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Lucky 13 on y108! Interview with Andre Schikolenko

ANDRE: I'm here with Colin from Lucky 13. Colin, first and foremost, congratulations with the success and thanks for being on the program tonight.

COLIN: Thank you, we are absolutely are absolutely stoked to be here.

ANDRE: It doesn't stop for you, you are currently on the road to New Liskeard to play a gig.

COLIN: Ya, we play every weekend pretty much, and it's a long drive up to New Liskeard, but its always a good time.

ANDRE: Let me ask you this, what makes Lucky 13 stand apart from other bands?

COLIN: Jason's hair

ANDRE: (laughs)

COLIN: Jason our guitar player has this long blond beautiful hair. It's just like your girlfriends. Jason is here with me. Do you straighten it or anything?

JASON: No (laughs)

COLIN: Our last guitar player had really bad smelly hair, and he would shake it around and sweat would fly in our faces and stuff. It was really rough, so this is way better.

ANDRE: It's going to look like an SOS pad when you're older, so enjoy it while you can! And having one of those things above your penis is not good either.


ANDRE: So what position do you see yourselves in, in the future?

JASON: Missionary

ALEX: Doggy style

COLIN: uhh... butterfly

WADE: 80's Metal Drummer

ALEX: What's that?! (laughs)

WADE: It's a position, look it up!

ANDRE: OK, can you tell us something serious about the band?

COLIN: We started off about seven years ago as a cover act, and recently started doing originals. Hasn't even been a year yet, so to be this far into the competition is absolutely amazing. We wouldn't have been able to do it with the support of so many people who have came out on numerous occasions. We have had so many people support us through out the years as well, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them.

ANDRE: Alright, thanks for your time guys. You can vote for Lucky 13 at Here's the latest from these guys, Rock and Roll. - Y108

"Very Lucky, Indeed"

Very Lucky, indeed

By Amanda Dale

Killer: Colin Jennison is Brandon Flowers. The Killers tribute band plays the Hamilton Princess tonight
Rock fans can roll in the New Year tonight with not one, but four bands to tantalise their musical taste buds.

The evening is set to go with a bang, not just with the fireworks, as The Coldplayers, Killer and Lucky 13 perform alternative rock classics.

Bermuda's own Mohawk Radio will ignite proceedings at 10 p.m., with a cascade of fireworks ringing in the New Year at midnight.

The three cover bands are all the creation of L-13, a group of four musicians from Toronto.

While Lucky 13 will be a familiar name to many who attended the Rugby Classic, U2 fans may also remember The Coldplayers as the warm-up for cover band Elevation at this year's St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

"We're excited to be standing on our own name this time," says lead vocalist and keyboardist Colin Jennison.

It is also the first time Killer will be performing in Bermuda. The cover band began earlier this year as a tribute to The Killers, a year after Coldplay tribute The Coldplayers.

Colin, his brother bassist Alex, drummer Wade Brennan and lead guitarist Jason Taylor are obviously versatile musicians, but Colin says The Coldplayers and Killer were created out of "very selfish reasons".

"They're my two favourite bands," he says. "I just find the melodies, the space and interplay between the music in both bands awesome."

The Coldplayers began gigging in Canada but after uploading a video of 'Viva La Vida' on to YouTube, Colin says their popularity rocketed.

"It was long before Coldplay put a video of the song out and we got over a million hits and invitations to play in other countries. We ended up playing all over the States and it just snowballed from there."

While his personal favourite is 'Fix You', he says he admires Coldplay for their "musical sensibilities".

"The music is very melodic, Coldplay are very much about emotion. It's a passionate, romantic type of emotion rather than aggression," says the 25-year-old.

As for The Killers, Colin says: "We really look and sound a lot like them."

His favourite track is 'Read My Mind' but he says he enjoys the experimental nature of the US group.

"It's hard to define a genre for The Killers as they step in and out of many different genres. I respect them for going all over the place with their music. They've gone from a new wave rock band, with Hot Fuss, to almost Madonna-type stuff with a lot of electronica on the current album. They're not afraid to step outside of their genres and try something new."

As for Lucky 13, the band began in 2003 and has since gained a large following in both Canada and Bermuda. Branded Ontario's "hardest working cover band", their range of rock 'n' roll covers has something for everyone.

On New Year's Eve Colin says each band will perform for an hour – that's three hours of rock on de Rock.

Colin admits: "It will be pretty exhausting but we won't notice because we will be so into the music and the crowd's excitement.

