Luckett Brothers

Luckett Brothers

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

After years of "Touching the Soul of man through heartfelt music", The Luckett Brothers continue to bring foot stomping, hand clapping music to the World of Gospel Quartet. Known throughout the world including China and Africa for their "Soul Stirring" message of hope.


The Luckett Brothers began their singing career at a young age in Mississippi. They come from a background when all you had was drums, guitars, hand clapping and foot stomping. Rev L.C. Luckett Sr., one of the lead singers, organized the group in 1964, where they now live in Milwaukee, Wi.

The Luckett Brothers have been singing as a quartet group for many years, they got together early and decided to exercise their God given talents. Their first album released, "I Am In Love With Jesus" recieved a lot of air play from a national radio station, WLAC in Tennessee. A well-known recording company, HSE heard this album and enjoyed the music so much they became very interested in The Luckett Brothers and thier material, they signed a contract with them and recorded a number one album entitled "Jesus Is Real". One year later another album with HSE "Judgement Day" and eight months later yet another album, "Standing Around The Altar".

In March 1980, the famous Blues and Gospel artist O.V. Wright joined the group and started traveling with them. Later the group signed with Nashboro Records and in September of 1980 they recorded a album featuring O.V. Wright "Four and Twenty Elders". Nashboro released the album in March of 1981 and shortly after O.V. Wright passed away.

Their latest release is featuring Jeo Ligon of The Mighty Clouds of Joy "Fly Away To Be With Jesus". Touring became a regular job, they began singing in the Southern States and have branched out all over the map. They have sung with some of the top Grammy winners in the gospel industry, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Shirley Ceasar, The Gospel Keynotes, The William Brothers, The Mississippi Mass Choir, James Cleveland and Frank Williams. The Luckett Brothers have also worked with many great musicians, Johnny Rawls, Mills, Van Earl Patterson, L.C, Luckett Jr. and the late Leonard Washington. They have made appearances at the annual GMWA Quartet Division and in 2005 The Luckett Brothers received a Gospel Legend Award at the National Quarter Convention.

God has blessed them as they have traveled and sung not only to large audiences but also to small churches and continues to experiance great success as time passes with album after album. The Luckett Brothers will continue on their journey of bringing gospel music into the lives of people everywhere and continue delivering their message of hope for many, many more years.


I Am In Love With Jesus
Jesus Is Real
Judgement Day
Standing Around The Altar
Four and Twenty Elders
Jesus Said He Would
Fly Away To Be With Jesus