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"Mountain rock Music Ushers in New Michigan Tradition"

This past weekend, from July 19 to 22, I attended and worked at the Mountain Rock Music Festival in Farwell, Michigan. For the past four days I have experience rock fan heaven. My Dad and I ran sound in one of the beer tents. The beer tents had entertainment during changeovers of the Main stage, the biggest stage in Michigan, I'll mention.

The Main Stage schedule for Thursday was:

5:00 Da Yoopers
7:00 Da Yoopers
9:00 Larry McCray
11:00 Chicago

Now if you read my last review, you'd know Da Yoopers played at the Mountain Country Fest last month, June 21 to 24. And again I was highly unimpressed. I was almost expecting them to get booed off stage. They did the same exact jokes and songs as they did during the Country Festival. So like before, we walked back up the hill to the beer tent and tried to ignore as much of the show as we could. Then 2 hours later, at 7:00, as I expected they played the exact same set... AGAIN!

After Da Yoopers finished torturing the crowd, our good friend Larry McCray played. We've worked with him quite a few times and my dad has known him since he was about 15. Larry is a great blues guitarist and he deserves way more recognition than he gets. Last winter my Dad and I drove out to New York with Larry and did a Private Party with Dan Aykroyd singing lead. But anyways, as usual Larry was great. There were a lot of new songs I hadn't heard before, which was a nice surprise.

After Larry McCray was Chicago. Chicago was great in all aspects. Sound, lights, and they were entertaining. So the first night went well. The place filled up a lot right before Chicago played.

Our Beer tent went fine on Friday night also. Dave Kellan played and did a great job. Then Midland local favorite Lucky Livingstons took the stage. They filled up the tents pretty well between acts on the main stage. (

The Main Stage schedule for Friday was:

1:00 After The Dust
3:00 49th Star
5:00 The Flask
7:00 Lucky Livingstons
9:00 Collective Soul
11:00 REO Speedwagon

To be quite honest I paid no attention to the battle of the bands winner, After the Dust. None of the Battle of the Bands winners were any good, it was basically a popularity contest. 49th Star was good though. The probably would have been more comfortable last month at the Country Fest. The Flask was okay, nothing special, the Guitarist used to be Kid Rock's guitarist, but that's all that really stood out.

Then Lucky Livingston's played on the main stage. Great as usual, but there weren't enough people there to enjoy them yet. After that Collective Soul came out and they played great. The ended a little early though. Then REO Speedwagon played. They did very well for me not liking the type of music they played. Over all it was a good day, and the crowd was big, but it could have been much bigger.

In our beer tent, The Edge played first. They won the Battle of the Bands, but they were again nothing special. Then Cherry Red Band played. They were good for just doing cover tunes. Then 49th Star played on our stage, they were much better on a smaller scale. More rock sounding, which was good.

The Main Stage schedule for Saturday was:

1:00 Edge
3:00 Pop Evil
5:00 Saliva
7:00 Grand Funk Railroad
9:00 Third Eye Blind
11:00 Deep Purple

The Edge played first, which again failed to get my attention. Then Pop Evil which also failed to get my attention. I had high expectations for Saliva and the 40 minutes of the 75 minute set they played was great, but it was a huge disappointment that they ended over 35 minutes before they should have. Grand Funk Railroad did a great set. Then Third Eye Blind had to be the surprise of the weekend. The were the first to play the whole 75 minute set, and sound good doing it. They played hit after hit, and really gave the crowd the money's worth. Deep Purple did a great job as well, very entertaining, and they had the best sound all weekend.

Lucky Livingstons started the day off in the beer tent and they were great. Then Earthstew followed. They claimed to be a jam band, but if you're repeating songs within 40 minutes of a set, your not a jam band, your a band that hasn't taken the time to learn anything on your First Act guitar. They were as close to awful as you could come. Then Herd played, they had the Beer tent full. The biggest crowd the tent saw all weekend. Bringing everyone the band knew to the show with them helped a lot though.

The Main Stage schedule for Sunday was:

2:00 Hide From Cleo
4:00 Dave Kellan
5:45 Uncle Kracker
7:45 Styx
10:00 Def Leppard
Again, no attention was paid to the battle of the bands winner. And even though he's great, Dave Kellan was repetitive of what we saw in the Beer tent Thursday. Uncle Kracker did well and got the crowd to show up, but he could have been better.

