a Byronesque universe inhabited by muses’’. However, this does not begin to describe the dark dreamlike wavelenght that blends German, French and English lyrics to spin tales of war, acceptance, humanity, aging, and other profoundly human concepts. Sturm himself decribes this album as ’’ a symbol of the karmic wheel to find in the carousels ….The lunation and the lunatic world, where darkness is elucidated with colored lamps and flashy lights …’’ – the paradox of light and dark, the show and the shadows, and he has accomplished this perfectly. For, with every song there is a sense of a dark epiphany disguised behind a trance-disco-folk that lulls the listener into a deep state of contemplation. Many artists attempt to capture the iconic progessive space rock of the 70’s and 80’s, but none have so closely embodied that strange blend of strangled optimism with a hint of deviance and generational disillusionment Sturm has manifested with Luna Park. This one album is for ages.

- Gothic Beauty Magazine, Portland

"Matthias Sturm: Luna Park – Music Review"

Matthias Sturm: Luna Park – Music Review

June 1, 2013
By Melissa Kucirek

Rating: A

It’s been a nice return to Matthias Sturm’s voice in Luna Park. After first hearing his debut album Blood and Thunder (2012), his new venture is a big edgier. Still, something about his voice stays with you throughout the day. It has this veil of comfort like a kindhearted tale. It’s easy to fall under his sweet spell.
The East German born – France based artist starts out with “1947 (Pandora Out of the Box).” Right away his vocals mixed with a stunning music bed capture an imaginative world. The mindset and aloof feeling continues in “All Beauty Must Die.”
In “All Beauty Must Die” Sturm’s vocals are surpassed only slightly by a surly guitar bridge. The segment is both fascinating and sensual. And, as he sings the lyrics “crazy man,” you get swept into a space somewhere between John Lennon and Bad October.
As “Mirror, Mirror” and “Gitan” come and go, these tracks showcase Sturm’s intricate prose albeit drowsy music beds. In “Kingdom (Built on Sand)” and “If The Devil Comes” his recipe is consistent and he channels a bit more Moby and rock into his Bohemian world.
Sturm’s tracks on Luna Park surely enlighten the audio world; he evokes profound images and stretches the imagination. And, the guy can rhyme.
- Hot Indie News, Brocklyn (NYC)

"Matthias Sturm, Luna Park"

“Progressive Electro-eclectic” may be the most apt descriptor for Paris-based artist, Matthias Sturm’s latest outing. Laced with spots of modern day electronic psychedelica, Luna Park will indeed take listeners to the moon. Diverse instrumentation (live and generated), narrative style lyrical delivery and an eerie ethos to the tracks, makes this one far out and approachable; with equal leanings on contemporary and throwback elements.

The ethereal “1947” opens the EP with trippy backing key and string note work, glockenspiel chimes and eerie vocal samples. The whole of the track (and much of the album, it turns out) features the strange emotion and feel evoked by 60s Psychedelic a la Quicksilver Messenger Service and those of the same ilk. Vocally, Sturm sounds a lot like vintage Bowie, especially on the opening lyrical delivery of “All Beauty Must Die.” The spoken word verse work sits eerily in place amongst the effects-laden electric work, strange backing keys and strings with other assorted clicks and clanks serving fill duties. “Mirror Mirror” again brings multiple soundscapes to the foreground harmoniously with more channeling Bowie on the vocal delivery. The vein of electric runs through this background of this track as with the former but rests on a strong driving drum and bass line with intermittent harmonica honks at the fills. Sturm’s adoptive language takes the vocal helm on “Gitan” accompanied by acoustic guitar at the melody. Backing string strums and plucks bolster the French lyrics before his native German makes its way into the mix at the midpoint. Four tracks in and Sturm has brought a true international flare having hit three languages. “Kingdom” is a demure track in down tempo timing, featuring much of the instrumentation as before. The ubiquitous strings hold up the strum melody with busy backing percussion with effects-laden electric and more eerie synth stuff just under the vocals. Closing to “If The Devil Comes” the electronica and guitar usher this one forth with more Bowie vocal delivery with a near mock Reggae backing beat. This shows a clever sense of arrangement in that is serves as an appropriate bookend, sounding very similar to the opening track, 1947.
Different and unusual; yet completely honest. If this be the predecessor to the Rock Opera that is to come, Sturm has certainly piqued interest. I’m quite curious to hear the entirety of it play out and if he surrounds himself with the players and engineers (and their accompanying resumes) to the full-length, fans are going to have a monster of an album on their hands. This one is diverse and interesting, thought-provoking and again… as far out as it is approachable.

Rating: 3.5/5
by Chris West –

- Skope Magazine, Boston

"Independent Music Awards (IMA's) Nominee Matthias Sturm Announces US Tour"


Hailing from East Germany and based in a 16th Century fortress in the countryside outside of his adopted hometown of Paris, Matthias Sturm’s eclectic “modern throwback” progressive rock vibe has led to his ever expanding status as a musical citizen of the world. Following up his 2012 breakthrough Blood and Thunder, which was produced in Los Angeles by David Hillis (Pearl Jam, Afghan Wigs, James Blunt)
and scored a hit from the U.S. to India with the John Lennon/Pink Floydesque “Peace on Earth,” Sturm opts to tease his growing legions of fans a little. Rather than release a full-length recording, he has crafted the dreamy and grooving six track EP Luna Park to convey the initial essence of a planned future rock opera.
The multi-talented singer/songwriter’s life leading up to his emergence as a solo artist rolls like a high spirited travelogue, with his heartfelt voice conveying highly poetic music and lyrics that, in his words, invite the listener to “step into a Byronesque universe inhabited by muses”. Back in the past of the Cold war era, while attending evening classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, the young vanguard was
involved in the East German art boheme and illegal punk music movement. Today, a more popular live performer since opening dates in Belgium and Holland in 2008 for NOVASTAR, Sturm has performed on club tours and larger venues across Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, India and the U.S. More recently, he was booked for the
Europavox Festival in France at the prestigious stage of La Cooperative de Mai at Clermont-Ferrand.
Driven by the global harmony themed “Peace on Earth,” Blood and Thunder scored medium rotation at college radio across the U.S., earned spins on Jay Adkins’ Off the Charts program in the UK and, via the video clip of “Homesick,” earned exposure on VH1 India and Prime TV’s “Indie Picks” in the U.S. Sturm also earned major accolades from publications like Music Connection (“Sturm’s Brit sounding voice recalls the best of classic soft-rock, but with interesting, modern electronic touches”), Skope Magazine (“makes us excited about the prospects of rock and roll’s future”) and NYC’s The Big Takeover magazine (“a charismatic, carefree outing that’ll also have you whistling along”).

With basic tracks recorded by Sturm at his home Les Fougis Studios in France, Luna Park was produced and mixed in Vancouver by Warne Livesey, best known for his groundbreaking work with Midnight Oil, The The, Mark Hollis (Talk Talk), Matthew Good Band and Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie). Livesey, who also plays bass, says of the collaboration with Sturm: “It was very enjoyable, mostly due to the
fact that the songwriter’s work is interesting and unusual, understated and full of personality.” Sturm’s musical arsenal includes acoustic and electric guitars, electric lead, Moog, Rhodes piano, glockenspiel, harmonica and tape effects. The EP also features drums by Dave Krusen (Pearl Jam, Candlebox, Unified Theory), recorded at Starlodge Studios in Seattle.

