Lucky Mud

Lucky Mud

 Youngstown, Florida, USA

Lucky Mud is Swamp Roots music with strong, unique lyrics and beautiful harmonies. Their shows are often more a party than a concert, and their love of music is obvious.


Lucky Mud's new CD, Into the Night, is starting to get airplay in Europe as well as here in America. Fourteen original songs from Mike and Maggie McKinney bring out their skills as both vocalists and songwriters.
An important new album from the duo, each song tells a story, though there is no ‘theme.' It starts quietly with Into the Night, a tale of driving an old car into the unknown, "The night sky is dusted with stars/ and there's a pale crescent moon on the rise/ I've spent my whole life just running from you/ and I don't really know why."
The duo splits the songwriting on this, their eighth album, as Maggie follows Mike's opening song with a poignant story of living alone. Into the Night ends with a Cowboy-Swing song called Born to Honky-Tonk, then Maggie's raucous Truth With a Twist.

"Lucky Mud is from the deeper side of Folk Music. The couple have a soulful connection that is palpable, and their ballads are a much needed departure from the cookie cutter, sample-driven fodder currently filling the airwaves. A splendid way to battle the daily grind. "

"Lucky Mud's new CD (Ride the Pony) is a showcase of original contemporary folk music - pure down-home Americana, from Mike's beautifully melancholic "Evangeline," to Maggie's wonderful show-closer, "Ride the Pony," But it's the duo's milk-and-honey harmonies that wrap their sound up into one neat package"
Rice B. RadioIndy

Mike and Maggie have played their original songs from the mainstages of the Florida Folk Festival and the Will McLean Festival to a sold-out concert at the legendary Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar, Ireland. Their music has taken them to concerts in Newcastle, England, and to The Forge, in Bandera, Texas. They have eight CDs showcased on CD Baby and their own website -

One of Maggie's original songs, Banshee, is now the title cut on a new Independent Film out of Oregon, making the rounds of film festivals.

Mike's book, A Thousand Bridges, released to critical acclaim as a hardbound novel from Walker Books in NYC, is now available as an eBook in all readers:
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His writer's blog,
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Cold, Black Water

Written By: Michael McKinney

Look at all the fine things
You call your own
It took you a lifetime
To gather it all
Now, it's out rotting
In the hot, hot sun
Where you gonna go
When the waters come?

It's just the way you want it
And you know it's good
A house and a family
In a neighborhood
One minute you're thinking
Just how sweet life can be
Next you're begging for mercy
On a stormy sea

It'll wash over money
It'll drown the poor
Cold, black water
Coming through the door
No place to hide
No place to run
Where you gonna go
When the waters come?

So, you can have the silver
You can take all the gold
I don't want nothing bigger
Than my heart can hold
Something light as a feather
From a snow white dove
Something to cling to
When the waters come


Written By: Michael McKinney

I once had a woman
But she tried to save my soul
I once had a bulldog
But she took it when she rolled
On down the road

We once had a nice house
In a neighborhood
But I drank too much whiskey
'Did not do the things I should
So she rolled on down the road

And now, the house sits empty
The yard is overgrown
I did not leave nobody there
To watch it while I'm gone
When I rolled on down the road

But I love to see the white lines
As they pass me by
We were like the sun and moon
We could not share the sky
She was like the Autumn moon
That lovers find so sweet
I was like the Summer sun
Full of fire and heat

But the Good Life ain't the only life
I can pick and choose
Somewhere between
the High Road
And a sea of booze
I will roll on down the road

And now, every girl's
My darlin'
Every place is home
As long as I've got whiskey
I will never be alone
As I roll on down the road
As I roll on down the road

The Clown Song (I'm in love with you)

Written By: Maggie McKinney

You could wear clown shoes
You could wear a big red nose
You could wear a dog collar
You could wear baggy clothes
It really doesn't matter to me
I'm in love with you
Can't you see?

You could be a doctor
You could be a soda jerk
You could be a plumber
I don't care
As long as you work
It really doesn't matter to me
I'm in love with you
Can't you see?

CHORUS: We're walkin' down the avenue
Hand in hand
I'm so glad
That you're my friend

You could be a millionaire
You could be broke
You could be a movie star
(that's a joke)
It really doesn't matter to me
I'm in love with you
Can't you see?


You could wear clown shoes
You could have a big red nose
You could wear a dog collar
You could wear designer clothes
It really doesn't matter to me
I'm in love with you
Can't you see?