Styx, in my personal opinion was the best this weekend. They played all the hits, and got the crowd going. The also gave the crowd there mo - AC Media

"Live Performance Review"

Lucky Livingstons
Live Performance (01/20/2006)

On January 20th, 2006 I went to see Lucky Livingstons at the Ramada Inn. I was truly captivated by there style and creativity. They are a young, but highly skilled group of musicians that are going to hit it big, if they continue and work hard at putting together their showmanship and the original superiority that they demonstrated that evening. Of coarse I already knew that, as I have caught their show previously and was amazed when they pulled off an old Led Zeppelin tune that I have respected for years. Not to mention Sean Megoran’s mother is also a quality musician herself. So it is of no surprise to me because they have the right environment to foster an excellent band.

The band members are as follows:
Sean Megoran (Vocals/ Lead & Rhythm Guitar)
Mop Malanga (Bass Guitar, Vocals)
Kyle Lewis (Drums & Percussion)

The trio is a powerhouse of expression and creativity, with the ability to write original material that has an outstanding lyrical story behind it. Their song Cowboy Spaceship is about a look into the future of space travel, and having said that I will leave it up to them to tell you the story.

I am totally impressed with these three and will see them when ever I have a chance. The thought I want to leave you with is this. If there ever was a group of kids, ready for the entertainer’s market, … it’s Lucky Livingstons!

Find them on the web at

This article was written by,
Dave Headley .. aka, “Slippery”

Sean Megoran is a great guitarist and vocalist, and has a quality voice that will entice you throughout the evening. It has a sense of feeling that brings your mind into another place, another thought, another world. And he’ll bring you back to reality with a rake across his strings and a blistering lead solo at the end.

Mop Malanga is an extremely talented individual, as he also has the ability to pour out extreme expression in his body movements and stance while holding down bass riffs with ease. You will think he is on a rocket ride to another dimension. I love to see his face when he bends over backwards in the middle of a bass riff.

Kyle Lewis is a solid drummer. He has the ability to through down a beat that will simply move you, and have you standing up wondering if he can keep up the pace. But believe me, .. he won’t miss a thing.

- Slippery Music 01-20-2006

"SoupyGato Show #47" - The SoupyGato Show


"Baloo" single - April 2005
"Live From South St"- Nov. 2005
"December Rain on a Dry Town"(demo)- Dec. 2005
"La Seduction" single- Feb. 2006
"Give Up the Ghost, Avalon!!" single- Sept 2006"
"Brotherhood"- E.P. November 2006
"Live 420"- Live CD May 2007
" Lucky Livingstons"-Demo June 2007

all of our songs are available either at or

You can also tune into to listen.



Lucky Livingstons is a young, three-piece, rock and roll band with monstrous presence, who loves to perform live. Formed in Midland, Michigan during the Spring of 2005, Sean Megoran, Jonathan Malanga, and Kyle Lewis created a band that has a soulful sound that will grasp the attention of a young teenager, or a 45-year old ex-hippie. They continue to strive for a pure, original, soul stirring sound that the world will soon hear.
Playing in assortment of places throughout Michigan and Ohio for the past two years, Lucky Livingstons is beginning to develop the following and the recognition that they deserve. After numerously being ambushed by the dream crushing suggestions of playing more cover songs, the bands original material is finally catching the people’s attention, respect, and gratitude that the band has been “dying to strive” for.
Lucky Livingstons is more than just a band, it is an understanding. It’s an understanding of true brotherhood, sticking together, believing in yourself, and doing it yourself. The band is striving to inspire original, un-commercialized music, and hopes to be part of a musical revolution that can change the way that music is portrayed in today’s society.
If you have not seen Lucky Livingstons live, you need to. The explosion of energy that is released cannot be put into words. If they are in pain, you will feel their pain, if they happy, you will feel their happiness, and if they are sad, you will share their sadness. If there is one thing that Lucky Livingstons is known for, it is there pure dedication to their live performances, for that is where their true, raw, selflessness will be exposed.
Lucky Livingstons is an unsigned band who is looking to be signed in the near future. Every recording that has been released so far they recorded by themselves. From creating a makeshift studio in the basement, to doing well mixed live recordings, they still have yet to create the album that they are surely capable of.
Lucky Livingstons is on the road to becoming a very successful band. They have every single component they need to make it; all they need now is for you to listen. You will hear more and more of Lucky Livingstons as time goes on; they are always reaching out for something new.
Be prepared for a new revolution of rock and roll, because it is on its way.