Tracks include the trippy and hypnotic, folk influenced “1947 (Pandora Out The Box),” a clever extension of the “handshake with the devil” aspect of his renowned track “Mister D”; the classical-prog rock influenced “All Beauty Must Die”; the spirited, electronic off the wall rocker “Mirror, Mirror”; the lovely and lyrical French chanson “Gitan” about a young gypsy man (who recites German hobo slang in the middle part) and the more humorous, yet quirky rock cabaret of “If The Devil Comes” as a curfew number of the EP.

Explaining the concept of Luna Park, Sturm says, “It’s a more antiquated term of a kermis or amusement park, and has been a synonym for the ups and downs of life, a symbol of the karmic wheel to find in the carousels…the lunation and the lunatic world, where darkness is elucidated with colored lamps and flashy lights, a cinematic
market of vanity and sex, cornucopia of wasted live and unborn beauty. Memories of my youth in East Germany flashed up. More than at any time before, I’ve got a picture of the human condition and what it does to us and it really knocked me out. ”

“Some things I’m saying on this album are about present human habits, how we’re used and how we use and abuse others,” he says. “By this, handing a bitter pill in a sweet package can be excellence in songwriting. I realized that these recordings would be the start of a more complex body of work and that I would need the stamina
to fulfill its future state.”

- I-Newswire Network

"Independent Music Awards (IMA's) Nominee Matthias Sturm Announces Collaboration With UK Top Producer Warne Livesey"

Music Awards (IMA's) nominated singer/songwriter Matthias Sturm announces collaboration with UK Top producer Warne Livesey this fall

Thionne (I-Newswire) September 25, 2012 - Independent Music Awards (IMA’s) nominated German singer/songwriter and recording artist Matthias Sturm has announced his musical collaboration and production on his upcoming second album with British Top producer Warne Livesey this fall.

Livesey, recently residing in Vancouver, B.C. is most known for his ground breaking production of Midnight Oil’s platinium record Diesel And Dust. Collaborations with international Top acts in the past included The The, Paul Young, Mark Hollis (Talk Talk) and more present Canadian Top act Matthew Good Band and Death Cab for Cutie gitarist Chris Walla on his solo debut Field Manual.

Also involved in the the high noted Peak Performance Project in Canada since 2011, the producer stated of the upcoming musical collaboration with Matthias Sturm as "very enjoyable, much of the fact, that the (songwriter’s) work is interesting and unusual, understated and full of personality".

Matthias Sturm, who’s brand new music clip ‚Homesick’ was recently TV premiered on VH1 India and globally launched by W.O.A. International has emerged this year with his acclaimed US debut ‚Blood And Thunder’, which gained very positive press and extended airplay on the US college radio core stations and alternative radio in Europe.

The artist will headline a concert tour at Dubai in association with the Dubai Cable TV networks and the Rolling Stone Magazine (Middle East) in the last quarter of 2012. The tour will start up some international tour activities, rolling on a high note in the next future.

For more info, press & interview request contact Hemifran, Peter Holmstedt, (e-mail:

- I-Newswire Network

"Blood And Thunder - US major magazine GOTHIC BEAUTY"

At the onset of Blood And Thunder, the listener is neatly and instantaneously deposited into a sound enviroment at first reminiscent of early Leonard Cohen, the mid-range vocals delivering thoughful lyrics with an earnest calm. This is just an introductory foray prior to the steady built of instruments , which swell and echo like an avalanche in slow-motion reverse. It’s no wonder, then, that Matthias Sturm’s work has garnered comparisons to Roger Waters and The Beatles – his melodic sensibility is inarguable and the lo-fi instrumentation and reverb serve to pay homage to early experimentalists while plainly keeping to his own distinct vision. With a cadre of all-star collaborators, Blood And Thunder is the sort of album whose subtle juxtapositions need to be heard to be appreciated; no matter the comparisons drawn, Sturm’s vision is unique and complex, as perhaps best described by the artist himself as ,, stepping into a Byron-esque inhabited by muses’’. Dreamy yet deep, Blood And Thunder is an outstanding album. (Jessika)

- Gothic Beauty issue # 37

"Musicemissions: Matthias Sturm - Blood And Thunder 4 of 5 stars"

Having no prior knowledge of Matthias Sturm, and using only BLOOD AND THUNDER as my guiding influence, I would swear that the album was recorded in the early 1970s and was merely digitally-remastered for 21st century consumption.
How the man has eluded multiple decades of trends and evolutionary steps within the music genre is a feat beyond my comprehension. Sturm constructs kaleidoscopic, blues/folk, psychedelic, space-circus rock tunes that mesmerize you from the first note. It is a similar experience to what might happen if you popped Arthur Brown, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, John Lennon, and Bob Dylan into a blender. It's definitely one of those albums that deserves to be heard on vinyl, because it is such a tangible listening experience.
The music is trippy, dreamy, and subversively morose. And yet, I cannot shake the feeling that Sturm is an eternal hopeless romantic, spanning the cosmos, only to find unrequited love at every stop on his journey.
The only song that dares come close to edging into modern musical dogma is "What a Day," which bears a mild post-punk, Police-inspired rock-and-reggae groove. And even on that song, Sturm manages to load it up with enough head-swimming sound effects to keep your feet from barely touching the ground.
Although his music will probably never be "Top Ten" or "single-worthy" in the current state of the industry, his silky Lennon-ish vocals alone will keep you rapt through the entire album.
Unlike other bands that try to root themselves to the past as a sort of retro-gimmick, there is an air of fresh unpretentiousness about Matthias Sturm, as though he earnestly believes in his work, despite how "aged" it sounds. And that sentiment proves my theory that if you can write good music, regardless of genre, trend becomes completely irrelevant.

by Mark Morton, - (by Mark Morton)

"W.O.A Records premieres the thought provoking music video by IMA Nominee Matthias Sturm"

W.O.A Records premieres the thought provoking music video by IMA Nominee Matthias Sturm
German singer/songwriter Matthias Sturm’s brand new music video ‘Homesick’ premieres worldwide


PRLog (Press Release) - Jul 24, 2012 -
German singer/songwriter Matthias Sturm premieres his brand new music video ‘Homesick’, with a web preview of the music video on major portals on 24th July, including Youtube,, and The TV edit of the music video ‘Homesick’ is scheduled for release on Vh1 India and various other major networks within the next few weeks.

The music video ‘Homesick’ was filmed exclusively on the beaches of Goa during the W.O.A records India Tour last year. The singer/songwriter was one of the headlining acts of the WOA Records India Tour 2011. After capturing the minds and hearts of thousands of fans across Goa, Delhi and Hyderabad in 2011 Matthias Sturm is now all set to capture the world with his thought provoking new music video for the song ‘Homesick’, which is from his critically acclaimed album ‘Blood & Thunder’.

"This music video was interesting to make to say the least and most of the ideas of the video and even the storyboarding was done by the artist himself'" says Oliver Sean, Founder & President of W.O.A International and also the Music Video Director of ‘Homesick’, "as a songwriter myself I am quite a fan of Matthias Sturms’ songwriting and as a film maker I had a fun time making this music video"

W.O.A Films, the producers of the music video, are going all out to promote this music video across major networks and retail outlets worldwide. Matthias Sturm’s album ‘Blood & Thunder (The Wishbone Sessions)’ is available at major stores across India via the W.O.A Records new music catalogue, Australia, the US, Europe and major online stores.

