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Lucretia's Daggers

Watertown, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Watertown, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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The best kept secret in music


"NE Performer: Sad Flower Songs September 2006"

Presenting an updated mythology of the rape of Lucretia by Sextus Tarquinius, Lauri Murphy and Steve Arsenault adopt the characters of Lucretia X, Machina and Futurist Tarquinius to become Lucretia’s Daggers. Sad Flower Songs, Daggers’ firstfull-length album, is a collection of fairly standard dark, brooding Goth fare. And though the band’s music may not be as original as its fantastical characters, the album is still very enjoyable.

The tunes are composed mostly of heavily programmed tracks, a la Nine Inch Nails, along with some crunchy guitar, bass work and keyboard highlights. Murphy’s vocals are generally wry and attitude-infused, invoking another "character singer,” Lady Galore of the Lords of Acid. There are some instancesof pitch problems, but overall the vocals are very appropriate for the musical style.

In keeping with the Goth tradition, the bulk of the lyrical material is dark, dealing with topics ranging from a spurned lover to the end of the world. The music, while contributing to the ominous undertone, also retains plenty of energy, edgingtowards an industrial feel at times, and presenting some memorable hooks as well. The result is an interesting dichotomy between the lyrical melancholy of Sad Flower Songs and the often upbeat, danceable rhythm and instrumental work.

There are also a few instances of striking contrast to the prevailing formula; “Lost Lovers” features a much lighter, floating vocal quality that works well with the hectically paced instrumentals. The last track [sic], “Dust,” is much more relaxed than the rest of the tracks, sounding strikingly like a standard pop ballad, though itis one of the best songs on the album.

Lucretia’s Daggers does run the risk of being cliché; it is important to remember that there is some aspect of irony in what the band does. In case the audience forgets or fails to realize, Daggers provides an obvious hint with “The Horrors of Retail.” Keeping this in mind, the lack of originality is not entirely lamentable, and overall, Sad Flower Songs is a fun and highly enjoyable album. -Brian McGrath

- Northeast Performer Magazine

"Noise Magazine: Sad Flower Songs 12-song CD, p. 33"

Pagan party girl, avowed liberal and environmentalist, ManRay scenester and probably one of the most supportive female concert-goers the local scene will ever have, singer/songwriter Lauri Murphy has taken all of her influences - from her love of industrial and dark-wave music to her anger about corporate exploitation and soured relationships - and created Lucretia's Daggers' first release Sad Flower Songs. On "Lost Lovers" she expresses her pain over a failed relationship very honestly and artfully, her voice sounds goddess-like and there is very little pretense. I have seen her live shows and was used to a harsher, angrier style; upon hearing this song I have to say it's the standout on the CD for me and would love her to do more like it! "Fallen Moon" is another song where she uses her voice to its fullest potential, with gorgeous melancholy harmonies and a catchy chorus. Versatile guitarist Steve Arsenault is a great foil for the band's genre jumping, from experimental electronica to metal, showing influences ranging from Brian Eno to Vovoid. Lauri sites Fiona Apple and the Dresden Dolls as influences and her passionate vocals take a cue from those artists' intimately confessional styles.
(Leah Callahan) - The Noise Magazine, Boston, MA April 2006

"Metronome: Sad Flower Songs: September 2006"

"Singer-songwriter Lauri Murphy is the knife wielding architect behind the band Lucretia's Daggers. She along with programmer-bassist Darrell Brown, keyboardist Stephanie LaMassa and guitarist Steve Arsenault kindle darkly textured songs tainted by a gothic, progressive feel that are both personal in nature as well as general observations of what Murphy may encounter in her world. Her lyrics are deep and thought provoking and unearth everything from poisons, to the end of fossil fuels, to the drudgery of retail. It's safe to say Murphy has lived these songs first hand and has plenty to say about it. If you like your music with an ominous edge, you'll love the stick of Lucretia's Daggers." - Metronome, Boston MA

""Fallen Moon" chosen #1 for The Best of 2006 on KUCI"

LD's song, "Fallen Moon" chosen #1 for The Best of 2006 on "Closed Caskets for the Living Impared" broadcast live on KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine, CA. - "Closed Caskets for the Living Impared"

"Lemurvision: Sad Flower Songs: **** (4 stars) September 2006"

Lucretia's Daggers is one of the best bands you've probably never heard of and this release absolutely kicks; there's not a stinker on it. Here's the track by track breakdown.

1. Scapegoat - A bludgeoning track that's rife with melody. Lucretia Machina sings with grit and passion while Darrell Brown and Futurist Tarquinius prove quite adept with crunching rhythms and stinging leads. Gets the album off to a strong start.

