BandHip HopLatin

Up-Tempo, Club, Hip-Hop Music with alot of style, very street oriented... A perfect mix of New York Lyricism, Dirty South Styled Music, with a Cleveland Swag


My name is L.U.C.K & I am a 23 year old Puerto Rican Rapper/Producer from the West Side of Cleveland. As a kid I grew up listening to Spanish music & a little bit of R&B, but as I got older and started exploring what the city life had to offer. I quickly came in contact with rap & hip-hop. I become fascinated with the urban culture, and I was influenced by artist such as Bone Thugs & Harmony, 2Pac, Big Pun, Master P, & The Hotboys. The reason I loved this hip-hop style and sound so much because i could relate and identify with it so well. It was everything i was surrounded by, and everything I wanted to become. So one day i finally started crackin jokes back & forth with my cousin in a rhyming pattern and from there I began my journey as a freestyle rapper. Shortly after that I went with another one of my cousins to a friends house where they had a little recording setup in the basement and they finally give me my shot at a song, the song came out better than even I expected and the reaction they give me was a feeling I have never experience, I felt like a superstar once I left that studio. Years later I went full steam at this craft went to college and learned how to be a recording engineer so I could produce my own records, and know I am doing so. I have been privilaged to perform my craft in front of thousands of people and acctually be succesful at it. What seperates me from other bands is I will never stop, I will only improve, and I will not fail.


My newest single is called "I GOT GAME (leBron James) check it out @ www.myspace.com/draftpickz2006

Set List

My typical set list is 3-5 songs about 2 to 3 minutes a piece. So about 10 to 20 minute sets. All origanal music.