Presenting the hot new music video by Matthias Sturm – Homesick

- PRLog

"The Big Takeover (issue #70), NYC"

Matthias Sturm Blood And Thunder (Fou De Gis)

What a fascinating background: 43-year-old Sturm grew up in East Germany, partook in its bohemian art and illegal punk movements, and became an accomplished painter after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In 1999 he began gigging around Germany, pursuing his second love, music. Somehow, he ended up in Blind Melon’s L.A. studio, backed by Pearl Jam’s original drummer Dave Krusen and Grammy- nominated songwriter/pianist/keyboardist Erin Alden. Yet surprise! This debut is not grunge, but lighthearted, understated folk-pop (think The Beatles’ ’’Benefit of Mr Kite’’), sprinkled with avant-garde, French Chanson, music hall and dub. Sturm recites his whimsical tales like a German-accented John Lennon/Nick Garrie, or Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot serenading himself while out on a stroll, backed by feather-soft drums, low-key electronics/samples, spare piano, and gentle strummed acoustics. It’s a charismatic, carefree outing, that’ll often have you whistling along.

By Mark Suppanz, The Big Takeover issue # 70

- Jack Rabid, NYC

"Matthias Sturm - Blood And Thunder (by David Knight, PromoNews, London)"

Matthias Sturm’s Blood And Thunder by Tobias Stretch
Friday, 4. September 2009 - 12:00 pm

After the extraordinary and wonderful work of his Aniboom-winner for Radiohead’s Weird Fishes and Efterklang’s Illuminant, comes the latest unmistakeable video from Tobias Stretch.
It’s another tour de force, and this time Tobias has brought his puppet creations – including the tiger and the baby in the butterfly-strewn teddy outfit – to the big city for Matthias Sturm’s Blood And Thunder. Where, it turns out, he discovered a whole new group of interesting animal life – as he explains below.
And Tobias is working hard on some new material, and he says, “New puppets are looking nuts!”
Matthias Sturm
Blood And Thunder
Director: Tobias Stretch

Tobias Stretch on making the video for Matthias Sturm’s Blood And Thunder

“The video was shot in North Philly in an abandoned parking lot that had been grown over by persistent urban plant life. We had to sneak all the puppets and gear through a hole in the fence and had a drunk guy across the street keep an eye out for us.
“The night scenes were fun to shoot because while laying on the ground to do low angle shots I could feel all kinds of bugs crawling up my clothes, and when you moved around you could see giant ghetto cockroaches go scurrying into the foliage.
“I’ve shot mostly in the countryside with the rabbits and crickets nearby so it was interesting to shoot in the city with the rats and roaches as your nature buddies. Some people on the block said there was a giant raccoon that lived in the lot but we never saw him.”

Promo News by David Knight, London
- Promo News, London

" (Belgium)"

Matthias Sturm Blood And Thunder

De uit voormalig Oost-Duitsland afkomstige Matthias Sturm wordt qua zangkwaliteiten in de pers wel eens vergeleken met ‘Pink Floyd’-zanger Roger Waters en als ik naar zijn laatste cd “Blood And Thunder” luister, dan kan ik die vergelijking eigenlijk best goed begrijpen.
Toch is de muziek die Matthias Sturm op zijn plaat brengt van een geheel andere categorie dan de sound van die legendarische progressieve Britse rockband. “Blood And Thunder” werd in Austin, Texas opgenomen met David Hillis als producer, een man die eerder al samenwerkte met o.a. ‘Pearl Jam’ en James Blunt. Het op dit album aangeboden werk is een variatie tussen folk, pop en psychedelische rock met heel wat experimentele klanken doorheen de songs gemixt.
Met de video die gemaakt werd voor de titeltrack van dit album behaalde Matthias Sturm een nominatie voor de ‘Independent Music Awards’. Andere leuke tracks uit deze cd zijn het catchy nummer “What A Day”, het grappige “Baxter Galloway Meets Mr. Handsome”, de door moderne jazz en avant garde beïnvloede nummers “Heart On A String” en “Peace On Earth” en het progressieve slotnummer “Crow Food” dat zo uit de jaren ’70 afkomstig lijkt te zijn.
15% van de opbrengst uit de verkoop van deze plaat gaat rechtstreeks naar de bankrekening van het World Wildlife Fund (WWF), waarmee we graag willen aantonen dat deze Matthias Sturm het hart ook nog eens op de juiste plaats heeft.
Naast voormalig punkzanger en liedjesmaker is hij trouwens ook nog een getalenteerde schilder die internationaal exposeert in o.a. Oostenrijk, Duitsland en Amerika. Hoe dat artistieke werk er uitziet kunt u misschien best zelf even checken op het internet. Matthias Sturm verblijft dezer dagen in Frankrijk, ofwel in de gezellige hoofdstad Parijs ofwel in Thionne in de Auvergne, een streek waar hij in het speciale effecten creëerende licht voornamelijk aan zijn schilderijen pleegt te werken.
“Former East Germany was the original habitat of Matthias Sturm, a gifted singer-songwriter and painter who now chose to live in France. In the songs on his album ‘Blood And Thunder’, he delivers experimental and psychedelic pop- and rocktunes which are reminiscent to the work of a young David Bowie blended with a melodic Pink Floyd.”

"Matthias Sturm envoûtant (La Montagne, France)"

Seul á la guitare, le songwriter Matthias Sturm distille un folk tranquil et poetique ... des chansons envoûtantes ...

(6-14-2010) - La Montagne (France)

"CD Review: Matthias Sturm Releases "The Wishbone Sessions" (Record Journal Newspaper Publ. Company)"

Friday, January 6, 2012
CD Review: Matthias Sturm Releases "The Wishbone Sessions"

Artist/musician Matthias Sturm has a new album entitled “Blood and Thunder” which will be self-released on January 17. The new album features guest musicians Dave Krusen (Pearl Jam, Candlebox) on drums and the Grammy nominated Erin Alden (Octane, Starlodge Entertainment) on piano and arrangements. The album was produced by David Hillis (Pearl Jam, Afgan Whigs, James Blunt) and recorded at Blind Melon’s studio. With all these factors, how could the album not be a success?

The album begins with the gentle “Mister D” in which Sturm’s German-accented voice gets surrounded by a nice string arrangement. It almost sounds like it was imported as it does not follow the conventional pop song structure which is what makes this album interesting to listen to. “Blood and Thunder” sound like two song ideas combined into one as the vocals don’t always follow the music being performed. Sturm’s songwriting really shines on “What A Day” as he adds a catchy, Joe Strummer-type chorus with and interesting, almost reggae vibe. The groove of “Baxter Galoway Meets Mr Handsome” seems like it would fit in to a Broadway show more than on this album, but it is still a very cleaver song. Matthias Sturm sings in French on “Pierrot” and “L’Heure” as the music sets the mood of the songs without a need of knowing or understanding the lyrics. The album closes with “Crow Food” as Sturm tells us a story with great lyrics and chorus that just repeats in your head.

15% of sales of the new album through will be donated to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). For more information, check out Matthis Sturm’ facebook page (

Posted by JP's Music Blog - Record-Journal Newspaper Publishing Company

"Independent Music Awards Nominee Matthias Sturm (DC Life Magazine)"

Independent Music Awards Nominee Matthias Sturm

December 30, 2011

German rock/acoustic artist and Independent Music Awards Nominee Matthias Sturm comes across both as a seasoned songwriter and communicator on his US debut “Blood and Thunder”, due for release on Jan 17, 2012.

