Death Metal With A Beat You Can Dance To!


Lucifixion was spawned in 1990 as a young act with influences rooted deeply in the underground and death metal acts of the time. With the release of a 6-song demo entitled “Born Into Death.” Lucifixion began performing at local venues. Some of the most memorable shows included opening for such national acts as Gutted, Sinister, Cynic, and Cannibal Corpse. Keeping with their momentum, Lucifixion entered the studio in 1996 and released their first full-length album “Indulge In The Macabre.” After a year of heavy promotion, the band was forced to regroup after the parting of key members. Over a number of years and further line-up changes, Lucifixion is back on the scene with the release of the studio EP “As Evil As Me.” The CD includes three tracks due to appear on their upcoming full-length album. The purpose of the EP is to give new listeners a taste of Lucifixion and long time fans a glimpse of the band’s evolution since “Indulge In The Macabre.” “As Evil As Me” serves as a long awaited introduction to the second coming of Lucifixion!!


Death's Design

Written By: Lucifixion

I know my life must end
But tell me how and when
With open eyes I see
These things in front of me

Anticipate…elude the phantom
I feel those eyes
They counter my every move

Retaliate...prolong the checkmate
Not even death
Can bring on my defeat

A blessing in this prophecy
Foresee the doom pursuing me
Endurance is supremacy
A lesson in futility

Two moves ahead and now I’m falling behind
No escape from death’s design
With every breath I sense mortality’s end
No escape…no escape

Some say I’m obsessed
With learning the ways of death
I have to know the plan
I have to see my end

Footsteps grow louder…just a matter of time
No escape from death’s design
In desperation I have dared to confront
No escape…no escape

In the moment of defeat
I tremble on my knees
Buried head in hand
He vanishes with the wind

I can’t stand not knowing
How and when I will die
The suspense is growing
Slowly losing my mind

I’ll just kill myself
Then I’m in control
No more mystery
My demise is my own

Only in death do I comprehend
The chain of events that led to the end
The visions…the deception

What I saw as divine circumstance
Was nothing more than a twisted romance
An illusion…all along…that was the plan


Written By: Lucifixion

All our hopes and dreams lie in this world
On our knees we beg you save this world

Into this world is born a demon soul
With blackest heart and one main goal
To rid the earth of all who walk
In holy light and rape their gentle souls

But behold a hero walks among our kind
His identity revealed with time
Only the elders can transform
Of fate divine a savior’s born

The sky turns black and cold
Nature withers away

The dark engulfs our world
Turning our hearts to stone
Morphing daylight to night
We must revive the light

Onward to our destiny!!

The time has come to fight
A war between worlds
Protect the innocent
Our hearts will never be enslaved by you

The elements betray me
My essence turning black
Last chance for survival
There is no turning back

Silence breaks the shadows
That fall across my face
Opening my eyes to
This burned and darkened place

Take our thoughts away
And our will to be
But you cannot control
Our destiny

The time has come to fight
For peace everlasting
Until the tyrant falls
His death will bring the earth to life again

Destroy (Saga)
Survive (Saga)
No more (Saga)

As Evil As Me

Written By: Lucifixion

Hand your judgment down
It means nothing to me
Flaunt your innocence
Yeah…so what…I’m guilty

Spare me the drama
And don’t fool yourself
Your sins are my sins
An offense in itself

Don’t look at me like a criminal
I’m a sinner and so are you

Do you see the lie
In your every word
Even your own mind
Decimates the truth

Society has its ways
Dictating how to be

Take the word of God
Make it speak your way
Butcher its intent
Bastardize its worth

At least I know who I am
Not what you pretend to be

You think I am evil
Take a look at yourself
You are so self righteous
You can not see you are as evil as me

Standing at your altar
Does not give you sanction
To judge me with hatred
You cannot see you are as evil as me

I know your name - hypocrite
I scream your name - hypocrite
I know what you are - hypocrite
You’re like a disease - hypocrite


"As Evil As Me" EP (2005)
"Indulge In The Macabre" (1996)
"Born Into Death" (1994)

Set List

Death's Design
As Evil As Me
All Eternity
Whispers In The Dark
Split Second
This Broken Form