Lucky Sonne

Lucky Sonne

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

"It’s genuine, smart and heartfelt open-spaced roots-rock with some gritty, boozy punk edge." - Calgary Herald
Lucky Sonne is northwestern alternative folk music for the masses, the not so plain poetry and melodies of the immeasurable, if not tragically monastic singer/guitarist Luke Colborne.


I was born ready--the fourth child of six to a rodeo cowdad and a miracle maker mama-- came of age in the woody hills east of Millarville, Alberta--pint sized pioneer--poised and polished performer of American classics: "Bicycle Built for Two", "Side by Side", and "Take Me Out to the Ball Game". By the age of two I could croon in tune on demand.

The rest of my childhood went something like this:

Okotoks, kid sister, baby brother, cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, Sunday school, street hockey, cod liver oil, hand me downs, paper route, choir boy, chicken pox, sporting life, bed wetter, piano lessons, summer holidays, broken bones, double dare, B grades, D-vorce, quit hockey, Rhode Island, new schools, Washington State, adolescence, high school high.

When I was fifteen, my dear mother bought me a second-hand mass produced department store guitar for Christmas: my first axe. I taught myself to play Dylan's "When the Ship Comes In" and almost immediately started writing my own songs in the John Lennon-Paul Simon-Neil Young-Brian Wilson-Willie Nelson-Hank Williams-Kurt Cobain style (more or less). Impressing girls was the main thrust(!), but music also allowed me to communicate, for the first time, just how good, bad or indifferent I felt in my own way, on my own terms. I was officially a going concern.

I've tended bar and purified acid (phosphoric). I attended college for a time in pursuit of an English degree. I've cut, raked, and baled hay. I've moved earth every which way. I've worked hard at life, lord knows it, but I've always taken time to make music. It's been all about the song all along.

These days I haunt the foothills southwest of Calgary with my wife and two boys, where we keep bees (among other pursuits), and where I write, refine and re-refine my songs. I record in unusual locales using unorthodox methods (a la producer, engineer, and musical everyman Arran Fisher), so my albums sound like nothing you've ever heard. Oh, and when I'm on stage, I don't need to steal the spotlight; it jumps right into my back pocket.


Lucky Sonne is a wire-tight, high-energy three-piece band comprised of Luke Colborne, Arran Fisher, and John Richards. On record or on stage, the inimitable Lucky Sonne sound is howly, growly, gritty, and gut-wrenchingly beautiful.


Lucky Sonne CDLP (2007)
...recorded in a 40's era barn in the Alberta countryside, giving it a rare and beautiful sound that is at once expansive and intimate.

RR One CDLP (2012)
This is a dense, dark, shapeshifter of a record, with elements of psychedelia and garage rock marauding through its folk-roots sensibilities.

Trailer CDLP (2012)
Recorded in a 6 X 10 travel trailer in the foothills of Priddis, Alberta, one can all but smell the stale beer and overheated amplifiers in every note. But there is tremendous beauty here as well, glinting off the corroded aluminum like diamond dust.

Set List

Set lists remain open to interpretation based on venue strengths and limitations, as well as all important audience response.
Set lengths are generally 45 minutes to an hour, and, with the addition of crowd pleasing covers,(everything from Pet Shop Boys to Hank Williams), I am easily able to fill three sets with a unique mash of music and ear bending banter.