Lucky Me/French Walker

Lucky Me/French Walker


One female revolutionary and a chior of lucious tones create a poetic musical army.


Unexampled versions of musical alchemy. All in love of course, but in complete agreement and pledging full support of or for revolution.

Lucky Me was formed in Seattle Washington in 1994 by French Walker (aka Nylene Schmeichel)and Robb Williamson. Jade Devitt joined the band in 1995/96 and Jon Auer joined the band after splitting the bill with Lucky Me while touring the US in 1996. French Walker/Lucky Me has also toured with The Sisters of Mercy.


Lucky Me GLUE, Will Records 1994
Lucky Me UNLIMITED TOKENS, Collective Fruit Records 1997
Lucky Me HONEYMOON SEA Unreleased
Soundtracks: Johns Original Motion Picture
Soundtrack/The Water Lily is my Favorite Flower
Somatic Footing Overature
Homegrown Original Motion Picture Soundtrack/Burn
Scream Original Motion Picture Soundtrack French lends a vocal performance on a track with GUS covering Blue Oyster Cults/Don't Fear the Reaper
Various Industry compilations for ADA, The Seattle Scene Vol. II, Will Records, Revolution WB

Set List

45 minutes of unpredictable Sonic artistry and prose.