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Lucky Five

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | SELF

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | SELF
Band Rock Soul


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Lucky Five "A kind of mashed up Living Colour/Fishbone sound""

"In our new venue's first two weeks, we wanted to showcase high energy and vitality so folks would leave with a sense that this place is where they NEED to come back. Lucky Five was perfect for that purpose. They brought a kind of mashed up Living Colour/Fishbone sound with a bit of bouncy Chili Peppers vibe tossed in for good
measure. The crowd took to it IMMEDIATELY and I KNOW they'll be back often...both the crowd AND Lucky Five"...

Walt Reis, ReelHouse Cinema & Draft, Boone, NC - Walt Reis- ReelHose Cinema and Draft

"Lucky Five "Wow""

I have always loved music. My first concert was the Charlie Daniels Band in 1979 at Carowinds. Since then I have seen thousands of shows. I have seen Buddy Guy at the Double Door Inn. I have seen Stevie Ray Vaughan at the Park Center, I saw Jeff Healy light up the Palomino Club on Albemarle Road. I saw John Lee Hooker at
Kidnappers on Old Pineville Road and Albert King at Carowinds in 1980. I watched Bonnie Raitt play the slide guitar at Kidnappers as the crowd sang Happy Birthday to her...That being said I have a very discerning taste in music and I know what is good and what isn't. Lucky Five is really GOOD. The first time I saw them I turned to
a friend within 10 seconds and said WOW... They have a totally fresh sound... Marques the Lead singer has more charisma than 10 lead singers... Jesse the drummer looks and sounds like he should be on tour with Clapton, the 2 guitarists Shago and Jonny are both awesome and seem to get better every time I see them and the bass player Andy is also a killer musician. These guys have a following too,of the Lucky crowd sings the words along with the band. Their music has the hooks to make you remember, the depth to touch your soul and the musicality to make you wanna move your groove. Last show I witnessed was at The Evening Muse and I have never seen anything like the 5 men dancing as they were waiting in line to get into the men's room. If you have a bucket list write "Go see a live band that makes me go WOW" then go see Lucky Five and check it off the list".

William Montgomery DJ 91.70FM WSGE - Bill Montgomery- WSGE 91.7

""Lucky Five gave a flawless and energetic performance at The Beatles Tribute at Knight Theater""

“Lucky Five gave a flawless and energetic performance at the Beatles Tribute at the Knight Theater. These young men sound like they’ve been playing together since birth. They have a tight groove and expert musicianship that is not easily found. I can’t wait to hear them perform again.”

John Tosco, Tosco Music Parties - John Tosco

""How could you not like Lucky Five""

"How could you not like Lucky Five? They initiate the fun and excitement you want to see when you are listening to music. Listen to the powerful keyboardist and the technical ability of their guitarists' for inspiration. Sing along to their catchy songs while you watch in amazement as this young pop group makes their way to the
top"...."Lucky Five then blew the audience away with an original set that was energetic and upbeat. -

"Lucky Five "Has the hooks for the girls and the musicianship for the guys""

“Don’t let the boy band look fool you: Lucky Five from Charlotte, NC are a great live band. These kids rock with the honesty of the Busboys and the intensity of Fishbone with riffs rivaling Carlos Santana making for an overwhelming wall of energetic sound. By combing funk, metal and prog rock, these youngsters got hooks for the girls and musicianship for the guys...A must see”

Michael G. Pulmides, Jr. Author of KILL THE MUSIC
Writer for Blurt Magazine online; - Blurt Magazine- Michael G. Pulmides, Jr. Blog

"Lucky Five "Soul Licked Blues""

Charlotte - area quintet Lucky Five’s soul licked blues takes cues from classic blues-rock of the late 60’s along with jam sentiments of contemporary rockers. Although these youngsters play and sound as if they have been around a hell of a lot longer than a couple of years. With dual guitars, a bopping rhythm section and a thick voiced
singer/keyboardist, Lucky Five’s got the chops and the moxie for the long haul”.....

