Lucky Brother

Lucky Brother


Some serious Foot Stompin', Bass Slappin', String Pluckin', Harp Tootin' Roots Blues to make your toes tap, your hips shake, your mouth smile and it's all being done with down home, genuine heartfelt enthusiasm!!!


This here's a story about two dashingly happy and young minded musical fellas from different parts of the same town in Northwestern Ohio. It turns out that they musically collided into one another creating a very unique and refreshing new take on roots oriented blues music whereas many elements of their musical inspiration poured out like water from a vessel. Influences came from so many different sources that it became a bit overwhelming and humbling to say the least. Eventually a personal sound developed on it's own becoming a testament to their dedication to the pure musical artists that graced their ears over the years. Taking what they got from the past and forging ahead with the inspiration to create something out of their simple acoustic minded future, these guys can literally play their tails off, to say the least. Being the only "two man quartet" within a 500 mile radius makes them a sight to behold. Where other bands imitate, "Lucky Brother" stirs up the musical soup bowl and leaves you with a feeling that, at times, is hard to describe. Playing every musical moment like it's the last song they will play on earth, these guys have more heart and soul than a whole Amish community together on a picnic outing. Once they croon, howl, slap, pluck, stomp and toot their way into your hearts you will never be the same again.


We have successfully recorded 9 new original songs to be released on our debut recording called "Lucky Brother" that should be out the middle or latter part of January 2007.

Set List

Our sets include a balanced mixture of our own arranged blues covers, a few roots based songs including old jazz, country and gospel selections and a good portion of Tim's blues, country and gospel style original songs. We usually play one hour sets but depending on the audience we can play for quite a while sometimes.
Here are a few of the covers we do:
"You Don't Love Me" - Willie Cobb
"Crossroads Blues" - Robert Johnson
"Get Rhythm" - Johnny Cash
"I Can't Be Satisfied - Muddy Waters
"Pretty Thing" - Willie Dixon
"Rollin' And Tumblin" - Hambone Willie Newborn
"Catfish Blues" - Muddy Waters
"Truck Drivin" Man" - Buck Owens

Here are some of our own original songs we play:
"Memphis Bound"
"Berry Pie"
"Angel On My Shoulder"
"Hound Dog's Bark #2"
"Payin' My Dues (for the Blues)"
"Nut Money"
"Cell Phone Love"
"Glory Be"
"Mind To Roam"