Written By: Michael McKinney

The earth is not a prison
Life is not a curse
But those who wait for angels
Say things are getting worse
Grace is borne by strangers
And kindness is returned
But those who wait for angels
Are those who never learn

The air is sweet as honeysuckle
Birds sing in the sky
But those who wait for angels
Close their eyes and cry
They say that life's a wicked thing
Leading to despair
While all around them children laugh
And love is everywhere

Angels' wings are razor blades
They'll cut you to the bone
They're not here to save you
They're just here to take you home
Grace is borne by strangers
And kindness is returned
And those who wait for angels
Are those who never learn

Tommy's Girlfriend

Written By: Michael McKinney

Linda and Tommy lived in a cheap duplex
She wrote folk songs on the backs of his canceled checks
Said it helped her focus on the value of her words
Tommy worked days then, and he came home tired
Had cold beer and sandwiches out in the back yard
While she sang the sweetest songs he'd ever heard

She was young and fragile, and she held on tight
And she loved Tommy with all her heart and soul
But he heard her pacing through the house at night
And she played guitar so soft and quiet
As she whispered out her songs of the open road

He knew the time would come when she wouldn't need him anymore
And even before the fight started, he knew how it would end
She said, "You know my name is Linda Charlotte Caulfield,
But everybody here just calls me 'Tommy's Girlfriend'"

Well, his heart got hurt, and he got mad
He said, "So what the hell is wrong with that?"
She said, "It's not enough, Tommy."
And he said, "Well, then, why the hell don't you just leave?"

She said, "You're right, just look at me
This isn't where I want to be
There's so much to do, I don't know where to begin
Because I promised myself a long time ago
That I wouldn't stop before I became 'somebody,'
Not just somebody's girlfriend."

So, she knocked the dust of this town right off her shoes
Just like Jesus said to do
And she caught a Trailways bus headed west on I-10
And, as she gave herself up to fate
The only thing that mattered when she left the state
Was that she left it as Linda Charlotte Caulfield
And not as Tommy's girlfriend

Well, she made mistakes, she screwed around
She wound up down-and-out in towns
Whose cruel facades forced her to question every choice she'd ever made
She went up north to the ice and snow
Where the Spring was 28 below
And she wound up in South Texas
Where, even in the Winter, it's a hundred in the shade

She slept alone when she wanted to
She slept with men on purpose, too
When passion made her toss all caution to the wind
But everything she did, she did as Linda Charlotte Caulfield
Things she never could've done as Tommy's Girlfriend

She got beat up pretty bad in Beaumont, Texas
By a Yankee in Justin boots and a Stetson hat
He said he was from Nashville
And he promised her the moon
And he wound up taking everything she had

But she waited tables and bought a new guitar
And some clothes and a leather pack
And she kept on working until she'd saved enough
For an old Chevy truck with a camper shell on the back

And she kept writing songs, and she got better
And she sang 'em in taverns and played for the veterans
in the VFW posts along the interstate
And the days and weeks and months passed by
As she played for tips and played for pride
And learned to handle men and get a percentage of the gate

She'd play all night, then drive 'til dawn
Then eat a bite and then drive on
Then stop and write another song before turning in
And maybe, somewhere along the way,
She'd stop and think about the days when she was Tommy's girlfriend

She became a hell of a singer with a retinue
A Silver Eagle bus and a full road crew
And two gold records and a Grammy and a movie deal
But it didn't come easy, or overnight
Or without a struggle, or without a fight
Or without a lot of learning about what is, and isn't real

I tend bar in a place with five pool tables
And a big-screen TV that's hooked up to cable
And I've read every word that's written about her rise to fame
I mix drinks for the locals, and I try
To read the Satellite Weekly and the TV Guide
And I make a circle with a pen when I find her name
And every time she comes on the screen
Someone in the bar leans over and says,
"Hey, Tommy....ain't that your old girlfriend?"
I just laugh and close my eyes
And as my heart swells up with pride for her
I say, "Hell, no. That's Linda Charlotte Caulfield

Saturday Night Cockfight

Written By: Michael McKinney

Saturday night cockfight
Chicken wire and tin
Daddy brought the family
And he parked beside the kinfolks
Oyster shell parking lot
Louisiana swamp
Lily, hold the baby
While we put some money up
So Lily takes the baby
She goes to Charlie's side
Saturday night cockfight
Louisiana night

Two cocks in the cage
Whirling, bloody spurs
Mama orders chicken dinners
Extra slaw with hers
Sister wants a Dr. Pepper
Daddy wants a beer
The black rooster goes down
Everybody cheers
Lily squeezes Charlie
And they take a walk outside
Saturday night cockfight
Another rooster dies

Then daddy wins twenty dollars
Has another drink
Mama gets the kids
And heads off to the roller rink
Later on, she sits with daddy
In a folding chair
He kisses all her fingers
And he smells her braided hair
Smoke from the factory
Blurs the golden lights
All along the bayou
On a Louisiana night