When he sings “I’m going to the Underworld” on the stunning track “Peace on Earth”, you feel the unlikely urge to go with him, and the reason becomes perfectly clear as his masterful backup vocal choices guide the song through Beatles-inspired, dark atmospheres. The Single is recently aired on several AAA-programs in theUSand theUK, garnering rave reviews. “Baxter Galloway Meets Mr. Handsome” has hints of “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite” in the composition and circus/carnival mood. This is an artist who is not afraid to experiment because he is confident in his song writing ability.I would put his approach somewhere between Roger Waters and David Bowie, yet he has his own unique delivery.

Matthias Sturm, reputed as a painter as well, started out as one of the young talented painter generation hailing fromEast Germany. His mixed-media paintings and monotypes are part of some more important public and private art collections inGermany,Austriaand theUSA.

“Blood and Thunder” is recommended listening for fans of lush, story telling in their rock and folk music. Devotees of Pink Floyd, David Bowie, and The Beatles should find something to enjoy here. Listen to Matthias’s music and find out more on his Facebook page

- DC Life Magazine

"Fusion feast - by Ketan Agarwal (The Hindu, national press, India)"

Event A global music treat for Hyderabadis
Musical confluence Viceroybill, Mathias Sturm, Overhate and Eric Dulle (left to right)

Indian Music lovers are leaving no stone unturned to welcome international music of any form. Be it a rock band, a famous international artiste, or fusion of various artistes, Indian Music fans have never let them down.

WOA International (World of Artist) Music Company has gone a step further in catering to the demands of music lovers across the globe. Their annual India tour promises some high spirited performances. Their do last week in Hyderabad was no different.

Hyderabad being their second destination after Goa, they had four artistes from different domains enthralling the crowd.

French Sax Maestro Eric Dulle, Germany's award-winning singer-songwriter Matthias Sturm, Reggae star from the US Jade Steel and his band, Metal's new emerging kings from Venezuela Overhate, Canadian adult contemporary artiste Viceroybill..

The artistes feel that W.O.A International has been working for years towards getting international independent music artistes together at the same time to India and give the Indian audiences an opportunity to hear their music live and experience great musical performances. This annual tour is a culmination of all those efforts with a bigger tour this year.

“Performing with artistes from various nationalities is not easy, but music is something which gets us closer and we love such fusion,” feels Abhishek, a resident DJ. The performance as expected drew immense support and interest as it served as a platform for all sorts of music lovers to come together and experience the fusion of music.

The development of the music industry has meant that bands are no longer stifled by lack of exposure, or limited in their options of distributing their music.

Determined artistes have not restricted themselves to their nations and the best music out there will get its chance to be heard by everyone, however we classify it.

KETAN AGARWAL - The Hindu (India national press release)

"World’s Best Independent Artists take over the Indian Music Scene (Music Industry Report)"

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Panjim, Goa, India, 10/08/2009 - World’s Best Independent Artists take over the Indian Music Scene for a week during the W.O.A International annual tour and music festival across the country.

W.O.A International–The Music Company started off the Independent music revolution in India last year with the W.O.A Records India Tour 2008. Few can come close to the scale and ambition of the W.O.A Records India Tour Franchise. This year its getting bigger and better with W.O.A Records - the label arm of Global Entertainment Co. W.O.A International, bringing together 10 international artists from the 31st of October to the 7th of November 2009 to various cities across India.

“The W.O.A Records India Tour 2009 tour is expected to be twice as large as the 2008 tour” says W.O.A International Marketing Director, Wanda Alvares, “The W.O.A Records India Tour last year was a phenomenal success and received unprecedented coverage and support from media and fans both locally and Internationally. We believe that the W.O.A Records India Tour 2009 this year will be an event that music lovers have not experienced before”

The W.O.A Records India Tour 2009 will see International artistes perform in major cities of India including a Grand Music Festival / Concert at the W.O.A International Music Festival in Goa on the 31st of October which is to be the start and kick off to the India Tour 2009. The Goa festival is to be the biggest event of the entire tour, the event in Goa is called the W.O.A International Music Festival and will have the headlining artists of the India tour and will also have five celebrity Indian stars and top International artists from Sweden, Germany and other parts of the world joining in exclusively only for the Goa concert to celebrate Goa as the Music capital of International music in India.

The artists this year include respected worldwide acts like British Metal sensation Cypher16, Australian Alt Rockers Risemann, Hip Hop Star Legrand from the US, Guitar Virtuoso Danny John, Kallii the Greek/Australian rock sensation and Headlining the special concert exclusively in Goa will be International Rocker, Goa’s very own Oliver Sean, who will be joined by four additional top International artists from around the world including touring acts like Monica and the Explosion from Sweden amongst others. All the artists will perform everything from pop and Acoustic to Rock and Hip Hop, so there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Promoting Goa as the International music capital of India has been one of the missions of W.O.A International along with creating a support network for fantastic International and local Independent artists. With a decade of working towards becoming India’s largest International Independent record label, W.O.A International is now in the forefront of promoting International music in India.

“Being based in Goa and having over 200 International artists signed to our roster and now with the India Tour an annual event, the W.O.A International Music Festival confirms our stand that Goa IS the International music capital of India” says International Rocker and W.O.A Founder/ President Oliver Sean. “To get international music artistes all together at the same time to India and give the Indian audiences an opportunity to hear their music live across various cities is what W.O.A International has been working towards for years and the W.O.A Records annual India Tour and the W.O.A International Music festival is a culmination of all those efforts.”

The five headlining artists of the India Tour will also travel to Bangalore to perform at a two day fest at Bangalore’s best live performance venue Kyra on the 1st and 2nd of November and the tour is to end with special 3 hour concerts at Mumbai and Pune at the Jazz by the bay live music clubs simultaneously over two days on the 6th and 7th of November.

W.O.A International will also be producing a compilation audio CD comprising every artist on the tour and other top International acts that will be released worldwide, and the much talked about Rockumentary. The "Rockumentary" will be a behind-the-scenes video of the entire tour including exclusive clips of the live performances at the venues. This will be aired on major global networks in parts and will also be available as downloads on the itunes store, so audiences around the world can view the performances of these artists during the tour making it a truly global experience. The tour is expected to garner immense support and interest, as it will show International artists from various countries touring India together and performing at world-class events – a true International Independent music revolution in India.

The national media support garnered, including featuring the artistes’ music videos on major music channels, major publications supporting our endeavour to support Independent musicians, the documentary of this event being featured globally - Music Industry Report (

"Prospects of Rock'n'Roll's future ("

February 23, 2012 | by Skope

Born in Germany and now operating out of France, indie/rock singer/songwriter Matthias Sturm has been generating very positive reviews worldwide for his new release “Blood and Thunder”. Recorded at Blind Melon’s private studio with David Hillis (Pearl Jam, Afghan Wigs, James Blunt) at the helm, Sturm also recruited Pearl Jam founding member Dave Krusen on drums and two-time Grammy nominated Erin Alden on keys and piano. The release has brought Matthias comparisons to artists such as Roger Waters as well as a nomination at the Independent Music Awards. All this can lead to both hype and expectation, and I for one think Mr. Sturm is up for the challenges that comparison with other rock greats can bring.

“Mister D” immediately shows Matthias Sturm as a very natural storyteller and songwriter. His voice soothes, flows and cracks occasionally – all the spontaneous output of a seasoned writer who knows how to express himself, and doesn’t need to have everything perfect. Real is perfect, after all. With vocal lines and tone reminiscent of David Bowie, Matthias has chosen some beautiful arrangements, and the psychedelic production is wonderful. This is definitely the beginning of what seems like a fascinating release.

