Lucky Delucci

Lucky Delucci


We're a 6 piece mixed gender band playing alternative indie pop and experimental folk songs. Our songs contain melodic 4 part vocal harmonies, and diverse instrumentation. We've been part of a unique music scene in Cardiff for the past few years and have enjoyed radio play and regular press.


Originating in the wild Rhondda Valleys of South Wales, members of Lucky Delucci were drawn to the vibrant musical city of Cardiff in 2007 and evolved to it's current line up attracting members from North Wales, the Midlands and the West Country along the way. Taking influences as diverse as 60's pop, alternative folk, modern experimental sounds and diverse instrumentation, Lucky Delucci have developed their sound to combine a wide variety of influences but give themselves a remit to make music as original and fresh as possible. They have a knack of writing music that provokes emotions and creates images whilst singing lyrics that can make you smile one minute and cry the next. They have received regular air play on Radio Wales and have become a favourite amongst music fans of the Welsh capitol. The band are currently working working towards finishing their debut album with producer Kris Jenkins (Super Furry Animals, The Peth, Cate Le Bon)


'Young in Summer' EP released on Bubblewrap Records, 2007.

'Piper's Piping' released as part of '12 Days of Christmas' Compilation, released on Bubblewrap Records / Businessmen Records.
Regular air play on Radio Wales: 'Tears Fall to the Fall', 'Pipers Piping'
'Piper's Piping' played on Radio Virginia, USA.
Numerous songs played on independant pod casts.

Set List

1 Gypsy Caravans (4 mins)
2 Bright Beams of Light (4 mins)
3 Law of the Harvest (4 mins)
4 The Old Sound of the River (4 mins)
5 Winter on the Moon (4 mins)
6 Icicles (3 minutes)
7 December 1986 (4 mins)

Set can be longer or shorter depending on the need.