Lucky 97's

Lucky 97's


Imagine Jeff Tweedy backed by the Avett Brothers performing Arcade Fire songs as arranged by Burt Bacharach. You can't? Listen to the Lucky 97's and then try again.


The Lucky 97's have taken a rather indirect route to arrive at their musical destination. Given their early foundations in jazz and heavy metal, it stunned nearly everyone who knew them when they put that all aside to spend several years in the mid-to-late 2000's playing dusty roots rock in just about every saloon and country bar in rural Alberta. It was the kind of music that wouldn't be out of place on a jukebox wedged between Steve Earle and Merle Haggard. They released an album in 2007 under their then name, The Plain Dealers, which was very well received - garnering play on CBC, Allison Brock's "Wide Cut Country" program, and charting in the top 10 nationally on the campus and community radio folk/roots/blues charts.

After some personnel changes and a number of stylistic experiments, they've again returned to the basics. A year and a half of non-stop writing has resulted in a collection of acoustic love songs and murder ballads that they feel far surpasses any of their previous efforts. The flashy showmanship of thier earlier days has given way to a quiet resolve on many of the songs. The energy is still in abundance, but with a focus on simple arrangements and sweet melodies, the songs clearly take centre stage.

The Lucky 97's will be touring and playing extensively over the summer of 2011, with plans to release a new full-length album by the end of the summer. It's bound to be a good year.


"The Plain Dealers" - EP released in 2007 under the band's previous name The Plain Dealers

"The Lucky 97's" - Self-titled LP to be released summer of 2011

Set List

Trust Me Baby (Lucky 97's)
Lose the Gun (Lucky 97's)
The New Place (Lucky 97's)
Revelator (Gillian Welch)
Tucker (Lucky 97's)
Fire (Lucky 97's)
Demise of Our Favourite Couple (Lucky 97's)
Give it a Minute (Lucky 97's)
Misunderstood (Lucky 97's)
Balcony (Lucky 97's)
Julie-Anne (Lucky 97's)
Hard Money (Lucky 97's)
Think You'd Better Know (Lucky 97's)
I See Monsters (Ryan Adams)