Lucky Spaulding

Lucky Spaulding


Lucky and the Magic builds bridges between R&B, hip-hop and reggae. Featuring both male and female vocalists/rappers, the group relies heavily on improvisation as well as structured grooves.


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Bookings: 513-693-7843

Lucky & the Magic is a soulful ensemble that builds bridges between genres, notably Reggae, Soul, Hip-Hop and R&B. Formerly known as 'Zionites', the group was founded in March of 2009 by Lucky Spaulding, John Jacobs, Elizabeth Windau and Brian Losekamp: Sean Herzig has also come on board as the band's new drummer, due to hit the stage sometime in May or June.

Each member brings something unique and alluring to the music- Lucky brings heavy elements of Reggae and Soul to the table, and makes it known right away that singing with heart is what it's all about; John has been classically trained in upright bass and electric guitar, and has a deep understanding of Jazz, Latin and Soul; Elizabeth is a wonder in many aspects, adding her smooth vocals and mystic melodies to the pool- she also does arrangements for the group, and acts as resident music librarian; Brian has mad skills in mad places, works the percussion and syn-cussion, and acts as the band's videographer and graphic designer; Sean is currently studying music at Northern Kentucky University, having an ear for the rhythms of Motown and Jazz.

Currently, Lucky & the Magic perform locally at some of Cincinnati's coziest venues, such as Play by Play, Stanley's Pub and The Mad Frog, to name a few. The Group also plays in Kentucky at the Avenue Lounge in Covington and The Atomic Cafe in Lexington, and in Oxford, Ohio at The Balcony (NESS RULES!!!).

Lucky owns a small recording studio, and the act is due to begin recording a ten song album, which will be released sometime this summer. At this very early stage, Lucky & the Magic are asking all their fans, friends and family to help spread the news about the new name, the shows and the album. To contact Lucky & the Magic, call 513-693-7843 or email or


"Fallen Soldier Tribute" - Remember - (2008 - Bootsy Collins)
'The Heart Of A Girl' (2006 - Big Noise)
'Lucky' (2004 - J.L.S Music)
'Dinosaur Love' (2001 - J.L.S Music)
'Living' (2000 - E111 Records)

Set List

Lucky and the Magic's show usually consists of 3 sets, between 45 minutes and an hour each, showcasing their best songs and hot covers ranging from Bob Marley to Stevie Wonder, with lots of tasty surprises throughout the show.

Original songs:
-Dance With You
-Sing of Rain
-Promised Land
-What I Want
- and many more!!!