2. Drawn and Quartered - We get more wrenching lyrical content but that doesn't keep this tune from being a kickass rocker. Stephanie LaMassa's keyboards straddle the line between techno and industrial and complement the punishing riffs beautifully.

3. Lost Lovers - Once again we get great heavy rock combined with memorable hooks. Machina has a gift for shifting from seductive to gritty as the song requires and the whole band performs as a crack unit.

4. Fallen Moon - This one comes off as hard-rocking cabaret music and anyone who invokes the Goddess in a catchy song is cool in this Wiccan Lemur's book. Even if you're not a Pagan, you'll find a lot to dig here.

5. End of Oil - Martial riffs propel this environmental song and it's a good one. In a contemporary sonic landscape of nu-metal cock rock lyrical dreck, a song like this is a welcome relief.

6. The Sickness - Not, thankfully, a cover of Disturbed. No, this one sounds more like a rebirth of The Tubeway Army. It's a really cool track so the band's shift in gears isn't the least bit jarring and Stephanie LaMassa gets to really cut loose with delightful results.

7. Eb & Flo - Another memorable, rocking track. The chorus from this one is virtually guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

8. The Horrors of Retail - A surreal track about, surprisingly, the horrors of retail. As a former Phar-Mor employee, this song articulated my descent into the utter hatred of our customers perfectly. Past and present wage slaves will love it. Just don't ask me about the creepy motherfucker who asked me if Tylenol came in a suppository.

9. Souler Coaster - Chugging, driving monster with especially good work from Machina; her soaring background vocals are just fucking gorgeous.

10. Sucker/Savior - A really sweet mesh of synth-pop and heavy rock; it's a combination that sounds like it has no business working, but it does, and does beautifully. Extra points for unbridled lyrical vitriol.

11. Dust - Lucretia's Daggers shifts gears once again for a drop-dead gorgeous baroque pop song. Machina kinda sounds like she's channelling Andy Partridge on this one.

12. Sacrifice - They save the heaviest beast for the finale. It's crunching and ominous adorned with lilting synths and again, they make an unusual juxtaposition work really well.

Check out the band at -- you can listen to a few tracks from the album there and then feel free to give in to your better judgment and buy the cd. -Maneating Lemur
- Lemurvision

"Review of 4 songs on"

When a band is named after the suicide weapon of choice for a woman in ancient Rome, you kind of get an idea of where it's headed. Comprised of vocalist Lucretia X. Machina and guitarist/sequencer/bassist Futurist Tarquinius, Lucretia's Daggers specializes in dark, industrial and goth tinged rock that could be heard pumping out of many a club in the early 90s. "Scapegoat" and "Drawn and Quartered" are decent industrial dance tunes, but when things slow down, Lucretia's Daggers runs into a bit a trouble. "The Sickness" suffers from doinky keys and a scattered, instrumental break that confuses the whole mood. Their second torch burner, "Dust," fares a little better with improved key tones and spotlights some great vocal turns by Ms. Machina. Fans of industrial and goth should take note. Just keep your expectations realistic; these daggers are not as lethal as Nine Inch Nails. --David J. Patterson - Space Junkies Magazine anniversary issue


Full-length album, Sad Flower Songs, released February 2006. 12 songs. All twelve tracks are available at over 300 radio stations internationally and online.

Combining passionate, confessional, introspective lyrics a la Fiona Apple and The Dresden Dolls; the quirk and inventiveness of XTC and Faith No More; mixed with the raw angst of Nine Inch Nails and System of a Down, LD has gained a cult following for its shows and first full-length album, Sad Flower Songs, released independently in February 2006, their single "Tragedy" released January 2009 on the Sky So Grey dark music compilation by Decorative Records, and its first music video for "The Horrors of Retail" produced by Warren Lynch and Scott Matalon/Metropolitan Pictures at StingRay Body Art & More, Allston, MA, September 2009. My Reflections, the 2011 studio album produced by Otto Kinzel, features download tracks re-recorded from 2006's Sad Flower Songs and various compilations. LD 2013 is currently recording new tracks and re-recording earlier ones.


Feeling a bit camera shy


With a namesake derived from '80s cult band The Sisters of Mercy, Shakespeare/Livy-penned poetic biography, and 16th c. Borgia legend, Boston, Massachusetts' musicians Lucretia's Daggers blend darkwave, synthpop, and ambient metal with dramatic female vocals and have brought an arty touch to their "dark lyrical electro-rock for the apocalypse" since August 2001.

As of April 2013, Lucretia's Daggers is evil guitarist Aza'zel, electro-acoustic drum master Franssen Haas, bassist Donni Darko, enchanting keyboardist Zenobia Veritas, and the band’s founder and lush lyricist/vocalist Lucretia X. Machina.