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"Distinguished primal sound"

LuckyLoop is the musical parallell to the CERN-experiment of re-creating the Big Bang. Here particles collide with laptopelectronica, Hardanger fiddle and woodwinds, creating a primal sound evoking both pre-historic and post-apocalytic stories... This is improvisations around known elements from both jazz and electronica. But the outcome of the improvisations is always new, and the aesthetics of the group is special and wonderfully distinctive.
(Helge Olsen, Bergens Tidende) - Bergens Tidende


Big, Fat and Beatiful. Grappa/Heilo HCD7234 (2008)



LuckyLoop plays more or less improvised music at the crossroads of folk, noise, electronica and jazz, and sometimes throws in other genres for good measure.
The trio comprises Norwegian musicians with a wide range of ages and varied musical taste and experience. Two of the members have firm roots in traditional Norwegian folk music, two have equally firm roots in jazz, all three play improvised music, and two are also active as composers. All these elements have found their natural place in the music of LuckyLoop. LuckyLoop was formed in January 2007, and since then the group’s music has changed from week to week.
LuckyLoop comprises Tellef Kvifte (laptop, various instruments), Mathilde Grooss Viddal (bass clarinet) and Britt Pernille Frøholm (Hardanger fiddle). The wide range of instruments these musicians play (including a few surprises in addition to those already mentioned) results in a soundscape that is multifaceted and unpredictable – at times even for the members of the group themselves.

Britt Pernille Frøholm (1978):
(Hardanger fiddle)
Britt Pernille comes from Hornindal in the west coast fjords, she plays the violin and the hardangerfiddle. She started to play at age nine taught mainly by her grandfather Mathias Frøholm.
In addition to traditional music from the west coast areas of Norway, she is also a devoted contemporary music performer and improviser, collaborating with composers and jazz musicians as well.
In spring 2006 she received a MA degree in Norwegian Traditional Arts, with a thesis on the taxonomy of hardangerfiddle timbre.
She now works as a freelance musician, with Oslo as her base.

Mathilde Grooss Viddal (1969)
(Saxophones, clarinets)
Mathilde Grooss Viddal is an artist whose work goes beyond the boundaries of genre.
Her education in music and composition comes from the Department of Musicology at the University of Oslo and the Music Conservatory in Agder. She has also attended Gjøvik Engineering College where she completed training as a television and radio programme engineer.
From 1993–1995, she held the title Regional Musician in Mo i Rana. She has worked as a programme engineer for NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio, NRK Television, and Norsk Filmstudio as. She has been a permanent employee as a saxophone and clarinet teacher at the Bærum School of Music and Culture since 1999 and is also a bass clarinet teacher at the University of Oslo.
In 2003 Grooss Viddal participated at the BIME International Marionette festival in Portugal with a project called, “Musicians and Birds” in cooperation with visual artist Karin Køltzow, sculptor Mette Nissen Melson, and vocalist Marianne Natvig. She and fellow musician Trude Eick have started the duo Eick/Viddal and created their own performance stage for free-improvisational music. In 2006, she received a three-year grant from the Arts Council Norway.

Tellef Kvifte (1947):
(Laptop, bagpipe, misc.)
Tellef has been a part of the Norwegian music scene since the mid sixties, in different roles, as a musician, producer and researcher, now as professor of musicology at the University of Oslo.
He plays a number of different instruments; in jazz groups usually saxophones of different sizes; in traditional groups different flutes, including the norwegian Sjøfløyte; and there are times when he plays the fiddle, or even the bagpipe.
He has been a member of several well known groups ranging from Slinkombas in the 70s and 80, to Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag in this century.
In LuckyLoop his main instrument is laptop.