Creative Loafing - Creative Loafing - Charlotte


La Resistance- 10/2010

LA Live
Something In Your Head
The Queen
On and On
She Says
Simple Man
La Resistance



Band Bio:

About Us
Early collaborators Marques Nash (Lead Vocals, Piano)
Shago Elizondo (Guitar and Backing Vocals)
and Andy Morimoto (Bass) formed the original foundation in December, 2006….it wasn’t until the addition of Jesse Williams (Drums) and Jonny Fung (Guitar, Piano, and Backing Vocals) that Lucky Five was truly able to settle
into its groove and start developing what has become their unique and distinctive sound. With a drive unlike most young men this band is determined to be the best they can be…. They are always looking for feedback, honing their skills, and becoming the best...

Lucky Five’s Shows:
With dynamic backbeats and powerful bass lines, soul cringing guitar riffs and diverse song writing talent, Lucky Five delivers a brand new sound and experience to the regional music scene. Demographics range from high school kids, college kids to fans well over 50 years old…. Lucky Five is composed of vocals, dual guitars, dual keys, bass and drums… Once you hear and see them you’ll start tapping your feet, clapping your hands and shaking your groove thing!

You can ask most club owners and sound guys, they will tell you that Lucky Five is at the top of their of the best bands in the region...showmanship, song writing/creation…Having played and collaborated with Grammy winners such as Thomas Pridgen (formerly of The Mars Volta, now with the Memorials), Ashlin Parker (New Orleans Jazz Orchestra), Victor Wooten, Yonrico Scott (Derek Trucks Band), and more, Lucky Five aspires to share their music and the experience. Lucky Five has performed at numerous festivals including Blues, and BBQ and Speedstreet - these events draw 60,000 - 70,000 attendees annually.
Lucky Five is also proud of winning the Charlotte Music Awards, Best Rock Band/Performance… (even without one of their two guitarists). Jeff Cheen founder of the CMA’s is a big believer in the band.

Shago Elizondo - Guitar, Backing Vocals...started playing the guitar at 13 years old. Born Santiago Miguel Elizondo in Bakersfield, CA, the first song that he learned was “Over the
Hills and Far Away,” by Led Zeppelin. Hearing Led Zeppelin’s “D’yer Maker,” during a road trip with his family is what inspired him to play the guitar. Shago’s father taught him a few chords and one or two songs, but after that he was self-taught for 3 years, and eventually
took theory lessons to help him understand what in the hell he was doing. He placed second in the regional finals of the Guitar Center King of Blues competition in Nashville,
where he represented much of the Southeast

Jonny Fung - Guitar, Keys, and Backing Vocals...With a classically trained mother and two classically trained grandparents, Jonny was destined for music. At the age of
10 he was given his first guitar after already learning clarinet and piano throughout elementary school. Jonny later began to develop a deep affection for more soulful
styles of music including artists like John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Nina Simone, Tower of Power, Earth Wind and Fire, etc. A political science graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, Jonny
continues his quest for musical individuality combining jazz, funk, soul, and rock styles on both guitar and keyboards.

Andy Morimoto - Bass...Andy has always been surrounded by music. He was influenced in his early age by both of his musician older brothers. Andy started out at the age of 10 learning Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) bass lines along with ripping it up on a skateboard. Now a more mature musician, he has not lost the bass chops he gained at a young age but continues to utilize them in a sophisticated funk infused context.

Jesse Williams - Drums... A Charlotte native, Jesse began as a self-taught musician who had the opportunity to further his musical experience while attending high school. He
met the rest of the band when he was 16 years old and he has evolved into one of the most sought out drummers in the region. Jesse has been a requested seasoned
professional for regional session work. He is at ease playing any style of music, blues, gospel, jazz, rock, salsa, latin jazz….. you name it …he can bring it. or or