“Blood and Thunder” continues the trend, and that’s a great thing; if it ain’t broke, why fix it? From talking poetic rants to eastern guitar chords, beauty and tension abound. Sturm sings “See the tiger turn his head … and the tiger lift his head” with reverence and purpose, as “Dear Prudence” sound effects swirl and elevate the listener. This is moving, motivational material.

“What a Day” brings the upbeat, playful, more poppy side to the forefront, and a song that normally may err on the cheesy side seems totally authentic because of the songwriters strength. He guides the song with a sense of wonder for a beautiful day. ”Home Sick” takes on the subject of mortality with some humour and a dash of fearlessness. The arrangement is mellow and soothing; our protagonist is not worried by any means.

“Baxter Galloway Meets Mr. Handsome” gives a hats off to both The Beatles “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite” and “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”. A circus wheel could be visualized with this slightly mad progression; upbeat and curious. “Peace on Earth”, like the title track “Blood and Thunder”, is poetic and inspired. Between the call and response backup vocals, Matthias’s dynamic lead vocals plead “Take my hand. You see the world is upside down” before leading a gang vocal of “Peace on Earth. Jesus Christ. Hallelujah”.

The next album highlight for me is the closer, “Crow Food”, whose soothing rock n’ roll swing serves as a perfect backdrop for the poetry. Bowie, Lennon, Waters, Jagger, the influences are all here, and Sturm adds his own flair, his own originality.

This is a highly recommended release for any fans of classic rock or great singer/songwriters; David Bowie, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan – you get the picture. A very enjoyable listen, and it makes me excited for the prospects of rock n’ roll’s future. -

"Matthias Sturm - MUSIC CONNECTION (US) issue # 61 - New music critiques"

Solo artist Matthias Sturm presents what could be termed 'modern throwback', as his classic '70s folk-rock sensiblity is presented with a modern edge. Peace On Earth features the artist's gift for hooky melodies. The tune's a winner, and with Sturm's Brit-sounding voice recalls the best of classic soft-rock, but with interesting, modern electronic touches. Also catchy and quite unique is ''Baxter'', very much 'a take a trip in my brain' excursion with it's impishly fancilful, literary tale. A distintive artist who is both daring and accessible.

- MUSIC CONNECTION February 'Grammy' issue # 61

"Matthias Stum - PensEyeView - Cover Story (March 8,9)"

Matthias Sturm

Richie Frieman

Our latest feature has one of the most colorful backgrounds we’ve come across here at PEV – Matthias Sturm has been creating works of art from various disciplines for decades now, starting in his home country of Germany. It all began around the fall of the Berlin Wall, when Sturm’s amazing paintings first caught attention, attention that would later lead down a few dangerous paths. Sturm attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Germany, often caught up in the illegal punk music movements of the time before the breaking of the wall. This eventually led to his regular observation by National Security forces due to his “political incorrectness”. It’s hard to believe, but years later, the punk kid from Germany would land in Los Angeles, recording with Dave Krusen from Pearl Jam in the private studio of Blind Melon. You see, it isn’t just painting that Matthias excels at.
His latest work, “Blood and Thunder” was nominated as part of the 10th Independent Music Awards (IMAs) in the Short Form Music Video for the title track. Sturm says “People can expect a wide facetted album with ‘Blood and Thunder’, which is in its entirety a throwback to classic rock, but with a modern edge. The entourage of musicians on this album and the reputation of producer Dave Hillis speaks for itself… Since the release dropped on January 17 in the US, it has gained rave reviews.” Sample “Blood and Thunder” for yourself as soon as possible. Sturm will be headlining a tour in Dubai later this year in association with W.O.A International, the Dubai Cable Networks, VH1 and with the support of the Rolling Stone (Middle East). Excellent stuff. There’s much more for you to get into, so keep reading for all the answers to the XXQ’s.

XXQs: Matthias Sturm (PEV): How would you describe your sound and what do you feel makes you stand out over the others in your genre?

Matthias Sturm (MB): My listeners and fans can expect a prospect of rock'n'roll's future, as a critic noted recently about my album ''Blood And Thunder''. What could be stand out more. As a very young boy I was already involved into a circle of East German art boheme and later, during the evening classes of the Academy of Fine Arts in the illegal punk music movements short before the break of the Wall. But the earliest whiff of music in my remembering ears was a recording of a Missisipi Blues Festival, which was 1975 live recorded at East Berlin. These blues voices and this kind of 'I -can -play -guitar' improvements were lasting. Main influences …? There is a lot of Jazz music in the game, Miles Davis, Coltrane, these pool of gifted masters. I grew up in the 80ies, but had a strong believe in the experimental field of music of the 70ies.

PEV: Was there a certain point in your life when you knew you wanted music to be a large part of your life, if not the biggest part?

MS: I’ve got my first guitar in the age of 8 years and there in Germany is a word for someone ‘bitten by his guitar’! But music was over years a kind of covert love. I started out as one of the young, talented East German painters after the break of the Wall. Even later, in 1999 I was starting to gig around in Hamburg and Berlin with a number of songs and a musical program after having first recorded in some small private studios.

PEV: Tell us about your first ever live performance.

MS: Beside of the indispensable talent contests at school I remember a first, memorable performance, as I was coerced into doing my military service in former East Germany. I was 19 years at this time, heavily in love with a beautiful girl of my hometown as the government sent me to a very bad place. I was observed by the National Security since some time due to my ‘political incorrectness’. It was on the occasion of a regiment’s celebration where I found myself in front of 600 soldiers singing ‘Sag mir wo die Blumen sind’, a famous anti-war chanson of Marlene Dietrich. This moment showed up the empowered intermission between people over a song. And it was me on stage!

PEV: What was it like for you when you first started out and making the transition to professional musician?

MS: I think it happened once as I was back from Los Angeles, recording with Dave Krusen from early Pearl Jam and other West Coast prominence in the private studio of the band Blind Melon. Suddenly I’ve got that I would have a future voice and name in the global music landscape. It was a momentum of the awakened artist.

PEV: Do you remember the first time you thought to yourself – “I am really onto something!”?

MS: “I am really onto something!’’ is an ever present and life lasting subject of matter for an artist, whether if it is painting or creating music. Art comes from subconscious sources of our souls and I’m connected with these sources since I can think. Maybe, that this kind of state ‘to be into something’ is also something, which I need like air to breath and maybe it is g - Richie Frieman (

"Matthias Sturm Talks Finding Success With Blood And Thunder"

German singer/songwriter Matthias Sturm is an Independent Music Awards nominee who has worked with Grammy-nominated songwriters Erin Alden and Dave Krusen among others. The music industry as a whole has been giving his recent work top reviews, and I was happy to have the chance to chat with him.

Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, Matthias. Your new album “Blood and Thunder” is out and appears to be getting a good reception. Tell us about Matthias Sturm and what you bring to the table.

I’m a German singer/songwriter, recently living in France. I was one of this year’s Nominees of the Independent Music Awards (10th annual IMA’s) in the US.

Just in the minute I’m back from a national tour in India, where I was invited by W.O.A International in association with VH1. The tour was kicked off with a performance in front of the Minister of Power of India during the W.O.A. International Music Festival at Goa, 31st of October.

