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Lucky Livingstons


Lucky Livingstons is an all original three piece band consisting of drums, bass and guitar. What else do we have to say? Listen to the music. Honestly, just listen to the music.


Lucky Livingstons is a young, three-piece, rock and roll band with monstrous presence, who loves to perform live. Formed in Midland, Michigan during the Spring of 2005, Sean Megoran, Jonathan Malanga, and Kyle Lewis created a band that has a soulful sound that will grasp the attention of a young teenager, or a 45-year old ex-hippie. They continue to strive for a pure, original, soul stirring sound that the world will soon hear.
Playing in assortment of places throughout Michigan and Ohio for the past two years, Lucky Livingstons is beginning to develop the following and the recognition that they deserve. After numerously being ambushed by the dream crushing suggestions of playing more cover songs, the bands original material is finally catching the people’s attention, respect, and gratitude that the band has been “dying to strive” for.
Lucky Livingstons is more than just a band, it is an understanding. It’s an understanding of true brotherhood, sticking together, believing in yourself, and doing it yourself. The band is striving to inspire original, un-commercialized music, and hopes to be part of a musical revolution that can change the way that music is portrayed in today’s society.
If you have not seen Lucky Livingstons live, you need to. The explosion of energy that is released cannot be put into words. If they are in pain, you will feel their pain, if they happy, you will feel their happiness, and if they are sad, you will share their sadness. If there is one thing that Lucky Livingstons is known for, it is there pure dedication to their live performances, for that is where their true, raw, selflessness will be exposed.
Lucky Livingstons is an unsigned band who is looking to be signed in the near future. Every recording that has been released so far they recorded by themselves. From creating a makeshift studio in the basement, to doing well mixed live recordings, they still have yet to create the album that they are surely capable of.
Lucky Livingstons is on the road to becoming a very successful band. They have every single component they need to make it; all they need now is for you to listen. You will hear more and more of Lucky Livingstons as time goes on; they are always reaching out for something new.
Be prepared for a new revolution of rock and roll, because it is on its way.


"Baloo" single - April 2005
"Live From South St"- Nov. 2005
"December Rain on a Dry Town"(demo)- Dec. 2005
"La Seduction" single- Feb. 2006
"Give Up the Ghost, Avalon!!" single- Sept 2006"
"Brotherhood"- E.P. November 2006
"Live 420"- Live CD May 2007
" Lucky Livingstons"-Demo June 2007

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Set List

Our typical set list usually lasts anywhere from 45 minutess to an hour and a half or more. It is composed mostly of original material. Some covers, sometimes.

You may find past and recent set lists on our website at: