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Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
Hip Hop Soul




"Cougar Microbes - Introducing Lucille."

"Picking up from where The Roots, Jurassic 5 and Dangermouse left off and adding The Gorillaz flair for surprises...means that no two Lucille tracks sound exactly alike..."
Could it be that to find the heirs to "The Roots" throne we were supposed to look to Tel Aviv of all places? Lucille would have you believe so."

Cougar Microbes, 2013 - Cougar Microbes

"One of the best Israeli groups ever came out of Israel..."

One of the best Israeli groups ever came out of Israel, originally combining elements of Blues, soul, funk and hip hop in a way that achieves their goal - making your bodies and souls move. - music page

""may be the best Israeli Indie music being made today.""

"...We’re extremely happy that Isgav Dotan of Lucille Smokin Soul reached out to us to introduce us to what may be the best Israeli Indie music being made today." - Round Trip Radio (U.S)

"Lucille. Smokin' Soul."

"Lucille plays smoky soul music, leaning on old timed elements of Blues and Jazz with various influences of our days. Lucille came from out of the blue and left us thrilled by a sweeping performance that touches an entire spectrum of emotions.
Lucille has something for everyone. Tenderness, warmth, rhythm and a large group of good friends full of talent. Shocking surprise." - CSF, 2012

"On the way to the top: Lucille"

"Imagine for a moment the Barcelona soccer team plays the Israeli Premier League. Here's a musical and realistic equivalent of this case. This is a local band named "Lucille", that puts a new standard in Soul music." - "Pretty good" culture blog for "The Marker Cafe" website


Still working on that hot first release.



Lucille is an international 8-piece collective fusing elements of funk, soul, blues and hip hop. The band is fronted by Baltimore native MC Rebel Sun and Argentinean guitarist/producer Izzy (Isgav Dotan) and feature a revolving door of talented guest female vocalists.

Lucille is currently working on their full length debut due early 2014. In the build up the band has released a single for the track "Deep In Da Mudd" from their 'Smokin' Soul' EP.

The EP received positive press reactions and the band completed a successful tour of Germany in 2012 including Reeperbahn Festival and a full house show at Kaiserkeller Club (where, among many others, the Beatles started performing).