As for my music, I name it ‘to step into a Byronesque universe inhabited by muses’. My lyrics are mostly like poems, written in a Spoken Word tradition, dark stories about love and transcendence, pending with human struggle for truth. I am a rock poet. Geoff Koboldt, a Los Angeles based music manager appreciates ‘… the uniqueness of the instruments and sound, which reminds me of a strange mix of the Beatles and Pink Floyd… his vocal tone is really beautiful at times – reminds me of Roy Orbison a little bit …’ So just to put this on the table. My US album debut ‚Blood And Thunder’ is a collaboration with West Coast musicians like Dave Krusen, who was drummer of Pearl Jam, two times Grammy nominated songstress Erin Alden and some other L.A. prominence. The album will be released 17th of January 2012, available at CDBaby, Amazon and i-tunes and in stores via physical distribution. The Single ‘Peace On Earth’ is recently aired on several and non-comercial radio stations and AAA-programs in the US and the UK, garnering some rave reviews.

What do you feel are some of the ways that indie artists should adapt and change in today’s music industry? What qualities should a successful artist have?

As for the first question: you can turn it and back and forth, but the music business doesn’t change the ways of working, it’s all about money. There might be a chance for Independents today to beak through via social networks and internet promotion tools, but frankly it is tough and you’re in the bang of the battle as long as you go on this row. To answer the question what it takes to be a successful artist, what separates him from the rest, I think it’s mainly the wise and experience to face the fear and personal disorders and, instead of fighting them to transform them into something positive – the quite impossible, that the lesser in us support the higher in us. That’s Zen.

What have you found works well for you as far as promotion goes?

There are different ways of promotion and since I’ve worked with A&R pro’s, I’ve learned a lot from them. I have a strong and heart-felt connection with my fan base and the first step in promotion is for sure my music. Fans are true. As I said, I’m working with a professional team, including a radio promoter in NYC and a publicist and former director of the South by South Music Conference at Austin. My US release comes strong!

Who in music do you most admire most and why?

I believe that musicians have their initial kicks with music in their earliest childhood, as for me it was first a record with Mississippi Delta Blues artists. I grew, as a little boy, with these voices and this kind of ‘I can play guitar’ sound. Til today I love this kind of improvements on their guitar play. I grew up in the 80s, so to say, but I had a strong belong in music of the 70s. And there is Jazz in the game, Miles Davis, Coltrane, this enriched pool of god-gifted talents …

Do you have any advice for aspiring independent musicians who may feel disillusioned or discouraged at times?

Maybe, I have and it took me some time and bad experience on my way to get it: Help yourself and others will follow! Don’t wait for someone in this so-called ‘dreams come true’ business. And be self-distanced, stay away from you and your problems, as this is one of the strongest tools to succeed, in many ways.

How can music fans keep tabs on Matthias Sturm?

For all those, who are new with me, just find me on my social network on Facebook or Youtube. Just visit me here to get my story and listen to my tunes and, as said, the record pre-sale starts now and the album will be officially available on i-tunes, Amazon and CDBaby by January, 17th 2012.

It’s all for you – Rock’Roll!

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"Independent Music Awards Press Release 2011"

Contact: Jude Folkman
Phone: 973-767-1811

Paris’s Own Matthias Sturm Joins Ra Ra Riot,
Melissa Auf der Maur, Flying Lotus,
Jim Campilongo, Jackson Browne and David Lindley
As Nominees for The 10th Independent Music Awards
More Than 300 Self-Released and Independent Label Talent Nominated

For Immediate Release

February 2-16-2011 – France based Matthias Sturm join Ra Ra Riot, Melissa Auf der Maur, Flying Lotus, Hemoptysis, Darrell Scott, Jim Campilongo, Jackson Browne and David Lindley and other self-released and independent label talent as Nominees for The 10th Independent Music Awards (The IMAs), the influential awards program for independent bands and fans.

Representing the broad spectrum of today’s global independent music scene, the more than 300 Nominees in nearly 70 Song, Album, Music Video and Design categories were culled from submissions from North America, South America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Known for celebrating artists that follow their own muse, The 10th IMA Nominees are an eclectic mix of rising stars including Strawfoot (Alt. Country Song), Hemoptysis (Metal/Hardcore Song), and Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three (Amerciana Album) and established talent including telecaster virtuoso, Jim Campilongo (Instrumental Album), experimental multi-genre artist, Flying Lotus (Music Video and Dance/Electronica Song), and indie rockers, Ra Ra Riot (Pop/Rock Album). Perhaps better known as major label acts, this year’s Nominees strutting their independence include former Hole bassist, Melissa Auf der Maur (Indie/Alt./Hard Rock Album), and songwriting legend Jackson Browne with David Lindley (Live Performance Album).

Winners will be determined by a panel of 62 influential artist and industry judges including Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan, Suzanne Vega, Aimee Mann, Pete Wentz, Bettye LaVette, Seal, Adam Duritz, Ozzy Osbourne, Arturo Sandoval, Martin Atkins, Andrew W. K., Shelby Lynne, Kevin Lyman (Warped Tour), Bill Bragin (Lincoln Center), Anthony DeCurtis (Rolling Stone), Pat McGuire (Filter Magazine) and Evan Schlansky (American Songwriter) and will be announced in mid-March 2011. Music fans have until July 11 to cast their votes at The IMA Vox Pop Jukebox to determine the fan-selected IMA Winners.

Hear the music of all Nominees at:

Artistry Has Its Awards

Celebrating the democracy of creativity and meritocracy of talent, The Independent Music Awards honor exceptional independent artists who are, traditionally ignored by mass media and big box retailers. For the past 10 years, artists and labels from around the world have found new fans and prominence through The Independent Music Awards. Produced by Music Resource Group, publisher of the popular industry networking database The Musician’s AtlasOnline, and producers of the original webTV series, Grooveable Feast, The IMAs use its unrivaled access to performance, promotion & distribution opportunities to connect Winners and Nominees to new audiences and revenue opportunities. Earning IMA honors goes beyond a badge of distinction. Artists credit The IMAs with increasing recognition among music fans and industry gatekeepers.

Past winners and nominees include: And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Cursive, fun., The Flatlanders, Spinerrette, Holly GoLightly & The Brokeoffs, Vienna Teng, The So So Glos, Cephas & Wiggins, The Matches, All That Remains, The Cliks, Oran Etkin, State Radio, Lee “Scratch Perry, The Very Best, Tim Easton, Marco Benevento, Kes The Band, Jamie Lidell, Lacuna Coil, The Trews, Joan As Police Woman; Koko Taylor, Miguel Migs; Speech, God Forbid, Lionel Louekee; Jeff Healey, Johnny Dowd, Chris Whitley, Ike Turner, The Apples in stereo, Mary Gauthier, Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland), The Mooney Suzuki, and Denque Fever among many others.

- Independent Music Awards (IMA's)

"Matthias Sturm - Blood And Thunder TOP PICK (5 stars)"

Matthias Sturm - Blood And Thunder (Independently released CD, Pop) here's a different sort of album from a different sort of artist. Matthias Sturm writes and records underground pop with a decidedly unique edge that we rarely hear out there in the world. Unlike a lot of modern throwaway pop music there's a great deal of substance and spirit swimming around in these tracks. This guy is truly amazing and his presence comes through loud and clear on the peculiar tracks on Blood And Thunder. Hard to describe what this sounds like...but to our ears this sounds something like a cross between Neil Innes and The Television Personalities crossed with The Beatles in their psychedelic phase. Sturm has apparently been a mover and shaker in the music and arts community for quite some time now. He was involved in the punk movement in East Germany many years ago and is also a successful painter. But after hearing this album we're hoping that this amazing fellow puts more and more of his energy into recording because his music is just...incredible. These songs won't blow you away immediately. But the subtle nuances of the melodies and sounds will slowly but surely creep into your subconsciousness over time. We can't say enough great things about this disc. It'll easily end up being one of the best albums of the year. Kickass cuts include "Mister D," "What A Day," "Peace On Earth," and "Crow Food." In a world of generics Matthew Sturm is a rare and peculiar gem. TOP PICK.

