Lucky Number Ten

Lucky Number Ten


Imagine if the Misfits had an illegitimate love child with Social Distortion, that was then locked in a room watching George Romero films, Mexican Wrestling, Platoon and listening to Barenaked Ladies ...


Oft-praised, sometimes maligned, and certainly always misunderstood, Lucky Number Ten (LNX to their fans) is not a band that evokes a lukewarm reaction by any means... But then, what else would you expect when you combine a Math-Rock bassist, an Alt-Rock guitarist, a Psychedelic Gunslinger, a Goth-rock drummer, and a Rockabilly Lounge singer?

The music itself is a genre bending mash up of each members preferred styles, played at 11 and delivered with a lo-fi Hooligan Rock style which owes its tough-guy smart-assed swagger as much to the Misfits as it does to the Barenaked Ladies. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Lucky Number Ten tackles a diverse range of subjects with their lyrics; from the classic boy meets girl, girl goes cheatin', boy throws girl out a window ("The Defenstratin' Blues"), to more racy topics such as an exposition on the exact nature of immaculate conception ("God's Love") and the plight of the differently-abled in a very much straight-abled world ("Sofa King") . Then of course, there are the songs about zombies, and even they aren't all that they seem.

It's like nothing else you've seen. Lucky Number Ten provides a balls to the wall, full-blast rock extravaganza, matching catchy riffs with stadium rock tomfoolery and provocative stories with interesting turns on common themes. As their website declares with abandon:

"No style is safe - you will hear Lucky Number Ten play everything from Punk to Funk to Metal to Monster Rock to Blues. The shock value of the lyrics may be overpowering to some, but dig deeper and you will find some serious socio-political satire in the lyrics. Lucky Number Ten is Rawk for the enlightened, Music for the intelligentsia, and a show you definitely don't want to miss."

Lucky Number Ten continues to play venues across South Western Ontario as they prepare to head into the studio with new material and additional guitarist in tow in the fall of 2007.

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Dirty Secret

Written By: A. Tambeau

Here in this sorta bar,
You're the queen of the stage. Yeah, baby, you're a star.
You've got poise. You've got grace.
You got them dangerous curves and that exquisite face.

You're not too skinny, you're not Rubenesque,
You're a drop-dead gorgeous Angel of Burlesque.
Ain't too many kickin' it like you at your shows,
When you aim to get wicked, it's as plain on your face as your nose.

I can't wait til you take off your clothes.

You're my dirty secret, yeah.
I can't imagine what people might say if they knew,
My dirty secret, yeah.
Baby, just do what you like, I love what you do.

It's a sin. I give in.
I wanna kiss every inch of your skin,
I don't mind payin' for your time.
I'm blowin' all my money and you're blowin' my mind.

If I lived a different life, it wouldn't matter in the least,
But you can't tell my wife, or else I'll need a priest.
A doctor won't cut it cos I'll be deceased,
I'm possessed by a beast that got two backs and involves you.

And maybe a friend or two.

You're my dirty secret, yeah.
I can't imagine what people might say if they knew,
My dirty secret, yeah.
Baby, just do what you like, I love what you do.


CKMS Radio Sessions EP

Set List

Sets consist of about 90% original material, 10% covers and tailored to the audience du jour. Cover material includes the Misfits, Social Distortion, Weezer, Drop Kick Murphys

Set Length : 45 - 60 minutes with enough material for 2 sets.