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LucKee is made up of Ariel a.k.a "Luck" the singer/songwriter. Also KiAira a.k.a "Mz.Kee" the rapper/songwriter. LucKee is a female pop group out of Cleveland Ohio. Who originally started as solo artist writing their own music by themselves. By them being friends/sisters meaning they were very close; they started letting each other hear their lyrics so they could comment on what needed to be edited. After that they eventually started recording. Though it was not by themselves with their cousins. Which was a group called "A.P.C" consisting of three boys and two girls. Once they did their first couple of songs they became well known locally. From the shows they would do to the gossip around town. During the making of their mix tape with the group everyone decided to do a song with just the boys and with just the girls. So Mz.Kee and Luck did their first song ever recorded of just the two of them called "Stop". It was different from the type of music coming from Cleveland. This wasn't what the Cleveland artist and listeners called "capp" music; this was a song like a conversation with a story behind it. The song was originally suppose to capture the females but it captured just as many males. Giving them so much popularity; and love from fans. Which made them have no other choice but to record another song. Called "Kickit", this was the first actual song they did together as the group LucKee. Since everyone in their group A.P.C went their separate ways. LucKee's song "Kickit", the commercial like song brought them even more fans. From buzzing through people speakers to streaming all over the net. Kickit song had more then eleven thousand plays in the first five weeks on their Myspace page alone! Next came LucKee's second song called "I Love It" which attracted even more fans but not only from their hometown but all over Ohio and other states. LucKee has so much popularity and love of their fans they will continuously keep making hits for the love of their fans and music!!


"I Love It" " Kickit" "Stop" "Crazy" are streaming on Myspace at:
also on

Set List

"I Love It" which is 3mins. 48sec.
"ChecK" which is 4mins
"iBe Juiced Up" time vary
usually 10-15 mins.