"Music in Belgium compte-rendu concerts - by Oliver Wouters"

....Musicalement, on entr’aperçoit des airs lointains de Neil Young, avec des compositions essentiellement basées sur une guitare acoustique ... - Music in Belgium

"ACM spotlight"

Atlantis Music Conference 2007 got a spotlight on the track ,,Blood And Thunder’’:

,,This is a well produced and recorded piece with very interesting production and arrangement textures. The layers are mixed well and give the song a very classic, experimental mood. It is different yet familiar in a retro -"trippy" sort of way. … Very creative songwriting. Definitely avant-garde!’’ - Atlantis Music Conference 2007

"For heaven's sake"

For heaven's sake
Stone By Stone Gallery takes a risky ride with an german painter's chaotic spiritual journey
By Christina Rees
Published: August 6, 1998

Opening a gallery in Dallas is just this side of nuts. Even established spaces in our so-called "gallery district" play Russian roulette with nearly every show; rosters of regular clients are no guarantee of a sale. But opening a gallery here and showing works by a "never-heard-of-'im" German painter is downright certifiable. ("You got that straightjacket, Pete? We'll need two.")

Six months ago, local framers and UNT art-school grads James and Patricia Stone took on a sweat-soaked labor of love only the young and almost-foolish would attempt--they opened a space on Routh Street dedicated to the art they care about, be it local, national, or international. (Hell, who needs focus when you've got passion?) The first few months they played it safe: First the modest venue was filled with a show of ceramics, and then with works by noted local assemblage-man Chase Yarbrough. Only after these did the Stones start baring their sharper teeth, their penchant for edgier stuff. Derrick Rossi, a relatively unknown young artist--self-taught beneath his career as a genetic scientist--brought his death-themed, men-in-boxes paintings to Stone By Stone as he started a residency at Southwestern Medical School, thus rechristening the still-new art space and its aesthetics as something akin to the more risk-loving galleries of Edith Baker and Barry Whistler.

So the question arises: How many integrity-laden art spaces can Dallas support? The local arts scene is kind of like a meager 10-gallon fish aquarium capable of supporting only 20 small fish when five extra fish are added to the mix. The result is a biological disaster (like the aggressive ones munching away the fins of the weaker ones, or an outbreak of the slimy "ick" disease), and at least five end up floating to the top in pale death. Blame it on resources and the number of those who tap them: Surely Manhattan, with its millions of folks crammed onto one small island, will be one of the first places on earth to experience a 12 Monkeys bio-plague. Dallas, conversely, will unwittingly exterminate any overgrowth of interesting culture--there aren't enough supporters to go around. What else can explain the endless struggles of our ballet ('cause we already got a symphony and museum, see), the loss of our best bands in the face of a rock-scene upswing (bye-bye, Funland and UFOFU), and the inability to produce a viable arts district (let's throw millions of dollars at a new sports arena instead)? The Angstrom and gallery:untitled have also opened in the last two years. We can only hope that they and the promising Stone By Stone survive--thrive even--and that no casualties are reported in the process.

Stone By Stone's Russian roulette turns Kraut poker with their latest offering. Showcased artist Matthias Sturm has this thing about the heavens--both kinds--the ethereal, spiritual kind with an omnipotent creator and all that, and the outer-space, "the-truth-is-out-there" kind. His art strives to reconcile one with the other and to find our identities somewhere in between. It's the same conflict theologians and scientists have been fondling since mankind scratched its head and stated, "I don't know if I should believe in what I can't prove," and then quickly added, "But I'd like to."

In his mixed-media paintings and monotypes, Sturm often casts a human--an elongated, jutting-hipped, naked one, presumably an everyman who might as well be you and me and Sturm all at once--in his intense, thoughtful dramas. These are strangely abstracted expressionist-cum-morality plays that fiddle with the origin of his little, visible soul. There's a cross floating beside him and a leafy plant under it and a spaceship-like orb wafting across the top; to whom, if anyone, will he answer? Everyman keeps one open eye (or two maroon eyes, or side-sweeping eyes) on all options with silent, curious regard--religion, nature, or the otherworldly.

No, there's nothing so concrete in the works; a first glance will land you in a pleasantly chaotic color field a la Basquiat or Kandinsky, or recall the scratchy, barely-figurative works of de Kooning. And really, some would question how well a 28-year-old who lives in Hamburg could possibly apply these questions about mysticism so earnestly without losing his cool (which in art-scene speak means bitterness, cynicism, and apathy). Is he getting to the crux of anything, really? (And don't let the titles lead the witness.) But step closer, and there are those ever-present searching eyes, and that cross, and that plant, and that hovering science-fiction thing popping in from time to time. It's a repeated iconography, and while it's familiar, Sturm has taken it out of all familiar context. How often do we see spacecraft depicted in a medium as traditional as painting or printmaking, and how o - Dallas Observer

"W.O.A. India Tour 2009 - press release"

Wednesday, December 02, 2009
W.O.A Records India Tour 2009 Success leads to creation of W.O.A Films

The W.O.A Records receives unprecedented support from the Media, Fans and the Industry after the Successful completion of the India Tour 2009 and embarks on a new journey with the launch of the W.O.A Films Division. Panaji, Goa – Dec, 3rd, 2009 -W.O.A International–The Music Company – has been organising the W.O.A records India Tour since 2008 when it was conceptualised and put into motion capturing the attention of the media, fans and musicians immediately for the grand scale and uniqueness of the tour. This year the W.O.A Records India Tour 2009 far exceeded the expected support and received unprecedented coverage and following from the media and the fans of Independent music for the high level of concerts organised in every city and the calibre of musicians on tour. And the support has come in also from the film fraternity in India, which is due to the next division of W.O.A International being launched – W.O.A Films. The W.O.A Films Division is being officially launched with the release of the documentary of the W.O.A Records India Tour 2009, which will be released on worldwide global networks as a mini series in early 2010. "The W.O.A Records India Tour 2009 was a runaway success this year" says W.O.A International Founder and International Rocker, Oliver Sean, "The tour this year and the wonderful artists and the calibre of performances were at such high standards that the idea of W.O.A Films just fell into place and now we launch W.O.A International's new division W.O.A Films in 2010 with the documentary we shot of the tour that will feature the artists that we are so proud of" The W.O.A Records India Tour 2009 saw International artistes that included Risemann, Kallii, Danny John & Craig Fraser all from Australia, Cypher16 from the UK, Metissia from France, Monica & The Explosion from Sweden, Lloyd Paul, Elvis Kahn & Saurabh Som from India and special performances by International Rocker Oliver Sean, French Singer Songwriter Matthias Sturm and others who performed at the W.O.A International Music Festival that kicked off the 2009 tour. The tour was across all the major music loving cities of India including Goa, Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune where the artists took over the city and the buzz across the nation was of the W.O.A Records India Tour that rocked India for one whole week without a break. With the launch of W.O.A Films in 2010 the documentary of the tour will be released as a mini series and will also have the much awaited compilation CD of the 2009 tour accompanying the launch of the Film division of W.O.A International which will feature the main tour artists and all the finalists of the tour who couldn't make it to India. With the ever expanding infrastructure of W.O.A International that now includes W.O.A Record & Studios, W.O.A Artist Management, W.O.A Events, W.O.A Publishing, W.O.A Music Marketing, the Internationally syndicated W.O.A Radio Show, the upcoming W.O.A Film Division and with an even bigger, better and louder tour planned for 2010 when the tour will be held in India and Dubai, W.O.A International is staying true to its mission of being a company that creates a complete infrastructure for top level Independent artists reach their full potential and assisting world class musicians achieve their dreams without compromising their true identity as musicians. - W.O.A. International