Slow Duck Pie

Written By: Michael McKinney

Three ducks swimming
Two ducks fly
Alligator eating a slow duck pie
Three ducks land
But don't leave together
'Gator picks his teeth
With a slow duck feather

So build your condos
Build 'em high
Eat the land, hide the sky
Big wind comin'
Blow it all away
Old alligator gonna have his day

You set the poor against the poor
You take it all
And you still want more
You build gated cities
With pretty names
But you can't stop the hurricane

So cut the trees
Clear the land
Make your laws
Take your stand
Big wind comin'
Blow it all away
Miccosukee get it back someday

Bad Girls

Written By: Maggie McKinney

Bad girls want babies
Just like everybody else
They don't know how to say it
So they keep it to themselves
Bad girls want lovers
Who will treat them like a girl
They're looking for someone
Who will rock their whole world
Bad girls want babies

Bad girls want houses
Just like everybody else
Someone to come home to
Someone who'll share themselves
Bad girls want families
Who'll forgive them their mistakes
Who know they act tough
To push everyone away
Bad girls want babies

Little girls want mothers
Who will brush back their hair
Who will kiss them and hold them
To show that they care
Some girls are lucky
They find out who they are
Bad girls are unlucky
'Cause they always go too far
Bad girls want babies

Everyone makes choices
That affect their whole lives
Bad girls make bad choices
And they really don't know why
Bad girls find trouble
Everywhere they go
When it comes to making choices
They always pick the wrong road
Bad girls want babies

You're the Only One (who knows why)

Written By: Michael McKinney

Whoever said no news is good news
Never sat around waiting to hear from you
First you're in Atlanta
Then you're in LA
Funny how the things that matter
Just get in your way
When you're on the run

Was it something I said
Or something I wanted to do
When you said love feels like
An empty grave to you?
Were you afraid I'd hold you down
With those old chains
Afraid I'd break you
Like a wild horse on the range
Now you're on the run
And you're the only one
Who knows why

I gave you all my secrets
Now I'm ashamed
To think what you might do
Am I a story at a party
Just a funny line?
'Oh, yeah,' you'll say, 'that reminds me of a man I knew one time
He's why I'm on the run'

Was it something I said
Or something I wanted to do
Were you afraid I'd slow you down
Or want to much from you
Now you're on the run
And you're the only one
The only one
Who knows why

Bottle Rockets

Written By: Michael McKinney

You turn around, your friends are gone
But people come and people go
They pledge allegiance to the wind
And follow every breeze that blows
You tell your secrets in the night
Next day, they're all over town
It makes you empty down inside
You don't want anyone around
But I will give you this advice
When people do what people do
Get yourself a jug of wine
And shoot bottle rockets at the moon

Now, you can wail and you can moan
Question all you've ever done
Vow to live your life alone
Never trusting anyone
But when you open up your heart
You know that it might break
But in your heart there's wings to fly
It's just a chance you have to take
So you can hold your head up high
And know what I say is true
You might as well curse the rain
And shoot bottle rockets at the moon


Written By: Maggie McKinney

Wail, wail Banshee
Wail, wail Banshee
Wail, wail Banshee
She's coming for me

Feel her coming o'er the mountain side
As I sit here by my firelight
Hear her screamin' through the trees
Wail, wail Banshee


I pull my cloak around me
Darkness, darkness is all I see
I feel her icy breath on me
Wail, wail Banshee


My blood runs cold as I sit in fear
The moon turns black as she draws near
Pass me by, leave me be
Wail, wail Banshee



Currently eight CDs listed on both their website and CD Baby. They're getting airplay in Florida, Texas, California, Boston and Ireland. The CDs are Southern Zen, Underneath the Florida Moon, Slippery Slope (listed in New Releases, Dirty Linen #129), KarmaGeddon (also listed in Dirty Linen), Lucky Mud - The Tinkers (Our Celtic Roots), a collection of Celtic songs, both traditional and original, Ride the Pony (tell the story), Live at the Martin Theatre (volume1) and the latest, Into the Night, now available on CD baby.
Lucky Mud now has their own studio! Southern Zen Studio at their Maggie's Farm in the Florida Panhandle

Set List

At festivals and concerts Lucky Mud plays originals from an extensive repertoire. their sets include songs from their CDs, the last three listed under New Releases in Dirty Linen. They also play many more originals, so far unrecorded.
Mud is known to play all night, if encouraged, and sometimes forgets to take breaks. Their original music weaves traditional folk, blues and early country into their Americana sound. But it's always the lyric that drives the band.