"We are also going to do some special songs for New Year's Eve such as U2's 'New Year's Day' and our own 'Auld Lang Syne'."

The New Year's Eve party has been organised by 441 Productions and takes place at the Hamilton Princess Princess Rooms and Regency Terrace from 9 p.m.

Tickets are $65, available from All Wrapped Up or online at: You can also pay at the door.

Room and show packages are available at $399 from the hotel. Contact 295-3000.

For more information contact: - The Royal Gazette (Bermuda)


"Rock N Roll" - featured on Y108

Genesis Ep 2010



Lucky 13 (L-13) started out in 2003 as a cover/tribute act. Over the next 7 years, the band’s popularity boomed and defied all the limitations normally holding back cover acts. Lucky 13 played all over Canada, the United States and other international locations like Mexico, Bermuda, Honduras and Italy. After accumulating years of live experience, playing for 1000+ crowds, and garnering millions of hits on youtube, the time for excuses was over. Lucky 13 made the decision to focus 100% on writing, performing and marketing original material.

The band quickly gained recognition for their meshing of genres, innovative arrangements and catchy melodies. Fans of all genres have something positive to say about L-13’s sound.

When it comes to lyrics, the band explores both controversial world relevant issues, and the issues that we keep closest to our hearts. Songs like "Karma Flower" remind us of our link to the earth and the relations we have with it and within it. Songs like "Alone" and "If I Wasn't There" are about tragedy, loss, hope and love. "What Are We Now" deals with empiricism, and "Regenesis" deals with everything from the metaphysical to the dangers of industry.

As of the writing of this bio, Lucky 13 was hand-picked from 100's of bands in the Greater Toronto Area to be in the TOP 5 of the "Breakout Band Challenge." The bands name and music have already been heard on Toronto's Classic Rock Radio Station Y108 ROCKS. Lucky 13 hopes to have their first recorded release finished in the summer of 2010. Meanwhile, they continue to play both cover and original gigs every weekend, as they have for almost seven years now. The Lucky 13 tour never ends.

Check out when Lucky 13 is playing near you at HYPERLINK ""

Colin Jennison - Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keys - Colin began his music career at the young age of 7. Before he was even old enough to drive Colin had won 2nd prize in the billboard song competition and placed respectably in other international song writing competitions. His songs have been featured on CBC Radio. The frontman for numerous original acts throughout his youth, Colin worked with some of the best the Canadian music industry has to offer: Tom Treumuth, Brian Moncarz, and Alan Frew and more. While still in his teens, he performed at venues like Massey Hall, The Skydome, and was part of NXNE, CMW, and a finalist at multiple CNE Rising Star competitions. While pouring every second of his spare time into creating the “L-13” that exists today, Colin also managed to graduate from Ryerson’s RTA Program with a BAA. His musical tastes and influences are very much rooted in his British heritage, favoring bands like The Beatles, Coldplay and Muse.

Jason Taylor - Lead Guitar - Since acquiring his 1st electric guitar in grade 4, Jason's life has revolved around it. Raised on the diverse diet of hard rock (thanks to his Dad) and musical theatre (his Mom), Jason's life has been saturated in all forms of music. From an early age he was playing along to classics such as Sabbath, Maiden, AC/DC, and Ozzy. As time went on and his playing progressed, he became open to many other styles of music such as progressive rock, classical, fusion, blues, and heavy metal.

Alex Jennison – Bass - Alex has been immersed in music since a young age, much like his brother Colin. At the young age of 5 he began learning piano, with vocal lessons coming soon after. Alex was also involved in different musical activities such as vocal jazz groups, and musicals (he played the lead role in “Oliver” at age 10). During high school he took 2 years of acoustic guitar classes to avoid the academic alternatives. They turned out to be doubly useful, as in the spring of 2008 Colin offered to teach Alex to play bass for L-13. Alex slept on it, then rolled out of bed and crammed a ridiculously large number of songs into his head in a matter of weeks. We’re talking hundreds. He has a big head. His first ever shows were at international destinations like Bermuda and New York City and they went off without a hitch.

Wade Brennan - Drums - Coming from a huge family of musicians, including a bass playing dad, guitar playing uncles, piano playing aunts and fiddle playing grandparents… It was decided Wade would be the drummer for the All Star Brennan Band. Wade played in a number of cover and original bands throughout his youth, but gave it up to attend Durham College and earn his Journalism diploma. After several years of the 9 to 5 life, Wade soon discovered that it was either drum… or bum.