"Woher der wind weht - Deutsche Songwriter auf dem Vormarsch an die Indie-Spitze"

... mit Anflügen von Songwriter - Qualitäten eines Neil Young oder Elliot Smith. Hier werden eben nicht jene aufgewärmten Gefühle gebacken, die andere Produktionen auf diesem Sektor aufweisen, sondern da kommt einer frisch und unverbraucht daher, mit Songs wie ,Pierrot', die die fanzösische Nouvelle Vague heraufbeschwört oder frischem, geraden Rock'n Roll in ,Crowfood' ... - Musikmaschine (Magazin, Deutschland)


“[The] music is beautiful and [I] appreciate the uniqueness of the instruments and sound...reminds me of a strange mix of the Beatles and Pink Floyd...”
Geoff Koboldt, CEO of Out of Step Entertainment

''The album’s one saving grace could have been its diversity; there’s folk (the title track), strange detours into French (“L’Heure”), and indie that sounds ready to be the ending credits music to the next Wes Anderson movie (“Homesick”). ''


Indy Hits Volume 42 Sampler (Indy Hits) 2008
Longe Media Conference Compilation (2011)
Goa Chillout Zone Volume 4 (W.O.A. Records /Universal) (2011)
Matthias Sturm ''Blood And Thunder '' (Fou De Gis)
U.S. release date: 17th of January 2012

Independent Artist No.1’s Compilation (W.O.A. Records)(October 2013)

2012-2013 AIRPLAY reports:

MUST 107.8 FM Mumbai (Dec 20th 2011 - Week 3 & 4)(Jan 1st 2012– Week 1 & 2) AIR Rainbow 105.6 FM Goa (Dec 20th 2011 - Week 3 & 4) (Jan 1st 2012– Week 1 & 2) AIR Rainbow FM 107.1 Mumbai (Dec 20th 2011 - Week 3 & 4) (Jan 1st 2012– Week 1 & 2) AIR Rainbow FM 102.6 Delhi (Dec 20th 2011 - Week 3 & 4) (Jan 1st 2012– Week 1 & 2)

WHFC Bel Air, KOTO Telluride CO, HGRNJ Long Valley, NJ, WCNI East Haddam,CT, The Penguin Rocks Belmar, NJ, Impact 89 FM ... & in medium rotation on U.S. college radio core stations: KUCI (Irvine, CA),KXLU (Los Angeles, CA), KXUA ( Fayetteville, AR), WRVU (Nashville), WVUM (FL), WHUS (Storrs, CT),KAMP (Tuscon, AZ), KUTE (Salt Lake City), WTUL (New Orleans), WSBF (Clemson, SC), WNUR (Chicago) ... a.o., The Big Takover, Breakthru Radio (April, 23), ROK Out Radio (Scranton, PA), Radio Crystal Blue (Philadelphia) and more
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Undiscovered, RFTK Radio, Jump Radio, Venture Radio, Sound Machine Radio, Musictogousa, New Artist Radio,
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Last year, among his many other accolades, Matthias Sturm was nominated for the 10th Independent Music Awards (IMAs) in the Short Form Music Video for Blood And Thunder, the title track from his debut full length album. Considering his status as a musical citizen of the world, its no surprise that he chose the dreamy John Lennon and Pink Floyd influenced global harmony song Peace on Earth as the unofficial lead single. The tune is gaining airplay from Triple AAA stations and most of the college radio Core stations in the U.S. to outlets in India and Dubai. Sturm will be headlining a tour in Dubai the last quarter of 2012 in association with W.O.A International, the Dubai Cable Networks, VH1 and with the support of the Rolling Stone (Middle East).

The multi-talented singer/songwriters life leading up to his emergence as a solo artist rolls like a high spirited travelogue, with his heartfelt voice conveying highly poetic music and lyrics that, in his words, invite the listener to step into a Byronesque universe inhabited by muses. Sturm hails from East Germany; was heavily inspired by Mississippi Delta Blues and jazz a la Miles Davis and John Coltrane; attended the evening classes of the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden; and writes most of his songs at home in a large 16th Century Fortress in the Countryside outside of his adopted hometown of Paris. He headed to L.A. to record Blood and Thunder at Blind Melons private studio with producer David Hillis, best known for his work with Pearl Jam, Afghan Wigs and James Blunt. The collection also features two-time Grammy nominated songstress Erin Alden (keyboards, piano, arrangements) and drummer Dave Krusen, who anchored Pearl Jam as a founding member.

Drawing upon influences from numerous cultures, Sturm has a unique sound thats steeped in classic 70s rock and has been compared by Shoentel Music in Los Angeles as reminiscent of Roger Waters...(but with) more layered depth and more melodic. Mike Galaxy, an L.A. based music promoter adds, These songs are cool, very different than anything Ive ever heard. They offer a subtle and colorful mix of folk, Avant Garde and French Chanson garnished with cinematic soundscapes. His expansive depth as a singer, songwriter and recording artist is in some ways a musical outgrowth of his highly acclaimed work as a visual artist and painter. After the Berlin wall came down, Sturm became one of East Germanys youngest and most talented painters. His paintings are part of some important art collections in Germany, Austria and the U.S. and in many private collections.

Sturm has a recently growing fan community in the Benelux States where Belgium popstar NOVASTAR recruited him for supporting slots on a 2008 tour of Belgium and Holland. Sturm has also performed on club tours and larger venues across Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, India and the USA, sometimes on legendary stages like the AB (LAncienne Belgique) in Brussels. Signed to W.O.A. International with a management and license deal for India and the Middle-East, he performed the W.O.A. Indian Summer Tour 2009. Last year, Sturm was back on stage for the W.O.A. International India Tour 2011 in association with VH1. His pioneering of independent music in India included a performance at the International Music Festival at Goa in front of the Indian Minister of Power. He recently created a new video clip of his song Homesick, which was shot at Goa which had his TV premiere on VH1 India in July and will have US televison premiere on the heatseeker 'Indie Picks' of Prime TV.

For many fans, one of the most compelling aspects of the Sturm musical experience is his lyrics, which read like poems from the Romantic era of English literature. I see myself as a storyteller, and my lyrics have a strong poetic character, says Sturm. They are written in the style of a spoken word tradition that draws on the romantic literature I love from 19th Century England. It was a very interesting phase in the history of poetry and the stories, like mine, were a bit dark and asked great questions about life, death and love. There is a strong association to image and scenery which allows people to imagine themselves in any given situation. My writing is very subconscious, and I always feel the most interesting songs come upon the writer when he or she least expects.

(by Jonathan Widran, member of the L.A. Recording Academy)

PS: Matthias Sturm on US Tour during July 2013 BLOOD AND THUNDER!